Silver Rate in Nashik

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 Silver Rate in Nashik

silver rate in Nashik

Nasik is one of the most beautiful cities in Maharashtra. The inhabitants of Nashik buy a lot of Silver, both as a valued asset and as a safer investment. Nashik accounts for a significant portion of India’s silver trades. Silver purchasers in the city both invest in Silver and buy it in the form of jewellery.

People of all backgrounds choose to purchase Silver since it is a more inexpensive and accessible precious metal than gold. Silver is also seen as a good shield against general inflation. The silver rate in Nashik is determined by a variety of national and international geopolitical and economic variables.

Today silver rate in Nashik, Rs. 73.20/- per gram and Rs. 73,200.00/- per kilogram. Presently, the Silver rate was Rs. 73.10/- per gram and Rs. 73,100.00/- per kilogram across Nashik. The highest and lowest Silver rate in the last seven days was Rs. 76,200.00/- on 16-Jun-2021 and Rs. 73,100.00/- on 25th June 2021 respectively in Nashik per kilogram. In the previous seven days for 1 gram of Silver, the highest rate was on 16-Jun-2021, which was Rs. 76.20/- and the lowest rate was on 21-Jun-2021, which was Rs. 73.10/-. In the last three months, the highest and lowest Silver price was Rs. 78.60/- on 18-May-2021 and Rs. 67.30/- on 31-Mar-2021 respectively per gram.

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Silver price in Nashik

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✅ What is the rate of 1kg Silver in Nashik?

1 kg pure silver bar price is 73,200.00 Indian Rupees, and 10 tolas pure silver biscuit rate in Nashik is 8,526.24 Indian Rupees.

✅ What is the cheapest way to buy Silver?

Coins frequently trade for many percentage points over the market price, whereas silver bars may be purchased for pennies above the spot price. A typical silver bar sold at the site isn’t always fantastic, but it’s one of the cheapest ways to acquire silver gram for gram.

✅ Is Silver good for investment?

Silver is not a real investment because it does not provide a product or service. Silver has intrinsic worth as a precious and industrial metal. Though it’s otherwise idle, it doesn’t create anything, generates financial flow, or give a consistent income.