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Silver Rate in Madhya Pradesh

Silver is one of the significant segments of money-related stores on a worldwide scale. The cost of silver relies upon numerous components like falling modern interest, gold-to-silver proportion, etc. International components, cash rates, import obligations, exchange approaches, gold costs notwithstanding silver merchants, purifiers, gems architects, merchandisers, and market mediators assume a part in value changes of the white metal.

Silver is one of the pursued valuable metals in Silver Rates in Madhya Pradesh in different structures. Silver coins are more well-known vehicles of the venture. Authentic evaluation or evaluation 925 involving 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper through real adornments is famous. People adornments made of silver among the country people have broadly sought after.

Silver Price In Madhya Pradesh for Last 10 Days

Date Silver (1 gram) Bar Silver (1 Kg)
31-Mar-21 ₹ 67.3 ₹ 67,300
30-Mar-21 ₹ 68.5 ₹ 68,500
29-Mar-21 ₹ 69.3 ₹ 69,300
28-Mar-21 ₹ 69.3 ₹ 69,300
27-Mar-21 ₹ 69.3 ₹ 69,300
26-Mar-21 ₹ 69.5 ₹ 69,500
25-Mar-21 ₹ 69.4 ₹ 69,400
24-Mar-21 ₹ 69.7 ₹ 69,700
23-Mar-21 ₹ 70.4 ₹ 70,400
22-Mar-21 ₹ 71.8 ₹ 71,800

Silver as an investment

For some purchasers in Madhya Pradesh, silver or ‘helpless man’s gold is a significant valuable metal that is viable support against generally speaking expansion. Silver bars and coins are the most mainstream types of speculation. a few adornments presentations are routinely held across Madhya Pradesh offering a wide assortment of conventional gems plans and modified pieces.

Actual silver: Silver in Madhya Pradesh is quite pursued as 1 kg bars and coins. Different types of silver gems, including yet not restricted to, sanctuary adornments other than curios are generally sold and purchased. Silver articles implied for favorable events are likewise well known notwithstanding unpredictable and antique flatware among others.

Silver contracts: Customers can exchange Multi Commodity Exchange, National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange, and National Spot Exchange. Clients can look over different sizes of agreements on MCX and can profit by low affect costs. MCX Silver prospects contract December 2015 fell by 8.25% to Rs.33,480 per kg in November.

Availability of Silver in India

India’s significant silver source is through imports, however, we have a couple of silver mines in Rajasthan and Jharkhand. Silver is determined as a result while the extraction of lead, zinc, copper, and gold minerals.

Mexico positions number one in silver creation, trailed by Peru, Australia, China, Chile, and a couple of something else. Since the last part of the 1970s, silver creation has outperformed requests, bringing about rising silver costs. In India, as silver interest is principally met through imports, worldwide interest supply factors impact its cost extraordinarily. Cycles are set up to expand silver and gold recuperation during copper extraction.

Silver Market in Madhya Pradesh

Silver is a generally bought valuable metal in each family of Madhya Pradesh. In spite of the fact that they are fundamentally bought as gems, puja articles and family things are additionally a portion of the silver articles purchased by shoppers. Silver has demonstrated to be solid speculation, giving consistent returns throughout the long term.

Buying silver

There is no shortage of gems stores in India. Silver gems and family things are broadly accessible in pretty much every gems store here. Silver adornments is normally worn by ladies and men in India. Youngsters are especially embellished with silver adornments like anklets, wristbands and studs.

Silver isn’t exorbitant; consequently it is known as ‘the helpless man’s gold.’ Silver adornments is modest and not as costly as gold or platinum gems. They’re snappy to make and accompany heaps of alluring plans. Individuals pick silver on the entirety of their adornments things in view of their reasonableness.

The disadvantage to purchasing silver adornments is the high charges and the low resale quality for your old silver gems. This outcomes in a generous misfortune, regardless of whether you intend to sell or exchange your old silver gems or parts.

Interest in Silver Coins in Madhya Pradesh

Silver is otherwise called a dazzling blessing. Indians trade presents for extraordinary events in their lives. With regards to birthday celebrations, wedding festivities, house-warming capacities, get-togethers, corporate presents, and some more, silver coins are among the most well-known selections of presents for all. Silver coins, similar to silver adornments or different things, are additionally promptly accessible. You can get it from any of the gems stores. Confirmed and checked silver coins from mailing stations and banks can likewise be bought.

Albeit Silver Coins is an engaging decision for presents, when you go to exchange them, they are not valuable by the same token. A few sums are deducted as abundance and the things you need to purchase are constantly charged a premium. Silver coins are in this manner not an alluring decision for some.


Trend of Silver Rate in Madhya Pradesh for February 2021 

Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
February 1 Rate Rs.78,100 per kg
February 28 Rate Rs.67,500 per kg
Highest Rate in February Rs.78,100 per kg on 1 February
Lowest Rate in February Rs.67,300 per kg on 5 February
Overall Monthly Performance Decline
Percentage Change -13.57%

Trend of Silver Rate in Madhya Pradesh for January 2021 

Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
January 1 Rate Rs.72,000 per kg
January 31 Rate Rs.69,800 per kg
Highest Rate in January Rs.74,500 per kg on 8 January
Lowest Rate in January Rs.63,900 per kg on 9 January
Overall Monthly Performance Decline
Percentage Change -3.05%

Trend of Silver Rate in Madhya Pradesh for December 2020

Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
December 1 Rate Rs.64,600 per kg
December 31 Rate Rs.72,300 per kg
Highest Rate in December Rs.73,600 per kg on 22 December
Lowest Rate in December Rs.63,400 per kg on 10 December
Overall Monthly Performance Incline
Percentage Change 11.92%

Trend of Silver Rate in Madhya Pradesh for November 2020 

Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
November 1 Rate Rs.60,100 per kg
November 30 Rate Rs.64,700 per kg
Highest Rate in November Rs.67,700 per kg on 18 November
Lowest Rate in November Rs.60,100 per kg on 1 November
Overall Monthly Performance Incline
Percentage Change 7.65%

Trend of Silver Rate in Madhya Pradesh for October 2020 

Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
October 1 Rate Rs.60,700 per kg
October 31 Rate Rs.61,000 per kg
Highest Rate in October Rs.63,500 per kg on 21 October
Lowest Rate in October Rs.60,210 per kg on 8 October
Overall Monthly Performance Incline
Percentage Change 0.49%

Trend of Silver Rate in Madhya Pradesh for September 2020 

Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
September 1 Rate Rs.76,500 per kg
September 30 Rate Rs.62,500 per kg
Highest Rate in September Rs.76,500 per kg on 1 September
Lowest Rate in September Rs.58,500 per kg on 24 September
Overall Monthly Performance Decline
Percentage Change -18.30%

Trend of Silver Rate in Madhya Pradesh for August 2020 

Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
August 1 Rate Rs.65,010 per kg
August 31 Rate Rs.66,370 per kg
Highest Rate in August Rs.76,520 per kg on 8 August
Lowest Rate in August Rs.65,010 per kg on 1 and 13 August
Overall Monthly Performance Incline
Percentage Change 2.09%

Trend of Silver Rate in Madhya Pradesh for July 2020 

Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
July 1 Rate Rs.48,560per kg
July 31 Rate Rs.63,010 per kg
Highest Rate in July Rs.66,010 per kg on 30 July
Lowest Rate in July Rs.48,510 per kg on 5 July
Overall Monthly Performance Incline
Percentage Change 29.75%

Trend of Silver Rate in Madhya Pradesh for June 2020 

Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
June 1 Rate Rs.50,120 per kg
June 30 Rate Rs.48,510 per kg
Highest Rate in June Rs.50,160 per kg on 2 June
Lowest Rate in June Rs.47,110 per kg on 16 June
Overall Monthly Performance Decline
Percentage Change -3.21%

Trend of Silver Rate in Madhya Pradesh for May 2020 

Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
May 1 Rate Rs.42,530 per kg
May 31 Rate Rs.50,100 per kg
Highest Rate in May Rs.51,400 per kg on 25 May
Lowest Rate in May Rs.41,010 per kg on 2 May
Overall Monthly Performance Incline
Percentage Change 17.79%
  • In Madhya Pradesh, the white metal rates had commenced the month being evaluated at Rs.42,530 per kg and afterward went through a lot of variances all through the remainder of the month. With a lot of pressures springing up across the world, the allure of silver as a place of refuge had begun to increment. During the primary seven-day stretch of May, subsequent to having opened at Rs.42,530 per kg, the paces of the valuable metal had plunged over Rs.1,000 per kg. The paces of the metal had expanded after a plunge during the last meeting as the U.S. had delivered frail financial information and this had underscored the effect of the Coronavirus. Financial backers all over the world were hanging tight for the U.S. to deliver its jobless cases report. The principal seven-day stretch of the month had finished with the metal remaining at Rs.43,510 per kg.The following week commenced with the metal being sold at Rs.43,610 per kg. 10 May and 11 May had seen the paces of a silver plunge to Rs.43,090 per kg. The costs had fallen as the U.S. dollar acquired from a quick place of refuge purchasing. This was driven by the feelings of trepidation of one more conceivable rush of the Covid affecting the economy. By 15 May, the paces of the metal had expanded to Rs.43,160 per kg. The costs of the white metal had expanded and the cost climb was driven by the expanding U.S.- China pressures. On 16 May, silver remained at Rs.46,900 per kg. The ascent in cost had again been driven by the exchange strains between the two nations and this had added to the developing feelings of trepidation over the worldwide economy debilitating.The silver rates during in the third seven day stretch of the month in this state had commenced at Rs.43,160 and had then ascended to Rs.46,900. The with costs had been ascending as the week progressed, and the week had shut with the metal being valued at Rs.48,200 per kg. The expansion in costs is a result of the U.S. occupations information which showed a powerless economy. The pressures of the US-China exchange relations had additionally prompted the allure of place of refuge metal.By 24 May, the metal had been exchanging at Rs.48,360 per kg. The paces of silver had arrived at its most noteworthy point for May by 25 May 2020. On this day, the metal cost had expanded by Rs.3,040 and remained at Rs.51,400 per kg. The costs had edged higher as a result of the worries over the pressures between the U.S. furthermore, China. This had negatively affected the financial backers’ danger hunger. The rates had then dropped by Rs.3,400 to Rs.48,000 per kg by 26 May. The cost had expanded by Rs.700 to Rs.48,700 per kg by 27 May, and 28 May had seen the paces of the metal plunge by Rs.790 to Rs.47,910 per kg. May had reached a conclusion with the white metal being evaluated at Rs.50,100 per kg.

Trend of Silver Rate in Madhya Pradesh for April 2020 (rates per kg)

Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
April 1 Rate Rs.40,500 per kg
April 30 Rate Rs.41,520 per kg
Highest Rate in April Rs.42,710 per kg on 21 April
Lowest Rate in April Rs.40,360 per kg on 6 April
Overall Monthly Performance Incline
Percentage Change 2.51%
  • The price of metal for the month of April increased by 2.51%. Silver prices stood at Rs.40,500 per kg. This was the price of one kilogram of the white metal for five days. From the first five days of the month, Madhya Pradesh saw the rates of silver remain steady at Rs.40,500 per kg. However, on the sixth day of the month, silver had touched the lowest price for April at Rs.40,360. The drop in the price of the white metal was due to the strengthening of the U.S. dollar and global equities. The fall in the number of deaths due to Coronavirus also played a role in the fall of the silver prices. Many investors across the world had started to hedge risks ahead of a long May Day weekend followed by the meeting of a few top oil producers who wanted to stem the market slump by working towards improving the risk sentiment and hoping the coronavirus would soon come to an end.
  • Global market performance instilled fears of a global economic recession led by the wide-spread coronavirus. This led to the increase in the price of the white metal as investors turned towards safe havens such as silver. Weak manufacturing data released by the U.S. and the low retail sales also played a role in traders moving away from riskier assets.
  • By the second week of April, silver prices again began to surge, remaining at Rs.41,100 for three consecutive days as the long weekend loomed ahead of the Good Friday holiday. There was also an easing of the US dollar, as the US Federal Reserve released the stimulus measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the OPEC meet, and increasing worries about the global economy delaying to get back to normal very slowly as Covid-19 continued to force the economy to struggle. This led the investors to turn to precious metals as a safe haven investment in the face of increasing volatility around the economy and equities which helped to keep prices steady.
  • By the third week of the month, prices remained unsteady, with the highest price point for the month of April being Rs.42,710 per kg on 21 April. The rise was driven by fears of a global recession continuing while Trump’s announcement of the economy reopening helped to drive prices down.
  • By the end of the month, prices of oil fell drastically, leading to further volatility in equities which led to a steadying of prices of the white metal as investors looked to it as a safer option. Overall, the trend for silver in the month of April was an incline with a percentage change of 2.51%.

Trend of Silver Rate in Madhya Pradesh for March 2020 (rates per kg)

Parameters Silver Price (per kg
March 1 Rate Rs.47,400 per kg
March 31 Rate Rs.40,500 per kg
Highest Rate in March Rs.50,700 per kg on 6 March
Lowest Rate in March Rs.37,800 per kg on 19 March
Overall Monthly Performance Decline
Percentage Change -14.5%
  • On 1 March 2020, the prices of silver in Madhya Pradesh was at Rs.47,400 per kg. Silver prices did not change when compared to 29 February 2020. However, silver rates jumped to Rs.48,500 for a kg on 2 March 2020.
  • The prices of silver jumped over the course of the first week. Traders all over the world anticipating a reduction in interest rates by the US Federal Reserve was the main reason for the prices to increase. In the first week of March, silver hit its highest rate for the month and was at Rs.50,700 on 6 March 2020.
  • After hitting its highest rate for the month, the prices of silver declined continuously until 19 March 2020. The main reasons for the drop in prices were the coronavirus outbreak and a strong dollar. On 19 March 2020, silver hit its lowest rate for the month and was at Rs.37,800 for a kg.
  • Over the last eight days of the month, no changes were made to the prices of silver. Several measures were introduced by the US Federal Reserve to help the economy during the coronavirus outbreak. Silver closed the month at Rs.40,500 for a kg. Overall, silver prices in Madhya Pradesh saw a 14.5% decline in March.

Trend of Silver Rate in Madhya Pradesh for February 2020 (rates per kg)

Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
February 1 Rate Rs.50,300 per kg
February 29 Rate Rs.47,400 per kg
Highest Rate in February Rs.52,900 per kg on 24 February
Lowest Rate in February Rs.47,400 per kg on 29 February
Overall Monthly Performance Decline
Percentage Change -5.76%
  • Silver opened on a relatively high price of Rs.50,300 per kg because of its appeal as a safe haven increasing with worries of the coronavirus outbreak affecting stock markets globally.
  • The white metal hit its highest price on 24 February at Rs.52,900 per kg as the World Health Organisation announced the coronavirus outbreak as a global emergency, thus increasing the appeal of silver even more with Asian currencies and global currencies getting hit significantly.
  • By the end of the month, being a leap year, on 29 February silver hit its lowest at Rs.47,400 as equities got sold aggressively around the world with the coronavirus spreading beyond China’s borders to six more countries.
  • The overall trend in February was –5.76% due to the impact of the coronavirus on the global economy and stock markets.

Trend of Silver Rate in Madhya Pradesh for January 2020 (rates per kg)

Parameters Silver Price (per kg)
January 1 Rate Rs.50,300 per kg
January 31 Rate Rs.50,200 per kg
Highest Rate in January Rs.52,600 per kg on 8 January
Lowest Rate in January Rs.49,200 per kg on 30 January
Overall Monthly Performance Decline
Percentage Change -0.19%
  • Silver price stood at Rs.50,300 per kg on 1 January in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Compared to the previous month’s closing prices, the rates slipped by Rs.600 per kg.
  • Due to the ongoing tensions between the United States and Iran, the rates of silver recorded its highest for the month in the state on 8 January. A kilo of the white metal was traded for Rs.52,600 per kg on that mentioned date.
  • The rates of the precious metal fluctuated a lot as investors feared that the demand for the metal would drop given the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus in China. Due to such concerns, investors shifted to the bullion as a safe haven asset.
  • Silver’s overall performance in the state showed a declining trend of 0.19% over the month. It was accounted to the metal taking a hit in its demand due to tensions in Middle East and the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring coronavirus as a global epidemic. The rates closed the month in the state at Rs.50,200 per kg.

How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Madhya Pradesh?

Buying silver is a luxury and taxes from luxury are an important source of income to the government.

The mandatory tax levied by the government is 3% GST that has been applied from 2017 when GST was first introduced.

Other charges that are also factored in on the silver rate in Maharashtra are charges that differ from jeweller to jeweller, transportation costs and making charges.

Therefore, tax on silver rate in Maharashtra is imposed on per kg of purchase of silver.

Sometimes different materials are utilized in a silver article like in a pen, a top off is utilized. In some cases wooden, marble base are utilized for Silver Idols. The expense of such materials is by and large remembered for the work cost or perhaps determined independently.

Bundling cost: Silver is an extravagance blessing and each extravagance blessing merits unique bundling. The expense of bundling will rely upon the sort of bundling accessible. A legitimate bundling will improve the estimation of the Silver Gift.

What makes the Silver Rate in Madhya Pradesh increase or decrease?

India’s silver costs are driven primarily by silver costs universally. The effect of silver costs globally and in India on costs at Madhya Pradesh is in this manner informative.

Silver stores in Australia, Bolivia, Mexico and Kazakhstan are concentrated. This may drive up the silver cost in supply aggravations in both of these significant mines, as silver is still truly defenseless against request unsettling influences.

Worldwide interest and supply: Global interest increment, expanded efficiency and new assembling plants will drive up costs as request increments. This is mostly on the grounds that silver creation presently outperforms supply.

Spot cost of silver: Finally, the spot cost of silver likewise affects the exchanging of silver wagers. On the off chance that the merchants are excessively long on the stock, they help to assemble a value cap, while a lot of the net shorts on the stock seem to make a story at the cost of silver.

What are the various measuring units of Silver in Madhya Pradesh?

A silver alloy is a metal that contains silver and at least one extra metals. Since silver is an extremely delicate metal and profoundly responsive to the air, it is ordinarily utilized as an alloy. For eg: Sterling Silver is a silver composite with 92.5% Silver (by weight) and 7.5% (by weight) different metals, typically Copper. So 100 grams of Sterling Silver will contain 92.5 grams silver and 7.5 grams copper.

A useful definition is that it is the heaviness of the silver that is available in the silver article. For the most part silver articles are constantly made of silver. For eg. Flatware like a silver glass. All things considered load of the entire glass is weight of silver. Anyway there are numerous articles which just utilize silver to a limited extent. For Eg. A silver pen. In the event of the silver pen, just the external body is comprised of Silver and the inward design is made of various metals and materials. For this situation Silver Weight is viewed as the heaviness of the external body as it were. I. e. Weight of just those parts which are really made of silver.

How to check Silver purity in Madhya Pradesh?

100% Pure Silver is too delicate to even consider creating a useful item. In this manner, a composite of Silver and different metals like Copper is utilized to invigorate the item. It doesn’t anyway impact the presence of the item.

Silver Purity alludes to the rate substance of Silver in the said thing. For eg. A 92.5% Pure Silver Pen contains 92.5% Silver and 7.5% different metals.

In India, silver adornments and things are accessible in numerous standard virtue levels. These are acknowledged by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) too. Kindly allude to the Silver Purity and Standards Table above.

The overall acknowledged standard is the Sterling Silver or 92.5% Purity Silver. Anything over that is clearly better. Anyway because of old exchange rehearses you’ll frequently track down that, in India, silver articles are by and large accessible with virtue beneath real silver. Not many gem specialists and silver vendors are keeping silver norms and making silver gems and articles with at any rate 92.5% virtue. In Indian market, you are charged the market cost of 100% silver for

silver virtue of above 80%. You get a rebate in the 100% market cost

of Silver on the off chance that you purchase a lower virtue thing. Anyway, you need to pay an imprint

up of 15% to 20% on genuine virtue. So it’s in every case best to purchase the

most noteworthy virtue conceivable. All silver things can have their immaculateness guaranteed. The most ideal path is to stamp it with BIS Hallmark.

Where to purchase silver in Madhya Pradesh?

Anyone that gives you a BIS Hallmark guarantee will purchase platinum. This is the only way to ensure that you are not fooled. In the shape of a favourite jeweller, there are several choices for online salespeople. Silver imprints were embraced in 2005 by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The immaculateness of silver shifts and its best quality is 9999. Ordinary markers in the BIS Recognized Checking and Hallmarking Centers are imprinted in the silver and silver combinations. 5 characteristics of platinum, including

BIS mark


Examine focus’ distinguishing proof imprint

Year of checking

Jeweller’s/maker’s ID mark

Web-based purchasing openings: There are really numerous online shops offering silver with different purities. In spite of the fact that shopping online is simple, you should be cautious just to purchase from confided in approved vendors on account of the impressive potential for silver extortion and debasement.

✅ What are some factors affecting silver rates in India?

Silver rates in India are primarily determined by industrial demand, investment demand, import costs & Rupee Vs. Dollar rates.

✅ What are the disadvantages of investing in silver jewellery?

The major disadvantage of purchasing silver jewellery is that a considerable amount of money is wasted when you exchange or resell the silver jewellery items. Also, you have to pay making charges and wastage for the new items you are going to purchase.

✅ Where can I buy Silver Futures in India?

Silver futures are traded on the National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL).

✅ What is the minimum quantity of silver to be bought on the NSEL?

The minimum trading quantity is one lot of 100 demated units of E-Silver, which is equivalent to 100 grams of silver.

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