Two Wheeler Loan in Surat

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Two Wheeler Loan in Surat

All About Two Wheeler Loan in Surat

Two Wheeler Loan in Surat

Surat is a city beside the Tapti River in India. The population of Surat is 44.6 Lakhs approximately. Surat is a centre of textile industries in India. There are so many fabric shops in Surat. So if you are living in Surat and need financial aid to buy a Two-wheeler, then you can do so easily. Dialabank provides Two-wheeler loans in Surat at very low rates of interest.

What is a Two-wheeler Loan?

In a Two-wheeler loan, you get funding from a bank to buy a Two wheeler. The bank provides you funding at some rate of interest for a given period of time. For example, Karur Vysya Bank provides you with a Two-wheeler loan at very low rates of interest. Furthermore, the process of applying for a loan is very easy and simple. Rather than going to the physical bank branch, you can apply online for a Two Wheeler Loan in Surat. The process is hassle-free.

Difference between a Personal Loan and Two-wheeler Loan

I a personal loan, you get an amount of loan sanctioned by the bank for your personal reasons, but in the case of a Two-wheeler loan, the loan amount is sanctioned for a particular reason; for buying a Two wheeler. Besides that, the interest rates of a personal loan are quite high because of being an unsecured loan. So it is always wise to get a Two-wheeler loan to buy a Two-wheeler than getting a personal loan.

Eligibility for Two Wheeler Loan in Surat

The two-wheeler loan eligibility requirements are as followed:

  1. First of all, the applicant should be a resident of India.
  2. Second, the age of the applicant should be more than 18 years.
  3. Third, the applicant should have some source of income. They should be salaried or self-employed.
  4. Finally, the salary of the applicant should be Rs. 7000 per month at least.

Documents for Two Wheeler Loan in Surat

Documents required for a two-wheeler loan are as followed:

  1. Applicant should have two passports sized coloured recent photographs. Applicants should not be wearing glasses.
  2. After that, one identity proof is required. It can be an Aadhaar Card/ Voter ID card/ passport/ driving license/PAN Card).
  3. Furthermore, residence proof is also needed. It can be an Aadhaar Card/ Voter ID card/ passport/ driving license/PAN Card/ration card/ rent agreement/water bills of last six months/electricity bills of last six months).

Amount of Loan

The amount of loan provided by the bank depends on the bike or scooter you are buying. It is Rs. 20000 and can be up to Rs. 1.5 Lakhs, and can be Rs. 35 Lakhs for the super-premium bikes.

Rates of Interest for Two Wheeler Loan in Surat

Rates of interest are provided by the bank starting from 11.50% per annum. However, they depend on your income and the tenure of the loan.

How to Apply for Two Wheeler Loan in Surat?

You can easily apply for a Two-wheeler loan online at Dialabank. The process will be straightforward and hassle-free. Besides that, there is no need to go to the bank for the application process. Even more, you can check online whether you are eligible or not.
  1. First of all, visit Dialabank on google.
  2. After that, fill the online application form for the Two-wheeler loan.
  3. The form is easy and understandable.
  4. The loan will be approved very quickly and easily.
  5. Do mention your contact number to get a call from our side for any guidance.
  6. The experts will give the guidance, and it is free of cost. Dialabank would not charge you even a single rupee.
  7. For more information, you call on 9878981166.

Does CIBIL score Matter?

While getting a personal loan, your credit history doesn’t matter. You can get a personal loan even if your credit history is not good. Two-wheeler loan comes under the category of secured loan. If you don’t return your loan, the bank bounds your Two-wheelers.

Two-wheeler loan for Top selling bikes in Surat

Processing Fees / Prepayment Charges on Two-wheeler Loan Surat

The processing fee charges on a two-wheeler loan in Surat are Up to 3% of the loan amount (maximum). Prepayment Charges are Within 4 to 6 months – 10% of principal outstanding Within 7 to 12 months – 6% of principal outstanding 13-24 months – 5% of principal outstanding Post 24 months – 3% of principal outstanding. Prepayment is not allowed within three months of EMI repayment.

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Two-wheeler loan Surat Contact Number

In case of any queries regarding the two-wheeler loan in Surat, you may contact on the number 9878981166 for any assistance.

Pre Calculated EMI Table for Two-wheeler Loan Surat

Rate 5 Yrs 4 Yrs 3 Yrs
10.50% 2149 2560 3250
11.00% 2174 2584 3273
11.50% 2199 2608 3297
12.00% 2224 2633 3321
12.50% 2249 2658 3345
13.00% 2275 2682 3369
13.50% 2300 2707 3393
14.00% 2326 2732 3417
14.50% 2352 2757 3442
15.00% 2378 2783 3466

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Two-wheeler Loan EMI Calculator

FAQs for Two Wheeler Loan in Surat

✅ Why should I apply for a Two Wheeler Loan in Surat?

Owning a Two Wheeler in Surat can make you feel confident and independent. However, paying for it out of your pocket can make it a financial burden for you, and the Surat Two Wheeler loan helps you pay for the vehicle through easily affordable monthly payments.

✅ Can a Two Wheeler Loan in Surat fund my vehicle purchase completely?

Most banks in Surat offer to fund up to 85% or even 90% of the vehicle cost. However, few lenders in Surat even fund for the 100% amount but charge some additional costs and add some conditions to it.

✅ What costs will a Two Wheeler Loan in Surat cover?

A Two-Wheeler loan in Surat will cover the registration charges, insurance, as well as accessories. Moreover, you can get even more benefits in Surat if your bank has a tie-up with a particular Two Wheeler company.