Vijaya Bank Personal Loan Documents Required

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      Vijaya Bank Personal Loan Documents Required

      Vijaya Bank Personal Loan Documents Required

      To make use of personal loan from the Indian Bank, the following documents are required:
      • Copy of PAN Card (Mandatory).
      • Proof of Identity: Passport/Driver License copy/Voter ID card/Aadhaar.
      • Evidence of address: Passport copy/Driving license/Voter ID card/Aadhaar, copy of latest utility bill, copy of LPG book, etc.
      • Proof of End Use (as per discretion of Vijaya Bank).
      • The bank’s approved statement of the last 3 months (Passbook of last 6 months)
      • Last 2 payslips/Latest wage certificate for the most recent Form 16 form

      Note: The Vijaya Bank can require additional documentation on the basis of the applicant’s profile, as deemed appropriate.

      Important Aspects of Vijaya Bank Personal Loan Documents Required

      Following tips could help you increase your chances of approval for a Vijaya Bank personal loan:

      • Building and maintaining a good Credit Score: Creating and maintaining a stable credit and credit record enables you to use your credit because it shows you have better credit and reduces the risk of non-payment.
      • Knowledge of the lender’s eligibility criteria: If you know and meet all eligibility requirements, you will increase your chances of getting a personal loan with great ease.
      • Low credit utilization ratio: Credit consumption rates are defined as the amount of credit amount used in total credit. Maintaining a low credit rating (usually 30 per cent or less) means lower debt dependence and debt consolidation, making it easier for you to use additional credit.
      • Steady job and stable history of employment: If you have a secure career (and a reputable organization) and reliable work background, you can use your loan successfully because it means personal and financial security and greater ability to repay.
      • Refrain from multiple simultaneous loan applications/enquiries: Avoid applying for multiple loans/queries at the same time or in a limited time from multiple lenders. It shows that you are hungry for a loan and thus increases the number of difficult questions in your credit report, which will negatively affect your credit rating and reduce the chances of your loan being accepted.

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      FAQs on Vijaya Bank Personal Loan Documents Required

      ✅ Who is eligible to avail of a personal loan from Vijaya Bank?

      The accompanying classifications of candidates are qualified to apply for a Vijaya Bank personal loan:

      • People somewhere in the range of 21 and 60 years.
      • Representatives of private restricted organizations and public area endeavours, including neighbourhood, state, and focal bodies.
      • Individuals with the least work insight of 2 years, with at any rate 1 year with the current association.
      • Vijaya Bank Salary Account Holders: Should have a base net gain of Rs. 25,000 every month.

      ✅ What is the minimum and maximum loan amount that I can avail myself of on a personal loan from Vijaya Bank?

      You can avail of a personal loan ranging between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 40 lakh from Vijaya Bank, provided you meet the bank’s eligibility criteria.

      ✅ What is the tenure option available on Vijaya Bank’s personal loans?

      Vijaya Bank’s personal loans come with a repayment tenure ranging between 12 to 60 months.

      How can I get a Vijaya Bank Personal Loan?

      Just visit the Vijaya Bank branch with your documents and apply for a personal loan with your banker. If you have all the Vijaya Bank Personal Loan Documents Required then you can also get a Personal Loan sanctioned by using online with Dialabank to avail of secure processing and personalized assistance.

      ✅ How can I apply for a Vijaya Bank personal loan online?

      You can apply for Vijaya Bank Bank personal loan online by visiting the bank’s official website, by logging into your net banking account, or the bank’s mobile app (in case you are an existing customer).

      ✅ How long does Vijaya Bank take to disburse personal loans?

      Once all the required documents are received and verified and the loan is approved, the bank usually takes 3 to 5 working days to disburse the loan amount to your account. While in some cases it might take longer for Vijaya Bank to disburse your loan, in case of special offers such as pre-approved loans, disbursal to your Vijaya Bank account can be instantaneous.