Silver Rate in Kakinada

Today’s Silver Rate Per 10 Gram in India
Gold 22 Karat
45,690Per 10g of 22k Gold

Silver Rate in Kakinada

Silver Rate in KakinadaSilver Rate in Kakinada today is ₹ 73.2, and for the Silver bar, the price is ₹ 73,200.

Silver is considered in both precious metal and base metal in India. Indians mostly used silver for investment and jewellery. Indians usually gift silver jewellery at festivals and weddings. The white metal is also used for widely used for silverware, mirrors, electrical cables and batteries, dental alloys, and anti-bacterial medications in Kakinada.

Silver Rate in Kakinada is starting to increase again as there was a fall in silver prices due to the covid situation. There are many factors affecting the Silver Rate in Kakinada viz supply and demand of silver, Technology, Inflation, Silver Scraps, Economic Trend, The Central Bank of India, other precious metal prices, etc.

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Kakinada Silver Rate Today

Silver Price in Kakinada

Silver Price Trend in Kakinada


✅ What would Silver cost in 10 years?

According to World Bank, Silver is estimated to cost around Rs 1500 in 10 years. This makes Silver worthy of investment.

✅ Is there a downside to investing in Silver compared to Gold?

The only flaw would be the profit margin, but the silver is less expensive, so you can buy it in larger quantities to cover it; thus, there is no downside to investing in silver.

What is the current Silver Bar Rate in Kakinada?

The current Silver Rate in Kakinada is ₹ 73.2, making the (1 kg) Silver bar ₹ 73,200.