Silver Rate in Tirunelveli

Today’s Silver Rate Per 10 Gram in India
Gold 22 Karat
45,690Per 10g of 22k Gold

Silver Rate in Tirunelveli

Today the Silver Rate in Tirunelveli is ₹ 71.6 per gram, making it ₹ 71,600 per kg.Silver Rate in Tirunelveli

The Silver Rate in Tirunelveli keeps fluctuating currently; it’s increasing at a secured flow. Silver in India is used for jewellery; other uses include photography, silverware, and coinage. So to predict the prices of silver, you need to keep a check on news related to other metal and gold.

If the price of gold or other metal increases, the Silver Rate in Tirunelveli will follow and increase. The government policies also have a huge impact on silver prices. If the government decides to increase the interest rate, the Silver Rate in Tirunelveli will escalate, and the demand for silver also directly relates to its price. If the demand increases, the Silver Rate in Tirunelveli will increase.

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Tirunelveli Silver Rate Today

Silver Price in Tirunelveli

Silver Price Trend in Tirunelveli


✅ Would the price of a silver upswing in Tirunelveli?

It is predicted that the annual average silver price will rise 33% from last year’s price, as industrial demand is growing and investment demand is constant. In 2020, silver prices were increased by 27%.

✅ How much does a gram of silver cost in Tirunelveli?

In Tirunelveli, the current price of a gram of silver is ₹ 71.6.

✅ Is it a wise idea to invest in silver in Tirunelveli?

Silver can be used for various purposes, namely jewellery and silverware, mirrors, electrical cables and batteries, dental alloys, and anti-bacterial treatments. The Silver in Tirunelveli is considered safe due to its demand and value in the market. So silver is a good form of investment.