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      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Key Features Aug 17 2022

      Eligibility Criteria Details
      Age 21 – 60 (at loan maturity)
      CIBIL Score Minimum 750 or above
      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate 12.40% per annum
      Lowest EMI per lakh Rs 2653
      Tenure 12 to 48 months
      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Processing Fee 0.50% of the loan amount
      Prepayment Charges NIL
      Part Payment Charges NIL
      Minimum Loan Amount ₹ 25,000
      Maximum Loan Amount Up to ₹3 lakh


      Syndicate Bank personal loan interest rates and Charges

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate 12.40% per Annum
      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Processing Charges 0.50% of Loan Amount
      Prepayment Charges 36 months: 2% of loan principal outstanding
      Stamp Duty As per state laws
      Cheque Bounce Charges As per bank terms

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Status

      You can check the status of your Syndicate Bank Personal Loan by the following methods – 

      • You can visit your loan branch and ask the banker for the same.
      • Log In to the Syndicate Bank Net banking Portal, Click on loans from the top ribbon and click on Enquire to check the status of your loan.

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

      Eligibility criteria for a personal loan:

      CIBIL Score Criteria 700 and Above
      Age Criteria 21 – 60 years
      Min Income Criteria Rs. 15000/month
      Occupation Criteria Salaried/Self-employed

      Syndicate Bank Fees and Other Charges

      Category Details
       Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate 12.40% per annum
      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Processing Fee 0.50% of the loan amount
      Min ₹ 1000 and Max ₹ 25000
      Prepayment  NIL
      Pre-closure No foreclosure is allowed until 12 EMIs are paid
      Prepayment Charges 13-24 months: 4% of loan principal outstanding
      25-36 months: 3% of loan principal outstanding
      >36 months: 2% of loan principal outstanding
      Stamp Duty As per state laws
      Cheque Bounce Charges ₹ 550/cheque +  GST
      Floating Rate of Interest Not Applicable
      Overdue EMI Interest 2% p.m.(on overdue amount)
      Amortization Schedule Charges ₹ 200 + GST

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Documents Required

      Proof of Identity

      Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card,

      Copy of:
       Driving License
       Aadhar Card
       Voter ID Card

      Proof of Address Rent Agreement (Min. 1 year of stay)
      Utility Bills
      Passport (Proof of permanent residence)
      Ration card
      Proof of Income

      Salary Slip: Last 6 months\n

       Bank Statement: Last 3 months

       ITR: Last two Assessment years
       Salary Slip: Last 6 months
       Bank Statement: Last 3 months

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator

      EMI Calculator for Syndicate Bank Personal Loan  

      5 Yrs
      4 Yrs
      3 Yrs

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Compared to Other Banks

      Bank Interest Rate Tenure Loan Amount & Proc Fee
      Syndicate Bank 12.40% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 10 lakh / 1% to 2% of Loan Amount
      HDFC Bank 10.50% to 21.50% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 40 lakh / Up to 2.50% of the loan amount
      Bajaj Finserv Starting from 12.99% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 25 lakh / Up to 3.99% of the loan amount
      Axis Bank 7.35% to 24% 12 to 60 months Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 15 lakh / Up to 2% of the loan amount
      Citibank Starting from 10.50% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 30 lakh / Up to 3% of the loan amount
      ICICI Bank 10.50% to 19.25% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 20 lakh / Up to 2.25% of the loan amount

      Why should you apply for Syndicate Bank Personal Loan with Dialabank?

      Dialabank will help you choose the best of banks by providing you with the recent market comparison of distinct banks and make the right decision. We at Dialabank have to date,, helped thousands of individuals to get the loan they need without any complication, and we look forward to keeping doing so. Apply with Dialabank today to get the offers and exclusive deals on Syndicate Bank Personal Loan.

      Call us at 9878981166 to avail of Syndicate Bank Personal Loan.

      How to Calculate EMIs for Personal Loan in Syndicate Bank 

      You can rapidly calculate the EMIs on your loan; you just require the basic information concerning the loan –

      1. Sum of the Loan
      2. Syndicate bank personal loan interest rates.
      3. Tenure of the loan

      Simply put these values in the calculator below to find the exact amount payable each month.

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Processing Time

      Syndicate Bank usually takes two weeks or 15 days when it comes to the Processing of Personal Loan Applications. However, Syndicate Bank approves the loan in just a few hours to a maximum of 1-3 days to its pre-approved already existing account holders.

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan pre-closure charges

      Syndicate Bank gives you the way out of pre-paying your loan after a term of a min of 12 months of taking the personal loan and paying 12 consecutive EMIs on your mortgage. However, Syndicate Bank charges a Prepayment or Pre-closure charge; if you wish to do so, we have listed the fees below:


      Pre-closure Charge

      13 to 24 months 4%
      25 to 36 months 5%
      more than 36 months 2%

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Documents Required

      • 6 months old bank account statements are regarded
      • PAN Card is mandatory
      • Aadhaar Card is necessary as an identity proof
      • Residential Proof (Owned/Rented/Company-provided)
      • 2 passport-sized photographs

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Foreclosure Benefits 

      Given below are a few key benefits of foreclosing your Syndicate Bank personal loan:

      Foreclosure / Full PrepaymentIt helpss you save on the overall interest payout.

      • Frees you from the burden of regular loan repayments.

      Partial Prepayment

      • It enables you to save on the interest component.
      • You also have the advantage of either paying a reduced EMI amount or having a shorter loan tenure.

      Syndicate Bank Prepayment Facility

      The bank also offers prepaid accommodation to help customers pay the full amount or part of it. If you have a balance left over and you meet the conditions below,w you can pay part of your principal balance to reduce the same. This will also help save interest on accumulated capital. Find out more about the facility below.


      • Prepayment will be allowed subject to the effective payment of the first 12 EMIs.
      • Prepayments will be allowed twice the entire loan period.
      • Prepayment is allowed only once a year.
      • At any time, the advance payment will not exceed 25% of the Principal Outstanding


      • 13-24 months – 4% ofthe  outstanding loan balance
      • 25-36 months – 3% ofthe  outstanding loan balance
      • Over 36 months – 2% ofthe  outstanding loan balance

      Pre Calculated EMI for Syndicate Bank Personal Loan

      Loan principal @ interest Tenure
      1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years
      1 lakh @ 11.95% Rs. 8,883 Rs. 4,705 Rs. 3,319 Rs. 2,631 Rs. 2,222
      5lakh @ 12% Rs. 44,424 Rs. 23,537 Rs. 16,607 Rs. 13,167 Rs. 11,122
      10 lakh @ 15% Rs. 90,358 Rs. 48,487 Rs. 34,665 Rs. 27,831 Rs. 23,790
      15 lakh @ 16% Rs. 1,36,096 Rs. 73,445 Rs. 52,736 Rs.42,510 Rs. 36,477

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan for Salaried Employees

      Syndicate Bank offers Personal Loan for Salaried Employees at attractive rates of interest. The amount that you get a loan depends on the Company that you work for, The take-home salary of the employee, and the city of residence of the employee. Syndicate Bank offers these loans for a tenure of 12-60 months and provides instant approval along with funds to pre-approved customers.

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan for Self Employed Individuals

      Syndicate Bank’s  Personal Loan for Self Employees is a loan product offered to self-employed individuals and in need of funds. The bank provides them with attractive rates of interest on their personal loan and tenure of 12-60 months. However, as compared to Salaried Employees, you have to present more documents here as you need to provide the bank with sufficient documents related to your business to prove its continuity as well as your steady income.

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan for Tcs Employees

      • Exclusive personal loans with a reasonable interest rate of 11.25% p.a.
      • EMI for personal loans starts at Rs.2178 per lakh when terms and conditions are met.
      • The hassle-free documentation process for TCS employees.
      • Pre-approved personal loans for eligible TCS employees.
      • Interest rate starting at 11.99% p.a for superbike loans.
      • Great offers on home loans with an interest rate of 9.45% p.a and discount interest rate for women at Rs.9.40% p.a.

      Syndicate Bank Moratorium Process

      The process for setting up your Syndicate Bank loan EMIs is as follows-

      • Visit the Syndicate Bank website or use the mobile app
      • Click on the link where the suspension period appears
      • On the application page, state your registered mobile number, name, email address
      • Then enter your birthday and choose the type of loan
      • Enter your loan number and state your EMI value
      • Then make a decision and choose the right app
      • Click on the EMI reversal option that says I agree to pay interest earned on the remaining bala.nce
      • Click the ‘Submit’ but.ton
      • The bank will review the details and process your application for suspens.ion
      • You will be given a reference when successfully completing the process on your registered number and email addr.ess

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Special Pricing 

      If a customer is looking for INR 15 lakh of the loan amount or more than that,t below rates would be applicable.

      Loan Amount IRR Processing Fee (+GST)
      Loan amount >=15 lakh* 10.50% INR 3999

      *Terms & conditions apply

      This offer is not applicable for Top-up/ Enhancement/ Existing loan amount closure.

      If a customer is looking for a Balance transfer and a fresh loan of above INR 10 lakh above, the below offer is available.

      NTH Loan Amount IRR Processing Fee (+GST)
      >=50000 Loan amount >=10 lakh* 10.50% INR 3999

      *Terms & conditions apply

      • Not applicable on Existing loan closure
      • Not applicable for Credit card BT

      How to Manage Personal Loan 

      Here are the 4 tips that will help you manage your loans:

      1. Pay On Time: The first step is to avoid late fees and penalties. The best way to do that is by paying your monthly payments on time every month. This also hits the credit score. These are needless and all too common consequences that will work against your financial condition.
        If you have just taken a personal loan or are about to, the best way to manage your loan is by making a monthly payment on your loan as soon as you receive the loan. By being a payment ahead of your installment plan, you will have a buffer against a missed payment.
      2. Pay More Than Your Minimum: Paying beforehand is a good option for managing your plans but paying a little extra every month keeps you ahead of your loan term and provides you with some other financial bonuses.
        Moreover, paying extra on your loan reduces the length of the repayment plan. This will help you clear the debt and allows you to regain your financial independence sooner. It will also reduce the rate of interest you owe and thus, saving you money in the long run.
        Paying off your debts faster also leads to an improvement in your credit score. A lower credit score will benefit you in several ways, like dropping down payments andratese of interest.
      3. Consolidate Your Loans: For debtors managing multiple personal loans, consolidation could be the best way to simplify your debt repayment. Debt Consolidation is when you take a large loan to repay all the other loans you have taken. So, instead of paying multiple lenders every month with different rates ofinterests and needs, one can make a single payment to one provider.
        Debt Consolidation is helpful if you can save an interest rate on a new loan that is lower than the average interest rate of the earlier loans.
        The only disadvantage that lies here is that one will likely end up having to reimburse the debt quicker than before. Before consolidating your debt, make sure that you can make the payments on a new loan. This may also help to reimburse large portions of your loans on credit rather than with a single loan, consolidating it into more controllable pieces.
      4. Credit Score: Last but not the least, always keep a close watch on your credit score while reimbursing a personal loan. The credit score plays a major role in finances and has an important relationship with the loans taken out. How you manage your loans is reflected in your credit score. On the other hand, falling behind on your payments will subordinate the credit score. Thus, a higher credit score is important.

      Different Personal Loan offers by Syndicate Bank

      Syndicate Bank Marriage Loan

      Marriages are one of the costliest events in Indian households. Syndicate Bank has personal loan offers with alow interestt rate and high loan quantum to meet your wedding expenses.

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan for Government Employees

      Government employees can apply for a Syndicate Bank personal loan to meet their financial expenses. The bank has personal loan offers to meet your different monetary needs.

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Offers for Government Employees

      Offers By Government Number of Companies Processing Fee(% of the Loan Amount IRR
      Miniratna, Navratna, and Maharasthra 55 1.50% 13.49%
      Pensioner All 1.50% 14.75%
      Employees from the Railway Department All 1.50% 16.50%
      CISF, CRPF, ITBP, SSB and BSF All 1.50% 14.75%

      State and Central Government Officers:

      Section Salary Processing charge IRR
      Government Officer Division A (GA) and Division B (GB) NTH>24k 2% 16.75%
      NTH>35k 2% 15%
      NTH>50k 1.75% 14.75%

      Syndicate Bank Doctor Loan

      Doctors and medical professionals can apply for a personal loan from Syndicate Bank and enjoy a range of offers and deals curated to their personal and professional needs.

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan for Pensioners

      Government employees can fulfill their post-retirement financial needs by applying for a personal loan with Syndicate Bank. The bank has special offers for all the pensioners with their pension account with the bank.

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Balance Transfer

      Personal Loan Balance Transfer is the process of transferring your existing personal loan with another bank to a new lender for lower rates of interest and better loan terms. You can apply for Syndicate Bank’s personal loan balance transfer to lower your financial burden.

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Top Up

      The top-up feature on your loan is the additional sum that you borrow from the bank on your existing loan. Syndicate Bank lets you avail of this feature if you have paid a minimum of nine regular EMIs without any payment break. You can get a top-up with a minimum of ₹50,000 and a maximum of your already sanctioned loan amount.

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Overdraft Facility

      An individual overdraft is a credit office that licenses you to pull out an all-out as and when required. You can similarly repay the got out absolutely at whatever point the condition is ideal. Thusly, it is maybe the most preferred credit decisions that profited from meeting changing individual supporting necessities unbounded.

      Apply for an overdraft office asa  Syndicate bank Personal Loan. The adaptable improvement office has all the gigantic features of an unreliable overdraft credit.

      Syndicate Bank Home Renovation Loan

      Syndicate Bank offers home renovation loans for individuals who plan to have their house renovated. This personal loan will fund essential repairs or help the borrower move new appliances, fixtures, and furniture into their home. Some of the principal features of the Syndicate Bank Home Renovation Loan are:

      • The home improvement loan interest rate for Syndicate Bank begins at as low as 11.25 percent.
      • Individuals may apply to renovate their home for a credit sum of up to Rs. 20 Lakh.
      • The home renovation loan from Syndicate Bank needs minimal paperwork that makes the entire process of the loan hassle-free.
      • Usually, the loan amount is credited to the account within 72 hours after the bank approves the application.

      Syndicate Bank Holiday Loan

      The Syndicate Bank Holiday Loan will help you prepare for your dream vacation with minimal hassle. This personal loan from Syndicate Bank will cover a range of vacation expenses, including booking a flight ticket, hotel accommodation, guided tours, etc. The principal features of the Syndicate Bank vacation loan are:

      • The interest rates on holiday loans start at 11.25 percent p.a.
      • An amount of up to Rs 20 Lakh can conveniently be used so that a financial crisis will not ruin your dream holiday.
      • Simplified and Minimal paperwork helps fund your holiday efficiently and effectively.
      • Quick processing and disbursement of credit, which is credited to your account directly.

      Syndicate Bank Fresher Funding

      Most unsecured personal loans are targeted at individuals with a regular income, but Syndicate Bank’s Fresher Funding is different. This loan option from Syndicate Bank is designed to help beginners, i.e. recent graduates who are seeking their first job. Some key features of the personal loan from Syndicate Bank Fresher Funding are as follows:

      • Sum of up to Rs 1.5 lakh loans
      • The candidate is supposed to be at least 21 years of age.
      • The interest rate for Fresher Funding is dependent on the profile of the loan borrower, the credit history/score of the applicant, age, and place.

      Syndicate Bank NRI Personal Loan

      Syndicate Bank only provides NRIs with an exclusive loan, knowing the hopes and desires of NRIs. The primary loan candidate must be an Indian citizen,n and a related relative must be the co-applicant NRI. The following characteristics include NRIs Personal L.oan

      • With flexible end-use NRIs of up to Rs. 10 lakh, Syndicate Bank provides private loans.
      • The interest rates of NRI Personal Loans start at 15.49 percent p.a.
      • For a term of up to 36 months, the loan is.

      How to apply for Syndicate Bank Personal Loan?

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan online apply by visiting the Syndicate Banks online portal and fill the form for applying for a personal loan, or you can simply follow the given steps for applying for a Syndicate Bank Personal Loan –

      1. Go to the website of Dialabank.
      2. Go to the personal loan section.
      3. In the personal loan section, you can apply either as a self-employed individual or a salaried individual.
      4. Once, you fill in all the important details about yourself, submit the form.
      5. After form submission, you will have to wait for our representative to call you.
      6. Eventually, our representative will guide you through the process of the loan.
      7. You get a loan at an affordable interest rate without moving here and there.

      Personal Loan Verification Process

      The document verification procedure is done out by the lender after you have provided Dialabank with all the required information. The Personal Loan Verification Process is listed below:

      • The lender’s representative will send you a confirmation call to arrange the pick-up of loan application documents after Dialabank forwards your completed online loan application.
      • Once you have given all the necessary documentation, like KYC, proof of income, etc the lender verifies them.
      • After validation, with confirmation of the final loan amount, rate of interest, and tenure of your personal loan, you may get another call from the bank.
      • The loan sum is disbursed once the bank gets assurance from your side that the loan terms are appropriate.

      Check your Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Application Status

      Since there is no separate procedure to check personal loan application status online, you can use the below-mentioned methods to check your loan application status:

      • Syndicate Bank net banking
      • Contact Syndicate Bank Customer-Care
      • Visit your nearest branch of Syndicate Bank in-person

      How to Login to Syndicate Bank Portal

      • Visit Syndicate Bank’s official website and click on ‘Net Banking’.
      • Now press Continue to login’
      • It’ll open a new tab. To move further, enter your Internet Banking user ID and password.

      How to check Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Statement?

      Customers can download the bank’s personal loan statement by following the steps given below:

      • Enter the official website of a bank.
      • Select ‘Get in touch’ and choose ‘Service Requests’ from the drop-down list.
      • On the page that opens immediately, under the ‘Loans’ menu, pick’ Personal Loan Related ‘.
      • Tap on ‘Request for Loan Account Statement’ after that.
      • Use your user ID and password to log in, or use the bank’s personal loan statement using your registered mobile number and OTP.

      Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Restructuring (COVID-19)

      To minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to a certain degree, a 6-month moratorium on different term loans was confirmed. After completion of the 6-month moratorium, Syndicate Bank announced an RBI-mandated one-time benefit from Syndicate Bank’s personal loan restructuring. This mechanism is intended to provide continued relief to borrowers who, owing to the ongoing financial distress of the pandemic, are still unable to begin repayment of their regular EMI.

      The loan settlement process initiated by Syndicate Bank requires an additional moratorium of up to 2 years or an extension to the existing repayment period to minimize monthly EMI payments. It should be noted that the restructuring of Syndicate Bank’s personal loan would result in additional interest rates over those applicable to the original loan. Therefore this tool of relief should only be used as a last resort.

      Syndicate Bank Customer Care

      • You can contact us simply on 9878981166.
      • You can simply visit our website for all queries.

      Benefits of Applying for Personal Loan at Dialabank

      Some of the important benefits of applying for personal loans on are listed below:

      • Fast processing and rapid reporting for personal loan availability
      • At Dialabank, you can easily apply for personal loans from the comfort of your home or office.
      • Quick support from the Dialabank customer service team if you are facing any queries
      • Dialabank helps you to pick and compare interest rates and other characteristics provided by various potential lenders.

      How to get the best offer on Syndicate Bank Personal Loan?

      You can get the best personal interest rates from Syndicate Bank subject to an assessment of your loan amount, salary, other obligation company you work with, and loan tenure. The following factors determine the personal loan rate of interest you can expect to get from Syndicate:

      • Loan Amount – This is the amount borrowed by a borrower from the bank. Generally, banks offer lower interest rates for higher amounts. Syndicate Bank offers loans between ₹ 50,000 and ₹ 75 Lakh.
      • Salary – Income defines your capacity to repay the loan. Higher salary bracket individuals are offered loans at lower interest rates. The interest rate of the bank varies with your net monthly income.
      • Employer Category – Syndicate Bank has an internal list of companies falling into categories that are ranked from high to low company categories based on the company’s size, reputation, and existing relationship with the bank. Employees who belong to companies in higher company categories get attractive discounts and low-interest rate loans.
      • Relationship with the Bank – Syndicate Bank offers special rates, offers, and charges to the existing account holders of the bank. Those who have managed their accounts and made all the payments on time in the past will get the benefit of a low Syndicate Bank loan interest rate.
      • Loan Tenure – Personal loans are of shorter tenure ranges from 12 months to 60 months as they are taken to meet their immediate requirements.
      • Repayment Capacity – Before giving a loan to the borrower, Syndicate Bank checks the repayment capacity of the borrower. Bank verifies the repayment capacity of the customer through CIBIL as it has the repayment track record of previous loans taken. CIBIL also captures information on credit card bills payment.

      How does Syndicate Bank Personal Loan work, Here is the process

      Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 11% to 22.5%
      A representative example of the total cost of the loan, including all applicable fees
      Here is an illustration of the total cost of the loan:
      • Total amount borrowed: ₹ 1,00,000
      • Time period: 12 Months to 60 Months
      • Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate: 10.50% to 22.00%
      • Processing Fee payable to Upto ₹ 2,500
      • Fee payable to MyLoanCare: NIL
      • Total Monthly Cost – From ₹ 2,149 for 60 Months ₹ 1,00,000 loan at 10.50% (lowest rate, longest time period) to ₹ 9,359 for 12 Months ₹ 1,00,000 loan at 22.00% (highest rate, shortest time period). This is inclusive of principal repayment.
      • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of charge including all applicable fees: 11% to 22.5%
      • Total cost payable over loan tenure: ₹ 8,278 for 12 Months loan to ₹ 31,463 for 60 Months loan

      Important Aspects

      • You need to compare interest rates, transaction costs, and other charges before applying for personal loans online. This helps to calculate the full cost of the loan.
      • Know your cap for repayment. If you can’t pay, don’t borrow a higher number.
      • Do not apply to multiple lenders for personal credit. This will harm your credit report, and your chances of approval will also be affected.
      • Maintain a decent credit score by repaying promptly all your credit card dues and loan EMIS.

      FAQs About Syndicate Bank Personal Loan

      ✅ What is Syndicate Bank Personal Loan?

      Syndicate Bank is the leading lender of retail assets in the country. Retail assets refer to the loans provided to the people. Whether it’s a marriage, a vacation, anunplanned expensee or a planned one, a medical emergency, or a need to consolidate your loans, Syndicate Bank personal loans can be your one-stop solution. You can get a Syndicate Bank personal loan of up to ₹25 lakhs at good interest rates with minimal paperwork for quick disbursal.

      Get rapid approval for your loan application form and trace it with the help of Apply now to get detailed information about the loan process.

      ✅ How does Syndicate Bank Personal Loan work?

      The first step is to check for the personal loan eligibility for the Syndicate Bank Personal Loan, which can be done online. If you are a pre-approved Syndicate Bank customer, You can avail of the loan within minutes, and for others, the loan disbursal on average consumes 4 hours.

      You can avail up to Rs. 75 Lakhs with thelowest interestt rates depending on your eligibility criteria and CIBIL history. Payment of the loan can be made on an EMI basis or as agreed upon in the personal loan agreement.

      ✅ What is the Syndicate Bank Personal Loan rate of interest?

      The personal loan rate of interest in Syndicate Bank is 12.40% p.a.

      ✅ What is the procedure of Syndicate Bank Personal Loan?

      The procedure to avail of a personal loan with Syndicate Bank is hassle-free. You can avail of a Syndicate Bank Personal Loan by visiting the nearest branch with your documents, through a Syndicate Bank ATM, or using Syndicate Bank’s YONO App. You can always contact and apply with Dialabank for safe processing and personalized assistance. The necessary steps consist:

      1. Calculation of loan amount needed as per your requirement
      2. Check your loan eligibility online or by visiting the bank’s branch.
      3. Approach the bank via your preferred mode (online or offline)
      4. Submit the required documents with the lending officer,
      5. Disbursement of loan amount once your application and documents have been verified and approved.

      ✅ How can I get Syndicate Bank Personal Loan?

      Getting a Personal Loan from Syndicate Bank is an easy process as minimal documentation ensures a quick disbursement time. You just have to check your eligibility status and contact the bank online or by visiting the nearest bank branch. After submitting and confirmation of the necessary documents, the loan amount will be credited to your bank account within 4 hours.

      ✅ How to apply for a Personal Loan in Syndicate Bank?

      1. Visit our website on Dialabank.
      2. Fill the online loan application form with your contact number.
      3. Submit all the document

      ✅ Why apply for Syndicate Bank Personal Loan?

      Syndicate Bank is one of the major providers of personal loans in India; it offers the best loan features that come with a unique range of features and advantages. They provide personal loans at a low rate of interest with minimum documentation for a quick and hassle-free process. The average disbursal time for a new customer is 4 hrs.

      Payment of the loan can be made through EMIs or online payment options as the borrower prefers. The payment of loan tenure ranges from 1 to 5 years.

      ✅ How much EMI on Syndicate Bank Personal Loan?

      EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) is the amount that is payable to the bank every month as part of the repayment of your loan. The EMI on Syndicate Bank personal loan is based on the loan sum, interest rate, and the loan’s tenure. It can be calculated simply by utilizing the personal loan EMI calculator on Dialabank’s website.

      ✅ How muchis CIBIL scores required for Syndicate Bank Personal Loan?

      Your CIBIL score is a major factor involved in deciding your eligibility for a personal loan. Syndicate Bank requires you to have a CIBIL rating above 750 with 700 being the absolute lower limit. You can increase your CIBIL rating by making timely payments of your EMIs and credit cards.

      ✅ Minimum credit score needed for Syndicate Bank Personal Loan?

       Syndicate Bank requires you to have a minimum credit score of 750 to become eligible for a personal loan.

      ✅ How to calculate the syndicate bank personal loan interest rate calculator?

      EMI on personal loan can be calculated using the formula, E = P x R x [(1+R)^N] / [(1+R)^N-1] where,

      P= principal loan amount, 

      R= Interest rate, 

      N= Tenure of loan. 

      You can simply calculate your EMI online at Dialabank’s website for free and compare offers from different banks and finance companies.

      ✅ What can I use Syndicate Bank Personal Loan for?

      Use your Syndicate Bank Personal Loan for many reasons ranging from small bill payments and daily expenses to a medical emergency and higher costs such as debt consolidation, wedding, etc. Fulfill all your money-related needs with a personal loan by applying online at Dialabank’s digital platform.

      ✅ Can I prepay Syndicate Bank Personal Loan?

      When a borrower pays off their loan entirely or in part before the agreed due date, it is termed as prepayment or preclosure. Syndicate Bank gives you the option to prepay your loan provided that you have at least paid 12 month’s EMIs.

      You will be charged with a pre-closure fee of up to 4% on your overdue loan amount depending on the count of EMIs left to pay.

      ✅ How to prepay Syndicate Bank Personal Loan?

      Pre-payment of the Syndicate Bank Personal Loan details- 

      • Collect the necessary documents (PAN, ID Proof, and any other loan documents)
      • Visit your loan branch and ask for the overdue amount and pre-closure charges (if applicable). 
      • You will be asked to fill a form requesting the prepayment of the overdue loan amount. 
      • Pay the prepayment fee (cash up to Rs.49k, Cheque, or Demand Draft) and receive its acknowledgment slip. 
      • Your loan will get closed as soon as the bank receives the fund.

      ✅ How to repay Syndicate Bank Personal Loan?

      You have the option of repaying your Syndicate Bank Personal Loan either by a SI on your indicated bank account to pay the EMI, online payment through different modes, or post-dated cheques given to the loan branch.

      ✅ How to repay Syndicate Bank Personal Loan online?

      You can pay your loan EMI online in just five steps:

      • Visit the payments page on Syndicate Bank’s Yono app.
      • Click ‘PAY ONLINE’ and enter your ‘Loan Reference No.’ and your ‘Date of Birth’. 
      • Select your net-banker from the drop-down menu available and click on PAY. 
      • You will be safely redirected to the bank payment interface of your chosen net-banking method. 
      • Complete the payment, and you will get an online transaction confirmation. You can also pay your Syndicate Bank Personal Loan on Paytm.

      ✅ What documents are needed for Syndicate Bank Personal Loan?

      Syndicate Bank provides easy hassle-free personal loans with minimal documents. You will need your Aadhar card/Voter ID, PAN card, Bank statement of the last three months, latest salary slips/ITR document.

      For more info and personalized assistance, you can contact Dialabank’s financial helpline number.

      ✅ How to check Syndicate Bank Personal Loan status? 

      You have several options to check the status of your Syndicate Bank Personal Loan: 

      • You can also visit your lender branch and ask the banker for the same.
      • Log In to the Syndicate Bank Yono Portal, Click on loans from the top ribbon and click on Enquire to check your loan status.
      • Enter your loan application number on Syndicate Bank Yono and fill in the required information to check the status of your loan by clicking on ‘Track’.

      ✅ How to get Syndicate Bank Personal Loan top-up?

      Top up is the additional loan amount that can be taken from the existing bank of your current loan or at the time of balance transfer from your new bank. Syndicate Bank lets you avail of this facility if you have paid a minimum of 9 EMIs without any delays or cheque bounce.

      You can receive a top-up of a minimum of ₹50,000 and a maximum of your already sanctioned loan amount. You can check the online portal of Syndicate Bank for more offers or contact Dialabank for any financial help.

      ✅ What is the syndicate bank personal loan customer care number?

      9878981166 is the syndicate bank personal loan contact number.

      ✅ What are the syndicate bank Personal Loan pre-closure charges?

      Syndicate Bank provides you with the foreclosure facility on your personal loan without any charges. You can pay back your personal loan when you have the required funds.

      ✅ What is the syndicate bank Personal Loan closure procedure?

      1. Visit the bank with the complete set of documents (as mentioned above).
      2. You may be required to fill a form or write a letter requesting pre-closure of the Personal Loan account.
      3. Pay the pre-closure amount.
      4. Sign the required documents, if any.
      5. Take acknowledgment of the balance amount you have paid.

      ✅ What are the syndicate bank’s Personal Loan foreclosure charges?

      Syndicate bank lets you foreclose your personal loan with 2% to 4% foreclosure charges.

      ✅ What is the Syndicate Bank Personal Loan Overdraft Facility?

      An individual overdraft is a credit office that licenses you to pull out an all-out as and when required. You can similarly repay the got out absolutely at whatever point the condition is ideal.

      ✅ What is the Maximum Loan Tenure for Syndicate bank Personal Loan?

      The maximum tenure duration for a Syndicate bank personal loan is up to 72 months.

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