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UCO Bank Personal Loan Key Features

Eligibility Criteria


Age 21 – 60 (at loan maturity)
CIBIL score Criteria Minimum 750 or above
UCO Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate 9.99% per annum
Lowest EMI per lakh Rs 2148
Tenure  12 to 60 months
UCO Bank Personal Loan Processing Fee 1% of the loan amount
Prepayment Charges Allowed after 12 Months (2 – 4 %)
Part payment Charges Allowed after 12 Months (2 – 4 %)
Minimum Loan Amount  ₹50,000
Maximum Loan Amount  ₹ 75 Lakh

Each Feature Explained in Detail Below

Benefits of UCO Bank Personal Loan

  1. Balance transfer option
  2. Flexible UCO Bank Personal Loan tenure
  3. Easy documentation
  4. Existing customer benefits
  5. Quick approval process

UCO Bank Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the Loan are as follows:

CIBIL score Criteria 750 and Above
Age Criteria 21-60 years
Min Income  Criteria Rs 25000/month
Occupation Criteria Salaried/Self-employed

Salaried Applicant:

  1. The age required for the salaried applicant is a minimum of 21 years to a maximum of 60 years. 
  2. The income required for the salaried applicant for the Metropolitan city is Rs. 20,000 and for the Non-Metropolitan cities, the income required is Rs. 15,000.
  3. Work Experience of the applicant should be of 3 years and at least 6 months in the current company.
  4. The applicant’s salary should come to the respective bank accounts.
  5. For a UCO Bank Personal Loan, the CIBIL score required is more than 700 to get the approval of your Loan.

Self-Employed Applicant:

  1. The age of the self-employed applicant should be minimum of 25 years to a maximum of 65 years.
  2. The Income Tax Return should be of at least Rupees 2.5 lakh per annum, and it should be filed from the last 3 years.
  3. For the UCO Bank Personal Loan, the CIBIL Score required is more than 700. A good CIBIL Score means maximum funding.
  4. Before availing a UCO Bank Personal Loan, your past debts should be clear.
  5. The business should be running well from the last 3 years if the applicant owns a business.

UCO Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate, Fees & Other Charges

UCO Personal Loan Interest Rate 9.99% per annum
Processing Charges 1% of Loan Amount
Prepayment Charges NIL
Stamp Duty As per state laws
Cheque Bounce Charges As per bank terms
Penal Interest N/A
Floating Rate of Interest Not Applicable

UCO Bank Personal Loan Documents Required

Duly filled application form
Proof of Identity

Copy of 

> Passport

> Driving License

> Aadhar Card

> Voter ID Card

Proof of Address

Rent Agreement (Min. 1 year of stay)

Utility Bills

Passport (Proof of permanent residence)

Ration card

Proof of Income

> ITRs : Last two Assessment years

> Salary Slip: Last 6 months

> Bank Statement: Last 3 months

Personal Loan EMI Calculator for UCO Bank

EMI Calculator

UCO Bank Personal Loan Comparison with Other Banks

Bank Interest Rate Tenure Loan Amount & Proc Fee
UCO Bank 9.99% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 10 lakh / Up to 1% of the loan amount
HDFC Bank 11.25% to 21.50% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 40 lakh / Up to 2.50% of the loan amount
Bajaj Finserv Starting from 12.99% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 25 lakh / Up to 3.99% of the loan amount
Axis Bank 15.75% to 24% 12 to 60 months Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 15 lakh / Up to 2% of the loan amount
Citibank Starting from 10.99% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 30 lakh / Up to 3% of the loan amount
ICICI Bank 11.50% to 19.25% 12 to 60 months Upto Rs. 20 lakh / Up to 2.25% of the loan amount

Home Renovation Loan

UCO Bank offers home improvement loans for people who wish to have their home renovated. This personal loan would fund essential repairs or help the borrower bring new fittings, fixtures and furniture into their home. Some of the key features of the UCO Bank Home Renovation Loan are:

  • The interest rate of UCO Bank’ Home Renovation Loan starts at as low as 11.25%
  • In order to renovate their house, individuals can qualify for a loan amount of up to Rs. 20 Lakh.
  • The home renovation loan from UCO Bank includes minimum paperwork that renders the entire loan process hassle-free
  • Usually, the loan amount is credited to the account within 72 hours after the bank approves your application.

Holiday Loan

UCO Bank Holiday Loan will assist you to prepare your dream vacation with minimal hassle. This personal loan from UCO Bank will facilitate a range of vacation expenses, including booking a flight ticket, lodging in a hotel, guided tours, etc. The principal features of UCO Bank’ Holiday Loan are:

  • The interest rates on holiday loans start at 11.25 per cent p.a.
  • An amount of up to Rs 20 Lakh can be used conveniently so that a financial crisis will not ruin your dream holiday.
  • Simplified and Minimal paperwork helps fund your holiday easily and conveniently.
  • Quick processing and disbursement of credit, which is credited to your account directly.

Fresher Funding

Most unsecured personal loans are targeted at individuals with a regular income, but UCO Bank’ Fresher Funding is different. This loan choice from UCO Bank is designed to support newcomers, i.e. recent graduates who are seeking their first job. Some main features of the personal loan from UCO Bank Fresher Funding include the following:

  • Sum of up to Rs 1.5 lakh loans
  • The candidate is expected to be at least 21 years of age.
  • The interest rate for Fresher Funding depends on the profile of the loan borrower, the credit history/score of the applicant, age and location.

NRI Personal Loan

UCO Bank provides NRIs solely with a personal loan, recognising the hopes and desires of NRIs. The primary loan candidate must be an Indian citizen and the co-applicant NRI must be a close relative. The following characteristics include NRIs Personal Loan

  • UCO Bank offers NRIs up to Rs. 10 lakh in private loans with flexible end-use
  • The interest rates for NRI Personal Loans start at 15.49 per cent p.a.
  • For a term of up to 36 months, the loan is.

How to Apply Online for UCO Bank Personal Loan?UCO Bank Personal Loan

It is simple to apply for a personal loan; all you need to do is follow some steps and you will get a suitable loan in no time. To apply for UCO Bank Personal Loan, you have to visit our webpage and fill the needed form to be a part of the process. Follow the steps given below in a sequence to avail of a personal loan:

  1. Go to the website of Dialabank.
  2. Go to the personal loan section.
  3. In the personal loan section, you can apply either as a self-employed individual or salaried individual.
  4. Once, you fill all the important details about you, submit the form.
  5. After form submission, you will have to wait for our representative to call you.
  6. Eventually, our representative will guide you through the process of the loan.
  7. You get a loan at an affordable interest rate without moving here and there.

Personal Loan Verification Process

  • Upon submission of the completed online application by Dialabank, the representative of UCO Bank will send you a verification call to schedule the collection of relevant loan documents.
  • After you have provided all the documentation needed, such as KYC, proof of income, etc the lender verifies them.
  • After validation, with confirmation of the final loan amount, interest rate and tenure of your personal loan, you will receive another call from the bank.
  • Once the bank receives confirmation from you that the terms of the loan are appropriate, the balance of the loan is disbursed.

Check Your UCO Bank Personal Loan Application Status

UCO Bank Personal Loan

There is currently no online portal for checking the status of your UCO Bank personal loan application. Hence, you can use the following ways to perform the task:

  • UCO e-Banking service
  • Contacting UCO Bank Customer Care
  • An in-person visit to a nearby UCO Bank branch.

How to Login in UCO Bank Portal

  • Visit the portal of UCO Bank e-Banking
  • Fill in the details needed, and then press ‘Login’
  • You can review your current loan information once you are signed in, apply for a new loan, check your eligibility for a new loan, etc.

How to check UCO Bank Personal Loan Statement?

By following the steps given below, clients can download the bank’s personal loan statement:

  • Go to the bank’s official website.
  • From the drop-down list, pick ‘Service Requests’.
  • Select ‘Personal Loan Related on the corresponding page that opens, under the ‘Loans’ menu.
  • Then, click on ‘Request for Loan Account Statement’.
  • Use your user ID and password to log in, or use your registered mobile number and OTP to use the personal loan statement of the bank.

UCO Bank Personal Loan Restructuring (COVID-19)

In order to alleviate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to a certain degree, a 6-month moratorium on different term loans was announced. Upon completion of the 6-month moratorium, UCO Bank announced the RBI-mandated one-time benefit from UCO Bank’s personal loan restructuring. This mechanism is intended to provide continuing relief to those borrowers who, due to the continuing financial distress of the pandemic, are still unable to begin repayment of their daily EMI.

The loan settlement mechanism implemented by UCO Bank includes an additional moratorium of up to 2 years or an extension to the existing repayment period to decrease monthly EMI payments. It should be recalled, of course, that the restructuring of your personal loan to UCO Bank will result in additional interest rates in excess of those applicable to the original loan. Thus this relief tool can be used only as a last resort.

UCO Bank Customer Care

Benefits of Applying for Personal Loan at Dialabank

Based on interest rates, lenders, loan tenure and others, Dialabank provides an easy to access and use platform to compare personal loan offers. Some main advantages of applying for a personal loan on Dialabank.com are the following:

  • Easy Accessibility: It is easy to apply for Dialabank personal loans from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Quick Processing: Fast processing and swift reporting help to use personal loans with minimal hassle.
  • 24 X 7 Support: The dedicated customer service team provides end-to-end support for smooth online application processing
  • Hassle-free process: No need to visit the bank branch to request a personal loan that saves time and effort

Important Aspects

Some of the significant factors that need to be addressed when applying for personal loans are as follows:

  • Before applying for a loan, make sure that you review your credit score. For successful personal loan application, normally 750 and above is considered an ideal credit score
  • Read the terms and conditions and the fees and charges associated with your personal loan.
  • Compare personal loans with different lenders through various options such as loan principal, interest rate, loan tenure and others.
  • Before applying for personal credit, always review your monthly EMI and select the tenure wisely. If your EMI is too high, your chance of default increases, while too small an EMI increases your overall interest payout.

Why should you apply for UCO Bank Personal Loan with Dialabank?

  1. Dialabank is the first financial helpline of India.
  2. It is effortless to avail Loan from every bank online.
  3. It is a financial portal where you can check and compare different loan rates across different banks.
  4. We provide you with the best advice as per your need. Our Relationship Manager tries to solve your problems without charging anything in return.

Call us at 9878981166 to avail of UCO Bank Personal Loan.

How to Calculate EMIs for UCO Bank Bank Personal Loan

Kindly calculate the EMIs on your Loan; you just require the basic information regarding the Loan –

  1. Loan Amount
  2. Rate-of-Interest
  3. Loan Tenure

Enter values in the calculator below to find the exact amount payable each month.

EMI Calculator

UCO Bank Personal Loan Processing Time

UCO Bank Bank usually takes 2 weeks or 15 days when it comes to the Processing of Personal Loan Applications. However, UCO Bank approves the loan in just a few hours to a maximum of 1-3 days to its pre-approved already existing account holders.

UCO Bank Personal Loan Preclosure Charges

UCO Bank gives you the option of pre-paying your Loan after a period of a minimum of one year of taking the Loan and paying off 12 successful EMIs on your Loan. However, UCO Bank Bank charges a Prepayment or Pre-closure charge, and if you wish to do so we have listed the charges below:


Pre-closure Charge

13 to 24 months 4%
25 to 36 months 5%
more than 36 months 2%

Pre Calculated EMI for UCO Bank Personal Loan

Loan principal @ interest Tenure
1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years
1 lakh @ 9.25% Rs. 8,766 Rs. 4,589 Rs. 3,201 Rs. 2,501 Rs. 2,098
5 lakh @ 10.95% Rs. 44,179 Rs. 23,292 Rs. 16,358 Rs. 12,911 Rs. 10,859
10 lakh @ 11.5% Rs. 88,545 Rs. 47,771 Rs. 32,905 Rs. 26,016 Rs. 21,917
15 lakh @ 15% Rs. 1.35 lakh Rs. 72,730 Rs. 51,998 Rs. 41,746 Rs.35,685
Are you feeling stressed about unpaid debts? Or are you planning to go abroad for your higher studies but your savings doesn’t let you go? A personal loan is here as a
solution for your financial troubles. It is an unsecured loan, which means there is no need of any collateral to avail the UCO Bank Personal Loan. You can use the loan
amount as per your desire. You may use the UCO Bank Personal Loan for wedding purposes, to pay off your medical bills, for the renovation of your house, etc.

About UCO Bank Personal Loan

About UCO Bank

United Commercial Bank is a bank that serves people with services like banking, online banking, wealth management, and loans. The headquarters of the UCO Bank is in
Kolkata, India. The bank offers personal loans to meet the financial crisis of the people or to fulfill their overdue dreams.

Different Offers for UCO Bank Personal Loan

1. UCO Cash Personal Loan

  • UCO Cash personal loan is given for amounts of up to Rs. 10 lakhs
  • Can be for various individual needs, including a wedding, medical emergency, higher education, vacation, etc.
  • The Loan can be repaid by a maximum of 5 years.
  • In the case of the natural or untimely demise of the borrower, UCO Rin Jeevan Suraksha’s insurance plan will cover up the overdue loan sum.

2. UCO Pensioner Loan

  • UCO Bank offers short period loans through the UCO Pensioner Loan scheme to individuals who receive a pension through its bank branches.
  • Widows and war widows who are withdrawing pension through UCO Bank are also eligible for this Loan if there is a co-borrower.
  • The UCO Bank Pensioner personal loan has to be paid back max by four years.
  • The quantum of the pension loan sanctioned is strictly subject to the following criterion:

Type of Applicant

Pension Loan Amount

For those Pensioners having provision of family pension & Spouse is alive 12 times of monthly allowance subject to · Maximum Rs. 10 lakhs for age up to the age of 70 years

· Maximum Rs. 5 lakhs for age above 70 years – 74 years

For other categories of customers, including · Family pensioners, i.e. spouse receiving a pension after the death of the pensioner

· Pensioners without family pension provision

· Pensioners where the spouse of predeceased

Ten times of monthly pension subject to a maximum of Rupees 3 lakhs

3. UCO Shopper Loan Scheme

  • UCO Bank Shopper Loan Scheme provides loans of up to Rs.2 lakhs
  • People can use it for the purchase of consumer accessories like refrigerators, television, air conditioner, computer, or other electronic gadgets.
  • Lower rate of interest from 9.45% p.a. onwards

FAQs About UCO Bank Personal Loan

 What is UCO Bank Personal Loan?

UCO Bank Personal Loan is a credit scheme that you can avail to fulfill all your desires and needs. You are not required to submit any security in exchange for the Loan and a loan tenure of up to 60 months makes the repayment easy and burden-free.

How does UCO Bank Personal Loan work?

UCO Bank’s Personal Loan is an unsecured loan that one can avail by submitting their basic KYC documents and Income-proof with the UCO bank. After the verification of your documents, the UCO bank will give you the money to your indicated bank account. You can use this money for any of your expenses.

What is the Personal Loan rate of interest in UCO Bank?

The interest rate for Personal Loan is 9.99% per annum in UCO Bank. The interest rate depends on the borrower’s credentials.

How can I get UCO Bank Personal Loan?

Just visit the UCO Bank branch with your documents and apply for a personal loan with your banker. You can also achieve a Personal Loan by using online with Dialabank to avail of secure processing and personalized assistance.

How to apply for Personal Loan in UCO Bank?

One can avail of a personal loan with UCO Bank by merely visiting your branch with the essential documents. You don’t need any collateral in exchange for the loan, and the loan amount can be used to meet any personal need.

Why apply for UCO Bank Personal Loan?

UCO Bank Personal Loan is unsecured; that is, you won’t need to provide any security to avail this Loan. Also, the rates of interest are competitive and long tenure makes repayment easy. The fund disbursed in Personal Loan can be used for a big or small expense that you may have. To get more details about the benefits of Personal Loan, visit Dialabank’s online platform or contact our financial helpline number.

How much EMI on UCO Bank Personal Loan?

You can calculate your EMI of UCO Bank Personal Loan using the values of your loan tenure, amount of Loan, and rate of interest. Utilize Dialabank’s EMI calculator to calculate your estimated EMI and apply for all your Personal Loan needs.

How much CIBIL score required for UCO Bank Personal Loan?

UCO Bank asks a CIBIL score above 700 for availing Personal Loan. Being an unsecured loan, your CIBIL rating plays a significant role in determining your eligibility for the Loan as it estimates the risk of default for your lender.

Minimum credit score needed for UCO Bank Personal Loan?

UCO Bank asks you to have a credit score above 700.

How to calculate UCO Bank Personal Loan EMI?

Use your amount of Loan, loan-tenure, and rate-of-interest to calculate your Personal Loan EMI using the EMI calculator available on Dialabank’s website.

What can I use UCO Bank Personal Loan for?

You can utilize your UCO Bank Personal Loan for several monetary needs such as funding your wedding or that of any relative, pay your bills, renovate and repair your home, support your vacation or any other expense, etc.

Can I pre-pay UCO Bank Personal Loan?

When you feel the need to close your Loan and have the needed funds, just visit your loan branch and apply for a foreclosure. You may be required to pay a prepayment fee.

How to pre-pay UCO Bank Personal Loan?

Visit your loan lending branch with all your loan documents and apply for a pre-closure of your Loan. After payment of your outstanding loan amount and any other charges as shall be applicable, your UCO Bank loan will be closed.

How to repay UCO Bank Personal Loan?

You can pay your loan in easy EMIs that are automatically deducted from your indicated bank account every month. UCO Bank’s Loan can be paid back through post-dated cheques also.

What documents are needed for UCO Bank Personal Loan?

AADHAR-Card, VOTER-ID, PAN-Card, Salary-Slips, Bank Account Statement, and ITR are the documents that you require for your UCO Bank Personal Loan.

How to check UCO Bank Personal Loan status?

Just visit your loan bank branch or contact the customer service number of UCO Bank to know the status of your loan application and stay updated. There is currently no online portal for checking the status of your UCO Bank loan application. Hence you can use the following ways to perform the task:

  • UCO e-Banking service
  • Contacting UCO Bank Customer Care
  • An in-person visit to a nearby UCO Bank branch.

How to get UCO Bank’s loan top-up?

Top up is the additional loan amount that can be taken from the existing bank of your recent loan or at the time of balance transfer from your new bank. UCO Bank lets you avail of this facility if you have paid at least about 9 EMIs without any cheque bounces. You can get a minimum top-up of ₹ 50,000 and a maximum of your already sanctioned loan amount. You can check the online portal of UCO Bank for more offers or contact Dialabank for any financial help.

✅ What happens if I don’t pay my UCO Bank’s Personal Loan EMIs?

There will be a penal interest charged as applicable and would even face legal actions if defaulting continues.

✅ How to find UCO Bank’s Personal Loan account number?

To get your loan account number you can contact the loan officer at the bank branch or by contacting the customer care number of UCO Bank.

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