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Answer these Questions and Choose the Right Business Loan
Running a business is not an easy thing. It requires financial resources, human resources, idea, creativity, potential, and much more game turning factors. If you are running your own business and dreaming it to take on the heights of Everest, you must be very particular about every point regarding your business. To gain the right pace, you must have the complete financial resources that will support your business. To avail funds, you might be going to avail a loan from a bank or an NBFC. ... read more

Which one is Better for a Business Loan - a Bank or an NBFC?
Business Loan is a scheme that provides finance to maintain the right track of the business. If you are running your own business for 3 years and you need finance, then you can avail this scheme. But, when you apply for a Business Loan, you go through a lot of confusions. For example, what is the best offer? Where should I apply? Should I choose an NBFC or a Bank?     ... read more

Types of Business Loans
Types of Business Loans   Secured Business Loans: In se... read more

A Mentor to An Equity and Start up Finance
Enhancing capital to start up a business is not at all an easy task sometimes. It depends on the type of business you are going to start. Initiating a business that needs lots of capital as well as manpower usually force you to take a loan in order to fulfil all the budgetary constraints and other requirements. There are certain ways to raise capital for your business. Personal savings or savings from your partner’s income can be generated through salaries and commissions. Despite,... read more

Finance myths, which can make you lose money
Many times people carry out some beliefs about personal finances that turn out to be wrong. Although the people are very conscious about finances, yet there are some myths that have fooled many times. If a person says you that money cannot purchase love, then you will definitely get many arguable answers. It depends on a person that to believe it or not! Same as this, some myths are listed related to finance that have fooled many since long.   read more