PMO suggests creating bank of PSUs’ surplus land to set up industries

9 June 2018: The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has recommended forming the bank of surplus land pertaining to public sector units, which can be utilized for setting up of industries, besides building USSD-based resolutions for mobile phone users to access high-speed data on any phone. 
The two recommendations were part of a series of suggestions that the PMO sent to various ministries, including the communications ministry, after a session with senior and mid-level officers in April. 
“PSUs have surplus land at their disposal. A land bank of PSUs may be set up which can, in turn, be used to set up businesses in areas which need them,” the PMO said in a note on the telecom department’s (DoT) website. “Despite high mobile penetration, only 21 crore people in the country have access to high-speed data, which makes it difficult to use the various apps developed for services. USSD system is a possible solution – this can work on any phone,” the top official said. 
Within the telecom department, the suggestions or action points have been sent to several sub-sections for views and implementation, while others which do not pertain to the department have been weakened to the relevant ministry. For instance, the case of developing the USSD system has been shared with the ministry of electronics and information technology. 
The PMO has suggested that officers should take faster decisions, thus reducing delays, while keeping on priority comments on Cabinet notes and issues which need inter-ministerial consultations. 
It has also suggested giving sudden application to simplification of rules through yearly revalidation of all government circulars, besides elaborating in-house capabilities within ministries or departments to lower dependence on outside consultants.