What is a Gold Loan?

Gold Loan is the fastest growing financial service in the banking industry. Majority of people have gold ornaments which are just lying in the bank lockers or at home. Thus, Loan Against Gold provides an opportunity for the people to unleash the worth of this valuable yellow metal by availing a gold loan against them.

Also, Gold Loan Interest Rate is quite affordable and less in comparison to other services like a personal loan and home loan. Moreover, the process is very simple and hassle-free. The applicant just has to put gold ornaments in the bank in return for the amount of loan. After the loan is repaid by the applicant, the bank returns the gold ornaments to the customer in the same shape. Finally, There is a lot of banking and nonbanking organizations where a customer can approach for a Loan Against Gold.

Volumes OTP SMS
(On delivery + 15 Sec SLA)
Cost GST Total Cost
25,000 SMS 0.22 + tax 5500 990 6490
50,000 SMS 0.20 + tax  0.22 + tax 10000 1800 11800
100,000 SMS 0.19 + tax  0.20 + tax 190000 34200 224200


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India has about 10% of the total gold stock of the entire world. The reason being that a majority of Indians own gold ornaments. Loan Against Gold is a service that helps people to get cash against their Gold Jewellery. The process of availing a Gold Loan is very simple.