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Introduction of the MCF Property Tax

The city’s everyday activities are funded by a property tax imposed on all properties and assets as a direct t

mcf property tax

ax to the state government. MCF, or the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad, collects property taxes in Faridabad’s urban areas. The city is divided into three different tax collection categories: NIT Zones I, II, and III, Old Zones I and II, and BLB Zones I and II. The amount of property tax paid by taxpayers varies by zone and depends on the form, size, and use of the property.

House tax payable to MCF on properties in Faridabad can be applied online.

Property tax is now payable in all Faridabad urban areas, thanks to establishing the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad (MCF). Property tax rates are dictated by the form, scale, and usage of the property. The small residence will require less tax rate than the large properties, which require a higher amount of tax rates. 

Given below are the property taxes in Faridabad –



Up to 300 sq. yard

₹ 1 per square yard

301 to 500 sq. yard

₹ 4 per square yard

501 to 1000 sq yard

₹ 6 per square yard

1001 sq. yard to 2 acres

₹ 7 per square yard

More than 2 acres

₹ 10 per square yard

MCF property tax payment measures 

Property tax in Faridabad online 

Firstly you have visited the official website of the municipal corporation. Then the necessary needed information like unique property ID or your locality property address or the owner’s name. After that, all the screens with all the information will pop up. You should check them and analyse the complete information. After all the information, press the button to pay the bill through the many options like credit card/debit card and net banking. For future reference, you can use the receipt and keep it with yourself till you needed it.

Property Tax in Faridabad offline 

In Faridabad, how do you pay your property tax?

To pay property tax in person, go to the local municipal office and send the property ID and any other required documentation to the appropriate authorities. The amount of property tax you pay will be determined by the type, scale, and use of your property. After checking the property tax, the taxpayer will pay the tax. Finally, he will provide you with a receipt for the tax you have received.   


  • A levy of the same amount will be assessed if taxpayers evade the property tax.
  • If you are paying late, you will be paying interest at the rate of 1.5 per cent per month.


  • Taxes are not levied on any property or structures used for religious purposes.


  • Families of deceased soldiers/paramilitary/freedom fighters will get a 100 percent property tax refund if the house is occupied by serving defence/paramilitary personnel or wives of paramilitary personnel.
  • A 100 percent refund is eligible for agricultural land use.
  • Other than councils, companies, undertakings, and independent entities, state government bodies are eligible for a 50 percent property tax rebate.


✅ How do I search for  MCF property tax online?

You can find information about property taxes by clicking on Search Property and Pay Taxes under the Service Icon on the website before paying taxes. If you are not happy, you may request a self-assessment of your property tax by going to MCF’s official website and entering your property details.

✅ In Faridabad, how do I figure out what my property ID is?

The property ID number appears on tax receipts from the previous year’s payments. You can also get information about your property ID by going to MCF’s official website. Now, go to the Services menu and pick Pay taxes, then ‘Check and Pay Property Tax.’

✅ How will I find out my property ID is in Faridabad?

Tax receipts from the previous year’s payments contain the property ID number. Visit MCF’s official website for more information about your property ID. Now choose Pay taxes from the utility menu, then ‘Check and Pay Property Tax.’

✅ In Faridabad, how is MCF property tax calculated?

MCF sets property tax rates for residential, manufacturing, commercial, and vacant land based on the parcel’s size. Property tax rates differ depending on the scale, form, and use of the property. Small to medium-sized self-use residential properties, for example, are taxed at a lower rate than larger commercial properties.

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