Silver Rate In Jammu Kashmir Today

Today’s Silver Rate Per 10 Gram in India
Gold 22 Karat
45,690Per 10g of 22k Gold

Silver Rate In Jammu Kashmir Today

Jammu and Kashmir, the state which is understood as “Heaven on Earth” need a tumultuous past, but recent times have seen the state develop and grow steadily. A laidback lifestyle and unique cultural identity have made it hold its own, enticing the entire world with its beauty. Silver is viewed as an intrinsic part of the lifestyle here, getting used for multiple purposes, from utensils to adornments. As long as silver isn’t produced here, J&K depends on silver imported from different parts of the planet to satisfy local demands. Silver prices in the state thereby depend upon multiple factors, changing today.

Silver Rate In Jammu and Kashmir Today

Today Yesterday Change(%)
1 gram 62.85 64 -2.10%
10 gram 62850 64,167 -2.10%

Silver Rate in Jammu and Kashmir – 10 gm, 100 gm & 1 kg Silver Price in Gujarat Today

This section conveys the complete information on Silver Price in Jammu and Kashmir today and the changes in prices of silver yesterday. Comparatively this study is performed between the two and relative changes noted below in the table. The major reason to compare silver prices is to monitor daily changes in silver rates in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Silver Rate in Jammu and Kashmir for Last 10 Days

Date 1 gram
Bar Silver 1KG
2021-03-31 63.85 62,850
2021-03-30 64.17 64,167
2021-03-29 65.04 65,037
2021-03-28 65.04 65,037
2021-03-27 65.78 64,780
2021-03-26 65.45 65,447
25 Mar 2021 65.33 65,327
24 Mar 2021 65.14 65,138
23 Mar 2021 67.75 66,750
22 Mar 2021 68.19 68,185
2021-03-21 68.09 68,089
2021-03-20 68.05 68,051
2021-03-19 68.82 67,822
2021-03-18 69.5 68,500
2021-03-17 67.28 67,283
2021-03-16 68.07 68,073
2021-03-15 67.46 67,463
2021-03-14 67.46 67,462
2021-03-13 67.17 67,171
2021-03-12 68.87 67,874
2021-03-11 68.01 68,008
2021-03-10 68.94 67,939
2021-03-09 66.07 66,067
2021-03-08 66.17 66,170
2021-03-07 66.17 66,170
2021-03-06 66.07 66,073
2021-03-05 66.75 65,749
2021-03-04 69.72 68,719
2021-03-03 70.37 70,369
2021-03-02 70.58 69,578
2021-03-01 70.33 70,330
2021-02-28 70.33 70,330

Historical Price of Silver Rate In Jammu and Kashmir

Silver is also seen in Jammu & Kashmir as a lovely gift. Special days often occur where people send other people presents. Silver coins are one of the most common options for birthdays, weddings, housewarming, festivities, company gifts, etc. The bulk of jewelry stores are selling silver and silver coins. Silver coins may also be obtained from post offices and banks, which will be licensed and verified.

February 2021, Silver Price Movement in Jammu and Kashmir

Silver Price (per kg)
February 1 Rate
Rs.78,100 per kg
February 28 Rate
Rs.67,500 per kg
Highest Rate in February
Rs.78,100 per kg on 1 February
Lowest Rate in February
Rs.67,300 per kg on 5 February
Overall Monthly Performance Decline
Percentage Change 13.57%
  • The price movement in silver rate in the month of February was revealed at Rs. 78,100 per kg and closed at Rs. 67,500 per kg.
  • The peak point was worth Rs. 78,100 per kg on 1st February and the lowest price measure was worth Rs. 76,300 per kg at the end of the month.
  • Prices were unstable and witnessed a crucial movement in the last week of February.

January 2021, Silver Price Movement in Himachal Pradesh

Silver Price (per kg)
January 1 Rate
Rs.72,000 per kg
January 31 Rate
Rs.69,800 per kg
Highest Rate in January
Rs.74,500 per kg on 8 January
Lowest Rate in January
Rs.63,900 per kg on 9 January
Overall Monthly Performance Decline
Percentage Change -3.05%
  • The price movement in the silver rate in the month of January was revealed at Rs. 72,000 per kg and closed at Rs. 69,800 per kg.
  • The peak point was worth Rs. 74,500 per kg on 1st January and the lowest price measure was worth Rs. 63,900 per kg at the end of the month.
  • Prices were unstable and witnessed a crucial movement in the last week of January.

What makes the Silver Rate in Jammu and Kashmir increase or decrease?

In the month of May, silver opened in Jammu and Kashmir at the speed of Rs.42,530 per kg. Soon after, it witnessed a dip and stood at the speed of Rs.41,010 per kg on the very next day. However, it started learning because the week glided by, closing the week at the speed of Rs.42,010 per kg. These fluctuations might be attributed to many factors, including the investors liquidating their long positions on the rear of several economic stimulus packages released by governments across the world to small or no US jobs data that highlighted the grim economic situation. this stuff led to the gains for silver as a safe-haven investment in such unpredictable times. The jump in prices of silver was also thanks to the rising tensions in reference to the tiff between the USA and China with Trump threatening new tariffs on China that rattled the stock exchange. However, the dollar remained firm, which led to prices of silver remaining steady overall in the first week of May in Jammu and Kashmir.

What are the various measuring units of Silver in Jammu and Kashmir? 

In the last week of the month, the costs of silver had hit the very best for the month on 25 May wherein it stood at the speed of Rs.51,400 per kg. The week ended with the worth of the metal standing at the speed of Rs.50,100 per kg. This was a gentle increase from the beginning of the week when it had been Rs.48,250. The rising trade tensions between China and the USA and the anticipation around Trump’s response to the Hong Kong riots triggering the Chinese government led to a lower risk appetite and a better appeal for shelter investments. The trend of silver prices in Jammu and Kashmir in the month of May witnessed an overall and a gentle incline of 17.79%.

Factors Influencing the Prices of Silver in Jammu and Kashmir

Silver has been used for hundreds of years, being passed down from generation to generation in Jammu and Kashmir. The affordability of silver makes it ideal for people who are just beginning their investment journey, providing them a superb opportunity to take a position during a time-tested metal. A high demand including limited resources makes silver a sensible investment, with its versatility ensuring there are always buyers for it.

Physical Silver – Silver in the sort of jewelry, coins, bars, utensils, statues, etc. are a number of the favored artifacts in Jammu and Kashmir. These are often purchased at jewelers across the state and serve dual purposes, acting as a utility element and as an investment. Silver jewelry is usually not ideal, if viewed only for investment purposes, given the very fact that there are tons of creating and wastage charges involved. Coins are often purchased from banks and jewelers, with those purchased from banks coming with quality assurance and purity certificates, making them costlier.

Silver Contracts – For most of the people in the state, silver contracts and futures are modern ways to take a position during this valuable. The National Multi commodities exchange, the Multi commodities exchange, and the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange offer platforms for people to participate in the silver trade. This feature to take a position in silver comes with a particular element of risk attached and relevant data about how markets function is often an enormous advantage.

How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Jammu and Kashmir?

 The US dollar usually has an opposite relation with silver values, because of the world’s leading currency. Silver market insiders see an extended dollar history during which silver prices are under fire. Currently, with the dollar high to medium, many seasoned consumers see the dollar fall by trying to find sales bargaining prices.


✅ What is the way to check Silver Live Rate?

You can log in to the Dialabank Silver Rate page to see the Jammu Kashmir Live Silver Rate and make an informed decision about your Silver Investment supported by the most up so far information available. Click on Community, select Resources then attend Silver Rate. Here, you’ll find the state-wise silver rates for the day.

✅ How am I able to invest in Silver ETFs?

Silver ETFs, of the US market, is available for purchase on Private Direct, Kotak Mahindra, and HDFCs International Trading accounts.

✅ What’s the minimum purchase amount for silver futures on the MCX?

One can trade a minimum of 100 gms of silver on the MCX.