HDFC Two Wheeler Loan Warangal

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All About HDFC Two Wheeler Loan Warangal

HDFC Two Wheeler Loan Warangal

HDFC Two Wheeler Loan WarangalTwo wheeler is the best possible way to commute from one place to other. For some two-wheelers is better to afford than four-wheelers. And for some, it is a basic necessity. To get the better edge over two wheeler loan, you are at right place.

About Two Wheeler Loan

Two wheeler loans are one of the fastest ways to purchase a new two-wheeler. An individual buys a new two-wheeler after paying a down payment up front and the remaining amount in monthly installments.

Two Wheeler Loan from HDFC Bank

HDFC offers two-wheeler loans at affordable interest rates, with minimal documentation, making it a hassle-free and smooth process. It’s a dream of every other Indian citizen to afford a vehicle. While others see it as the most ideal mode of daily transport, some want to enjoy the thrill of biking across the vast and varied geographical terrain of our nation.

HDFC two-wheeler loans provide you with great supportive financial assistance to buy a two-wheeler of your choice.

Two Wheeler Loan Warangal

Warangal is the ancient city in Tamil Nadu. It is known for sacred Hindu sites. HDFC in Warangal is spreading networks across the city.

To get to know the features of two wheeler loan, keep on reading.  

Features of HDFC Two Wheeler Loan Warangal:

As two-wheeler is easy and suitable for any individual. The documentation will be simpler as compared to another vehicle. Following are the benefits of two wheeler loan:

  1. Margins: Money which you have to pay while purchasing the Two Wheeler will be the down payment, i.e. 30% of the total money.
  2. Extra costs covered: It covers up all the other cost.
  3. Tenure:  12 or 48 months will be given to the customer for the repayment and it gets extended to 5years.
  4. Credit score:  The credit score can be started with a boom with this type of loan by the individuals who are applying for a loan and also by those who are willing to buy a Two Wheeler for the first time.
  5. Interest Rates: The interest rate is 11.5% or more than that.

HDFC Two Wheeler Loan Warangal Interest Rates:

Annual Salary

Interest Rate

Less than 1 Lakh

11.70 % (Flat)

1 to 3 Lakh

10 % (Flat)

Above 3 Lakhs

8.5 % (Flat)


Eligibility for HDFC Two Wheeler Loan Warangal


  1. Minimum age of Applicant: 21 years
  2. Maximum age of Applicant: 65 years (more than 65 co-applicants is needed)
  3. Minimum employment: 1 year in current employment 2 years of employment.
  4. Minimum Income: 8000/- (Monthly)
  5. Telephone: Must at the residence


  1. Minimum age of Applicant: 25 years (less than 25 co-applicants is needed)
  2. Maximum age of Applicant: 65 years (more than 65 co-applicants is needed)
  3. Minimum employment: At least 2 years in the same business
  4. Income Status: 1-year ITR
  5. Telephone: Must at the residence

Documents Required for HDFC Two Wheeler Loan Warangal

  1. Identity proof: Passport, PAN card, Aadhar Card, Voter card
  2. Address proof: Rental Agreement, Property Purchase Document, Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, Sale Deed, Driving license, Ration card
  3. Income proof: Salaried– latest salary slips (at least 3 months), Self-Employed– a copy of the latest 2-year Income Tax return
  4. 6 months Banking statement
  5. 2 photograph.

How to Apply for HDFC Two Wheeler Loan Warangal?

Quickly check it out this link  to see what offer we provide to our buyers.

And get the motorbike or scooter as you like

You need to submit the required documents 

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