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Today’s Silver Rate Per 10 Gram in India
Gold 22 Karat
45,690Per 10g of 22k Gold

Silver Rate In Andhra Pradesh Today

Silver is the world’s second most traded precious metal, with applications in a variety of sectors and trades. Silver’s demand has never waned as a natural resource, and it has played an important role in our history. Andhra Pradesh is one of the few silver-producing states in India, making it a crucial player in the silver trade. Imported silver will now hit Indian shores thanks to the state’s excellent ports. With Andhra Pradesh’s growth on the horizon, a significant portion of the population now has the financial means to invest in silver, and silver prices are no longer a deterrent. In spite of being a silver producer, silver prices in Andhra Pradesh are related to international prices, depending on multiple factors.

Today’s Silver Rate In Andhra Pradesh ( 31 Mar 2021 )

₹ 69.5
Today’s Silver Rate per gram

Silver Rate in Andhra Pradesh for Last 10 Days Silver Rate in Andhra Pradesh – 10 gm, 100 gm & 1 kg Silver Price in Andhra Pradesh Today

Metal prices fluctuate on a daily basis due to a variety of factors. As a result, the 1 kg silver rate in Andhra Pradesh fluctuates, and consumer demand fluctuates as well.

This section of the article will teach you how to measure the current silver price in Andhra Pradesh for 1 lb, 100 grammes, and 10 grammes.

These are the most common prices used by silver traders, and it’s good to know what they are for people who want to buy it.

Silver Rate 10 Gram 100 Gram 1 KG
Today Price (Rs.) 685 6851 68510
Yesterday Price (Rs.) 685 6850 68500
Change (Rs.) 0 0 10
Change (%) 0% 0.01% 0.01%
Performance Stable Improve Improve

Historical Price of Silver Rate In Andhra Pradesh

Trend of Silver Rate in Andhra Pradesh for February 2021 (rates per kg)

Silver Rate in February 2021 Silver Rate per KG
1st Feb 2021 ₹ 79,200
8th Feb 2021 ₹ 73,100
15th Feb 2021 ₹ 74,600
22nd Feb 2021 ₹ 74,400
28th Feb 2021 ₹ 72,500
Highest Price ₹ 79,200
Lowest Price ₹ 72,200
Percentage Change -8.46%

For investors’ convenience, a comprehensive overview of the 22 Carat Silver Rate in Andhra Pradesh for February of this year is provided below:

  • On the 1st of February, the highest price of silver was Rs.79,200 per kilogram in Andhra Pradesh.
  • The month’s lowest reported price was Rs.72,200 per kg.
  • In Andhra Pradesh, the opening and closing silver rates per gram were Rs.79,200 and Rs.72,500, respectively.
  • The prices began the month with a higher value, but by the end of the month, they had dropped.
  • While the percentage change was just 8.46 percent, it was negative.

Trend of Silver Rate in Andhra Pradesh for January 2021 (rates per kg)

Silver Rate in January 2021 Silver Rate per KG
1st Jan 2021 ₹ 72,400
8th Jan 2021 ₹ 74,500
15th Jan 2021 ₹ 70,600
22nd Jan 2021 ₹ 71,400
31st Jan 2021 ₹ 74,600
Highest Price ₹ 75,100
Lowest Price ₹ 69,000
Percentage Change 3.04%

The following background addresses the silver rate changes in Andhra Pradesh for the month of December. We provide an extra hand for you to not only summarise but also schedule your investments based on rate increases, as the investment industry has become one of the most booming industries.

  • December was a relatively expensive month for Andhra Pradesh, as silver prices began higher than average, at Rs 64600.
  • For the month of December, the state had the highest price for silver relative to any other state. The total is Rs 73700.
  • Though December was a month of large investments, the first few weeks of the month were extremely promising for any type of business investment.
  • In the month of December, the silver rate has changed by 11.92 percent since the beginning of the month.
  • December was one of those months where the rate of change was slow but steady, but the regular rate was prohibitively high for even the smallest investment or purchase.

Silver Rate in Andhra Pradesh – Trend in 2020

The Silver Rate Trend in Andhra Pradesh for 2020 is driven by a range of local, national, and international factors.

The stock market has collapsed as a result of a global pandemic, which is pushing up the price of silver steadily.

The demand for this metal is declining in the state’s local market, which is affecting the rate trend.

As the global economy steadily recovers, the Silver Rate in Andhra Pradesh is looking much better after a long time.

Things seem to be improving in the coming days, which will provide strong investment opportunities for Andhra Pradesh residents who invest in silver.

What makes Silver Rate in Andhra Pradesh to increase or decrease?

The Silver Rate is influenced by a number of local, national, and international factors. A number of factors have led to the current increase or decrease in the Silver Rate in Andhra Pradesh.

As the value of the Indian National Rupee falls in relation to the US Dollar, the silver rate rises, and vice versa. The Central Bank’s policies also have a major impact on the rate at which this precious metal is traded.

If the Reserve Bank of India lowers the interest rate on gold loans, the silver rate in Andhra Pradesh today per gramme would be lower.

These rates are also affected by the present demand in the local silver market of Andhra Pradesh and the import duties levied by the state government.

What are the various measuring units of Silver in Andhra Pradesh ?

In Andhra Pradesh, the procedure for measuring silver is the same as for measuring gold. In this city, jewelry stores use the most up-to-date weighing equipment to accurately determine the weight of finished silver products.

These shops often use regular measuring units for weighing gold items, which are well-known to all.

Troy weight and grams are the two most popular measurement units used by jewelry shops in Andhra Pradesh for weighing silver items.

Other than these two, separate jewelry store owners in this state use troy ounces, million ounces, Masha, Tolas, Kilograms, and so on.

Here are the relationships between the measuring units that should be known to customers nicely:

  • 1 kilogram = 1000 grams
  • 1 Troy ounce = 31.1035 grams
  • 12 Masha = 1 Tola
  • 0.972 grams = 1 Masha
  • 1 Tonne = 1000 kilograms

How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Andhra Pradesh ?

Silver is a costly asset that drew a significant amount of taxation before GST was incorporated into the Indian tax system. In Andhra Pradesh, the tax on silver has been reduced to just 3% since the implementation of GST.

Buyers must pay GST on the total amount of silver bought from a jewellery store. The making charge of the silver product is also subject to a limited amount of GST.

How to check Silver purity in Andhra Pradesh ?

The amount of pure silver present in a commodity determines the Pure Silver Rate in Andhra Pradesh. The needed percentage is 94.79 percent, with the remaining 5.21 percent made up of other metal alloys.

This is done to offer the metal strength and toughness, which are needed for it to be turned into jewellery or other products.

A piece of magnet may be used to verify the purity of the silver product that has been purchased. They will have to keep a magnet piece near the product, and if it attracts, the silver used is not pure.


How to check Today’s Silver Rate in Andhra Pradesh?

The updates of the silver rates in Andhra Pradesh are provided in the article. The prices are given per measurement that range from 10 grams to 1 kilograms which makes it easy for you to compare and understand. Also we provide the comparison with the last days silver prices to give you a better view and help you make better decisions regarding the investments.

Where to find silver rate in Andhra Pradesh?

The silver rate of Andhra Pradesh is provided within the article itself. The rates are provided according to a number of time frames such as one week, 15 days, 30 days and yearly and that too through various measurements ranging from 10 grams to 1 kg.This format is designed to help you get ease and convenience.

Is this Live silver Price in Andhra Pradesh?

Yes, the silver prices of Andhra Pradesh  provided in the article are current. At the very beginning of the article the heading states today’s silver prices. The prices are updated every day for the customers to access to it easily.