Silver Rate in Etawah

Today’s Silver Rate Per 10 Gram in India
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Silver Rate in Etawah

Silver Rate in Etawah

Currently, the Silver Rate in Etawah is Rs. 70.65/- per gram and Rs. 70,650.00/- per kilogram. On Jun 23, 2021, the Silver Rate in Etawah was Rs. 70.75/- per gram and Rs. 70,750.00/- per kilogram.

The highest Silver rate in Etawah in the last few days was Rs. 71.95/- per gram and Rs. 71,950.00/- per kilogram. And the lowest silver rate in Etawah in the last few days was Rs. 70.65/- per gram and Rs. 70,650.00/- per kilogram. Overall the price of Silver is on a constant rise. In India, it is noticed that the Silver rates are showing an upward trend since the last few months and they will continue to show an upward trend looking at the current situation.

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Etawah Silver Rate Today

Silver Price in Etawah

Silver Price Trend in Etawah


✅ Why does the Silver Rate fluctuate?

The key factors that affect the volatility of silver are fluctuating industrial demand and store of value demand, geo-political changes, increasing crude oil prices, decreasing dollar, government management on major export and import destinations, deals by China and other central banks, the direction of gold prices, etc are some reasons that affect the silver rate.

✅ Why is Silver cheaper than Gold?

Although Silver is mined at a 4 times higher pace than Gold, the market value of Gold is a lot more, and Silver is close to only a fraction of that. It would be the abundance of Silver that depreciated its value.

✅ Can Silver be easily liquidated?

Yes, any precious metal or stone usually has high liquidity at a profitable price as its value never depreciates over the long term. Silver can be sold in your nearest jewelry or can even be pledged against an interest-based loan in case of an emergency.

✅ Are silver prices constant across the globe?

No. Silver prices are dynamic and change daily.