Two Wheeler Loan Patna

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Two Wheeler Loan Patna

All About Two Wheeler Loan Patna

Best Banks for two-wheeler Loan in Patna

Kotak Mahindra Bank
Interest Rate
8% - 8.4 %
8.5 - 9.5 %
Min Loan Amt
Metro : 1 Lac & Non Metro: 75000
Max Loan Amt
1 Cr
1 Cr
1 Cr
Loan Tenure
Upto 7 Years
Upto 5 Years
Upto 5 Years
Processing Fee
1999 - 4999 + Tax
0.25% to 1.50%
0.25% to 1.50%
Preclosure Chgs
2%, Nil after 24 months
2%, Nil after 36 months
Loan to Value (LTV)
Upto 100% on Ex- showroom
Upto 95% on Ex- showroom
Upto 90% on Ex- showroom

Two-wheeler Loan Patna Features

Two Wheeler Loan PatnaRationalizing of buying a new two-wheeler for yourself? But are short of funds required to purchase a two-wheeler? Don’t stress! We have got all solutions to your problems for a two-wheeler loan. A two-wheeler loan requires funding aid which is provided by banks and NBFCs to the candidates at a low-cost rate of interest which in turn helps them in purchasing a two-wheeler.

Nowadays, two-wheeler is essential for everybody, but the price is increasing repeatedly. Here is when the Two-Wheeler Loan enters and satisfies the dreams of the owner to purchase a two-wheeler. The important features of a two-wheeler in Patna are mentioned below:

  • Low-interest rates are charges for two-wheeler
  • In Patna, almost all vital banks and NBFCs offer loans on a two-wheeler
  • There is a speedy and trouble-free documentation process
  • It has easy access through Dialabank to apply for a two-wheeler loan

Two-wheeler Loan Patna Interest Rate

Processing Fee
Prepayment Charges
HDFC Bank Car Loan
(1999 - 4999) + Tax
2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 24 months
Axis Bank Car Loan
1 % to 2.50%
ICICI Bank Car Loan
0.25% to 1.50%
2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 36 months
SBI Car Loan
500/- to 0.50%
Kotak Car Loan
1% to 2%
2.25% of foreclosure amount if closed 1 month ahead of the tenure.
IIFL Car Loan
Muthoot Car Loan
Manappauram Car Loan
PNB Car Loan
0.70% to 1%
Canara Bank Car Loan
Andhra Bank Car Loan

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Two-wheeler Loan Patna Documents Required

For Salaried:-

  • Bank Declaration: Last six months.
  • Verification of income: a fresh slip of 3 months wages with 16 form
  • Current Proof: PAN Id / Voter Id / Passport Copy / Telephone Bill / Driving License / Life Insurance Policy / Ration Id
  • Evidence of recognition: PAN Id, Driving License, Passport Duplicate, Voters ID Card

For Self Employed:-

  • Evidence of identity: PAN I d, Voters ID Card, Passport Duplicate, Driving License
  • Residence Proof: Telephone Bill / Passport Copy / PAN Id / Driving License / Life Insurance Policy / Voting Id
  • Evidence of Salary: New ITR
  • Bank Affirmation: Past six months.

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Two-wheeler Loan Patna Eligibility Measures

For Salaried:-

  1. Age Requirement (Minimum): 21 years
  2. Yearly Income (Minimum): Rs 1,00,000 net annual income
  3. Age at loan maturity (Maximum): 65 years
  4. Employment (Minimum): 1 year in present employment and the lowest of 2 years of employment

For Self-Employed:-

  1. Age (Minimum): 21 years
  2. Annual Income (Minimum): Net profit Rs. 60,000 p.a for regular cars and Rs.1,00,000 p.a. for mid-sized and superior two-wheelers
  3. Age at loan maturity (Maximum): 65 years
  4. Employment (Minimum): at smallest 3 years in sales

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How to register for a two-wheeler Loan in Patna?

Applying for a process of two-wheeler loan Patna is simple with DialaBank. The following steps below help to avails the best offers:

  • Hit on our website Dialabank
  • Select the option of two-wheeler loan in the menu bar
  • Fill up the particulars about the two-wheeler type and your income 
  • You need to wait until our relationship manager gets in contact with you on the number provided by you
  • You yourself can also contact the manager on 9878981166 number regarding any loan queries
  • The two-wheeler loan can also be availed offline by visiting the branch personally but can be tiring for you

Two-wheeler Loan for Major two-wheeler Manufacturers in Patna

Processing Payment / Prepayment amount on two-wheeler Loan Patna

CIBIL Score essentials for two-wheeler Loan in Patna

The Cibil score is described as what refers to an individual’s ability to pay off credits. The good credit history comes from the higher credit score which benefits the two-wheeler loan process to go smoothly and easily to be processed. The credit score of 750 and above is considered by banks and NBFCs to fast approve the loan process in Patna.

The points obviously differ from one bank to another. If an individual has a low CIBIL score than what is required, then a high rate of interest is charged on the amount of the loan. But if your CIBIL score is great then there is a low rate of interest charged. Therefore, a CIBIL score is considered an important element in a two-wheeler loan.

Two-wheeler Loan Patna Contact Number

You may reach 9878981166 number for any queries or assistance regarding the two-wheeler loan process.

Pre Estimated EMI Content for two-wheeler Loan Patna

Rate 4 yrs 3 yrs 2 yrs 1 yr
11.83% 2625 3313 4699 8876
12.00% 2633 3321 4707 8884
12.50% 2658 3345 4730 8908
13.00% 2682 3369 4754 8931
13.50% 2707 3393 4777 8955
14.00% 2732 3417 4801 8978
14.50% 2757 3442 4824 9002
15.00% 2783 3466 4848 9025
15.50% 2808 3491 4872 9049
16.00% 2834 3515 4896 9073
16.50% 2859 3540 4920 9096
17.00% 2885 3565 4944 9120

Introducing Patna

Patna is located riverside along with the southern banks of the Ganges (Ganga) river for approximately 12 miles i.e 19 km. The portion called Bankipur lies west of the old town, and further southwest is a sprawling new capital city with broad highways, shady avenues, and new buildings. Patna is one of India’s oldest urban centers. It became known as Azimabad during the Mughal era.

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