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Today’s Silver Rate Per 10 Gram in India
Gold 22 Karat
45,690Per 10g of 22k Gold

Silver Rate in Meghalaya

It has a buying status equivalent to gold under attractive conditions. In India, ladies have shown their inclination for silver adornments. In each Indian home, silver puja articles have consistently been given an exceptional spot. As of late, silver blessings have discovered a part in ‘Corporate Gifting’ due to their moderateness and accessibility.

Silver rate in Meghalaya is ₹ 68.7. The referenced Silver rate is the current 925 Silver rate in Meghalaya. We as a whole realize the 925 Silver is otherwise called real silver. How about we see the live Silver value, request and how they determined.

Additionally in numerous businesses, silver is an essential part. It is utilized in the creation of the most well-known electronic gadgets, for example, mobile phones and tablets. Silver is additionally a key fixing utilized in the production of sunlight based photovoltaic cells utilized by the car and sun powered boards industry.

Indian silver costs are exceptionally subject to unfamiliar costs, which will in general vary significantly consistently. The estimation of the US dollar versus the Indian rupee is likewise an unforeseen matter.

Silver Mining in India

India’s significant silver source is through imports, however we have a couple of silver mines in Rajasthan and Jharkhand. Silver is inferred as a result while extraction of lead, zinc, copper and gold metals.

Mexico positions number one in silver creation on the planet, trailed by Peru, Australia, China, Chile and a couple of something else. Since the last part of the 1970s, silver creation has outperformed request, bringing about rising silver costs. In India, as silver interest is basically met through imports, worldwide interest supply factors impact its cost enormously. Cycles are set up to expand silver and gold recuperation during copper extraction.

Silver Market in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is one of North Eastern India’s most wonderful states. The state has a calm and quiet climate and has an assortment of clans, including Garo, Khasi and Jaintia, to be recognized.

They enhance themselves with perfectly made gems made of gold and silver. Their dazzlingly created ‘Pansngiat’, a silver crown, is a stunning piece of gems. Females additionally wear other adornments pieces like hoops, accessories, bangles and anklets, that are planned in gold and silver.

The gem retailers in Meghalaya are many. In pretty much every adornments store here, silver gems and family pieces are promptly accessible. People in Meghalaya utilize conventional silver gems. Youngsters are designed with silver diamonds like anklets, arm bands, and studs specifically.

Silver is generally less expensive and effectively accessible. Silver gems are extremely economical and not so particularly rich as gold or platinum. They come in numerous appealing plans and are not difficult to make. Due to their moderateness, individuals lean toward silver on a significant number of their gems things.

The disadvantage to buying silver adornments is that your old silver gems has an excessive cost and a helpless selling cost. This outcomes in a major misfortune, regardless of whether your old silver gems or pieces are being utilized or sold.

Silver Rates In Meghalaya for Last 90 Days

31 Mar 2021

Date 1 gram Bar Silver 1KG
31/03/2021 63.91 62,913
30/03/2021 64.23 64,231
29/03/2021 65.11 65,102
28/03/2021 65.11 65,102
27/03/2021 65.84 64,845
26/03/2021 66.52 65,512
25/03/2021 65.4 65,392
24/03/2021 65.21 65,203
23/03/2021 67.82 66,817
22/03/2021 68.26 68,253
21/03/2021 68.16 68,157
20/03/2021 68.12 68,119
19/03/2021 68.89 67,890
18/03/2021 69.57 68,569
17/03/2021 67.35 67,350
16/03/2021 68.14 68,141
15/03/2021 68.53 67,530
14/03/2021 68.53 67,529
13/03/2021 67.43 67,430
12/03/2021 68.94 67,942
11/03/2021 68.08 68,076
10/03/2021 68.01 68,007
09/03/2021 66.14 66,133
08/03/2021 66.24 66,236
07/03/2021 66.24 66,236
06/03/2021 66.14 66,139
05/03/2021 66.82 65,815
04/03/2021 69.79 68,788
03/03/2021 70.44 70,439
02/03/2021 70.65 69,648
01/03/2021 70.4 70,400
28/02/2021 70.4 70,400
27/02/2021 70.01 70,010
26/02/2021 72.02 72,021
25/02/2021 72.27 72,274
24/02/2021 72.5 71,499
23/02/2021 73.77 72,772
22/02/2021 71.94 70,944
21/02/2021 71.94 70,941
20/02/2021 71.87 70,866
19/02/2021 71.22 71,220
18/02/2021 71.22 71,220
17/02/2021 71.22 71,220
16/02/2021 71.22 71,220
15/02/2021 71.22 71,220
14/02/2021 71.22 71,220
13/02/2021 71.02 71,016
12/02/2021 70.3 70,305
11/02/2021 71.67 70,669
10/02/2021 71.2 71,204
09/02/2021 72.72 71,719
08/02/2021 70.26 70,258
07/02/2021 70.21 70,205
06/02/2021 70.2 70,198
05/02/2021 69.79 68,791
04/02/2021 70.87 69,875
03/02/2021 69.44 69,439
02/02/2021 76.75 75,743
01/02/2021 65.99 64,992
31/01/2021 65.99 64,992
30/01/2021 65.99 64,992
29/01/2021 65.99 64,992
28/01/2021 65.99 64,992
27/01/2021 65.99 64,992
26/01/2021 65.99 64,992
25/01/2021 65.99 64,992
24/01/2021 65.99 64,992
23/01/2021 65.99 64,992
22/01/2021 65.99 64,992
21/01/2021 65.99 64,992
20/01/2021 65.99 64,992
19/01/2021 65.99 64,992
18/01/2021 65.99 64,992
17/01/2021 65.96 64,964
16/01/2021 65.95 64,956
15/01/2021 67.22 67,218
14/01/2021 67.73 66,732
13/01/2021 67.93 66,926
12/01/2021 66.03 66,027
11/01/2021 67.9 66,894
10/01/2021 67.9 66,894
09/01/2021 66.63 65,624
08/01/2021 72.67 71,667
07/01/2021 71.94 70,941
06/01/2021 72.26 72,257
05/01/2021 71.18 71,176
04/01/2021 69.15 69,149
03/01/2021 69.15 69,149
02/01/2021 69.15 69,149

Historical Price of Silver Rate In Meghalaya

Trend of Silver Rate in Meghalaya for October 2020 


Silver Rates 1 gram 1 Kg
October 1st Rate 63.22 63,220
October 31th Rate 62.67 61,669
Highest October Rate 66.11 66,106
Lowest October Rate 62.67 61,669

Trend of Silver Rate in Meghalaya for November 2020 

Silver Rates 1 gram 1 Kg
November 1st Rate 58.36 58,356
November 30th Rate 63.26 63,258
Highest November Rate 64.91 63,909
Lowest November Rate 58.36 58,356

Trend of Silver Rate in Meghalaya for December 2020 

Silver Rates 1 gram 1 Kg
December 1st Rate 70.51 69,512
December 31th Rate 60.85 59,848
Highest December Rate 70.51 69,512
Lowest December Rate 60.85 59,848

Trend of Silver Rate in Meghalaya for March 2021 

Silver Rates 1 gram 1 Kg
March 1st Rate 63.91 62,913
March 31th Rate 70.4 70,400
Highest March Rate 70.44 70,439
Lowest March Rate 63.91 62,913

The trend of Silver Rate in Meghalaya for February 2021 

Silver Rates 1 gram 1 Kg
February 1st Rate 70.4 70,400
February 28th Rate 65.99 64,992
Highest February Rate 76.75 75,743
Lowest February Rate 65.99 64,992

Trend of Silver Rate in Meghalaya for January 2021 

Silver Rates 1 gram 1 Kg
January 1st Rate 65.99 64,992
January 31th Rate 69.92 68,922
Highest January Rate 72.26 72,257
Lowest January Rate 65.95 64,956

The trend of Silver Rate in Meghalaya for September 2020 

Silver Rates 1 gram 1 Kg
September 7th Rate 64.26 64,264
September 30th Rate 71.16 71,160
Highest September Rate 72.92 71,920
Lowest September Rate 60.21 60,209

What makes Silver Rates in Meghalaya increase or decrease?

Many factors are responsible for silver rates to fluctuate within the country. Different cities in fact have different reasons why silver rate change.

  • The main reasons causing silver rates to move is demand from the public. If the demand for silver increases, the price also rises and if the demand decreases, the prices drop, as the law of demand and supply.
  • Economic policies by the state, rate at which taxes are imposed, other costs that are factored in during the purchase of silver may increase or decrease silver prices.
  • If the use of silver by the industrial sector increases, silver rates are affected.
  • Silver rate in Maharashtra today per gram is impacted by the rupee on dollar strength.
  • Any change in policies on a nation level can impact both, the gold and silver rates severely.

What are the various measuring units of Silver in Meghalaya?

For standard buying and selling of metals, it is important to measure them by a standard measurement. Like gold, silver too has a similar form of measurement.

This measuring unit is named as troy ounce. Other measurements are kilograms, tolas, gram etc. Decipher for these metrics for silver in Maharashtra are: 1 Troy ounce equals 31.1035 gram. 1 tonne equals 1000 kilogram and 1 tola is 12 masha or 11.67 gram.

How much is the Tax Levied on Silver Rate in Meghalaya?

There are many taxes that are imposed on the purchase of silver in Meghalaya. Buying silver is a luxury and taxes from luxury are an important source of income to the government.

The mandatory tax levied by the government is 3% GST that has been applied from 2017 when GST was first introduced.

Other charges that are also factored in on the silver rate in Maharashtra are charges that differ from jeweller to jeweller, transportation costs and making charges.

Therefore, tax on silver rate in Maharashtra is imposed on per kg of purchase of silver.

How to check Silver purity in Meghalaya?

Purity of silver can be checked by tools used to differentiate pure silver with silver coating.

Pure silver rate in Meghalaya is fixed on products that have purity level of 94.79% mixed with other alloys. These alloys can be electrum, copper or platinum.

A local way to check purity in silver is by using a magnet. If magnet sticks to the steel then, the steel is pure and if it doesn’t the steel is supposed to be impure.

Apart from this trick, you may also check with silver outlets on whether silver is pure or your metal has been only coated with silver.

Where to purchase silver in Meghalaya?

Anyone that gives you a BIS Hallmark guarantee will purchase platinum. This is the only way to ensure that you are not fooled. In the shape of a favourite jeweller, there are several choices for online salespeople. Silver imprints were embraced in 2005 by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The immaculateness of silver shifts and its best quality is 9999. Ordinary markers in the BIS Recognized Checking and Hallmarking Centers are imprinted in the silver and silver combinations. 5 characteristics of platinum, including

BIS mark


Examine focus’ distinguishing proof imprint

Year of checking

Jeweller’s/maker’s ID mark

Web-based purchasing openings: There are really numerous online shops offering silver with different purities. In spite of the fact that shopping online is simple, you should be cautious just to purchase from confided in approved vendors on account of the impressive potential for silver extortion and debasement.


✅ What is the price of silver in Meghalayatoday?

Today, the silver price per gram in Meghalaya is INR 67.30, today’s silver price per tola in Meghalaya is INR 784.97, silver price per ounce today in Meghalaya is INR 2,093.26, today’s silver price per kilogram in Meghalaya is INR 67,300.00. Today, the silver price per 10 grams in Meghalaya is INR 673.00, today’s silver price per sovereign in Meghalaya is INR 538.40, silver price per ten tola today in Meghalaya is INR 7,849.74 and today’s silver price per pavan in Meghalaya is INR 538.40.

✅ What was the price of silver in Meghalaya yesterday?

Yesterday, the silver price per gram in Meghalaya was INR 69.30, yesterday’s silver price per tola in Meghalaya was INR 808.30, silver price per ounce yesterday in Meghalaya was INR 2,155.47, yesterday’s silver price per kilogram in Meghalaya was INR 69,300.00. Yesterday, the silver price per 10 grams in Meghalaya was INR 693.00, yesterday’s silver price per sovereign in Meghalaya was INR 554.40, silver price per ten tola yesterday in Meghalaya was INR 8,083.02 and yesterday’s silver price per pavan in Meghalaya was INR 554.40.

✅ What is the silver rate in Meghalaya in US Dollars?

Silver rate per kilogram in Meghalaya in US Dollars is USD 978.67 and silver price per gram in Meghalaya in US Dollars is USD 0.98. Standard silver rate in Meghalaya per ounce is 30.44 US Dollars and the silver price per tola in Meghalaya is 11.42 US Dollars.

✅ What is the price of silver bars, biscuits and coins in Meghalaya?

1 kg pure silver bar price in Meghalaya is 67,300.00 Indian Rupees and 10 tola pure silver biscuit rate in Meghalaya is 7,849.74 Indian Rupees. 1 oz silver bar price in Meghalaya is 2,093.26 Indian Rupees and 1 sovereign silver coin rate in Meghalaya is 538.40 Indian Rupees. Silver bars per ten tola in Meghalaya is INR 7,849.74 and silver biscuits per pavan in Meghalaya is INR 538.40. Silver coins per 10 grams in Meghalaya is INR 673.00.

✅ What was the highest and lowest silver rate in Meghalaya?

In last 1 year, the highest silver rate was recorded on 11-Aug-2020, which was as high as INR 84,900.00 per kilogram and the lowest silver rate was recorded on 31-Mar-2020, which was as low as INR 40,500.00 per kilogram. Silver price in last one year fell as low as INR 40.50 on 31-Mar-2020 per gram and the silver rate rose as high as INR 84.90 on 11-Aug-2020 per gram.

✅ How is silver measured in Meghalaya?

Jewellery shops across Meghalaya buy and sell silver in grams, tolas, sovereigns, pavans, ounces and kilograms. 1 gram of silver is equal to 1000 milligrams. 1 tola of silver is equal to 11.6638038 grams, 1 sovereign of silver is equal to 8 grams, 1 pavan of silver is equal to 8 grams, 1 ounce of silver is equal to 31.1034768 grams, 1 kg of silver is equal to 1000 grams. Silver bars are sold in kilos. Silver biscuits are sold in ounces. Silver coins are sold in grams, tolas, sovereigns or pavans.