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      Indian Bank Personal Loan can be availed within no time all being hassle-free once a person just avails the Eligibility criteria. The personal loan can be availed by anyone may they be a doctor, a student, a pensioner, a regular employee might be in a government organization or a reputed organization, or a self-employed individual. One can avail of the Personal Loan at an interest rate of 9.05% though the rate can be different among the other segments of applicants depending on your profile. 

      Types of Indian Bank Personal Loan

      The two types of Indian Bank Personal Loans available with the Indian Bank are as follows:

      Indian Bank Clean Loan: These types of Indian Bank Personal Loans are for the salaried employees to meet all of their professional as well as personal needs. 

      Key Features of these types of Indian Bank Personal Loan are :

      1. To avail, this Loan one must be an employee in a well established corporate or government organization with a minimum of three years of service.
      2. The tenure of the loan is u to 84 months 
      3. To be eligible for IB Personal Loan an employee might need to pledge something as collateral that may be encashable and might need to show some kind of guarantee through a third party or a spouse that he is in sound health to be able to repay the loan.

      Indian Bank Pension Loan: These types of Indian Bank Personal Loan is offered to pensioners to meet their personal expenses such as medical expenditure or anything for that matter.

      Key Features of Indian Bank Pension Loan are :

      1. A Re-Employed Pensioner, Family Pensioner, a Retiree of the Indian Bank having Pension Account with Indian bank 
      2. The loan can be reimbursed within a period of 36 months for a family pensioner and within 60 months for a regular one.
      3. For loans up to Rs 25,000, no processing fee is chargeable.
      4. Guarantee from a spouse and if not a family heir who is eligible for the pension.