Microfinance Companies want to create a common pool for securitization

For the increase in the cash flow, microfinance firms came together to build a commonplace to securitize their assets to tackle their hurdles of the cash flow.
The smarter MFIs are aiming for creating the pool on economic scales, which will be easier for banks and NBFCs to buy. The Credit Access Grameen and a few others which are the bigger MFIs are willing to contribute to this pool.
The plan was disclosed in the meeting organized by the MFIN for its members who are facing the stresses due to the lack of cash flow from banks and NBFCs. 
The president of MFIN said that it is important to stand together to tackle all the hurdles created by the banks and NBFCs. And the Managing Director of Credit Access Grameen, one of the biggest MFI, claimed that the pool of portfolio will be created according to this plan for the small MFIs as soon as possible. The time of creating this pool will be minimum 2-3 weeks so that the stresses will get the attention as soon as possible. The bigger MFis have also agreed voluntarily so that the rating of this pool increases. 
The process of collecting the loan receivables and selling their related cash flows to the third party investors as securities, called as securitization, will increase the cash flow and fundings. This will also grant more fresh lendings from banks and NBFCs.
The biggest MFI Bharat Financial Inclusions has raised its funding to Rs 840 Crores with the help of securitizations at the time of cash crunch. While the smaller MFIs do not have the ability to create the securitization of the cash flow.
The 30 MFIs members met and presented the confidence in building the pool for securitization.
The Non-Banking Financial Companies which are facing these cash flow crisis will be able to restore the securitizations and ultimately increase their fundings. The SBI has claimed that with the proper securitization it will increase the fundings of NBFCs and other MFIs to Rs 45000 Crore.