What are the reasons to reject your life insurance claim?

12 July 2018: Life insurance is an agreement between an insurance policy holder and insurer where insurer in exchange for a premium, insurer promises to pay the particular amount as it is a secure way to get financial support in need.
1. Don't Hide any information: while filing up the form and at the time of sharing information. don't hide it anyway. Disclose all the information whether it's about your drinking smoking habits or about any disease and ailment you are suffering from.
2. Pay premiums on time 
Premiums should be paid on time or before the due date. There are some people who do not understand the need for paying premiums on time as it leads to lapsed policies And also it leads to penalty and reinstatement charges
3. Terrorist attack This is not covered by the insurance policy. If something like this happens then the insurance company will not pay the amount
4. Natural calamities If some natural calamities like flood. tsunami and earthquake occur then the insurance company will not pay you. but if you take some add-on plans then according to that  payment will be done
5. Accept medical examinations: Medical examinations has been done to examine if there is any disease. It is sponsored by The insurance company to know about your health condition 
6.Adventure sports: If anyone loses his/her life during adventure sports like bungee jumping, mountain climbing, river rafting, paragliding, skydiving, and motorboat etc then the insurance company will not pay the amount. It will lead to zero payouts
7. Update nominee information accurate: nominee information means a person who will take all the benefits from the insurance company when the time comes. If you are single or unmarried then updating your parents as the nominee is the most sensible way and if you are married then-nominee will be your children and parents. You can update nominee according to your current relationship status.