Silver Rate in Firozabad

Today’s Silver Rate Per 10 Gram in India
Gold 22 Karat
45,690Per 10g of 22k Gold

Silver Rate in FirozabadSilver Rate in Firozabad

Silver has a very close relationship with the culture of India. It is used as gifts in ceremonies and functions and also used as puja items. It is associated with many Indian festivals. People in India, especially those in rural areas, invest in this metal to secure their savings in case of volatility risks.

Silver Rate in Firozabad today (June 23, 2021) is Rs.73.40 per gram and Rs.73,400 per kilogram. It is higher than yesterday’s rate (June 22, 2021), when it was Rs73.20 per gram and Rs.73,200 per kilogram. On June 16, 2021, the rate was Rs.76.20 per gram, and on June 21, 2021, it was Rs.73.10 per gram, which was the highest and lowest rates observed in the last seven days.

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Firozabad Silver Rate Today

Silver Price in Firozabad

Silver Price Trend in Firozabad


✅ Is Silver a good investment?

Although there may be fluctuations in Silver, this precious metal is also considered a safety net, similar to gold- its sister metal. It can protect investors at times of uncertainty as a safe-haven asset. It can be a good choice for those trying to maintain their wealth during difficult times.

✅ What will be the worth of Silver in ten years?

The World Bank estimates that the price of Silver will stabilize at around US$18 per ounce in the next ten years.

✅ Why is Silver so expensive?

Like most commodities, silver prices are driven by speculation and supply and demand. Due to the small size of the market, low market liquidity, and fluctuations in demand between industrial uses and storage of value uses, the price of Silver is highly volatile compared to the cost of gold.