Hero Moto Corp Sales has increased by 4%

On Thursday, two wheeler major has shown the 16.4% rise in total sales at 7,34,668 units for October. 

After making the shift towards the high capacity engines in the scooter market, Hero Moto Corp. has decided to increase their two wheeler production line up at great scale. Scooters with 125 cc which had occupied 20% of the two wheeler market so far, has got huge demand in the market due to which sales have been increased by 75% since April this year.

Subsequently, the company had made the sales of 6,31,105 units in the same month last year. In the fourth occasion in this fiscal and sixth overall, when the company has registered the sales of more than 7 lacs units of two wheelers in a single month, PTI reported.

After the launch of new Mastero Edge in the market Hero Moto Corp is confident about making the big difference in the market of scooters.  The company has occupied 60% of India’s motorcycle market. In this financial year, the company’s scooter sales growth had fallen to 12% i.e., 3.43 lakh units, whereas the scooter market has got 5 % growth in India.

With the increase in the huge demand in the scooter segment, two wheelers will be the main attraction of sales in the automobile sector. After the hike in the sales of two wheelers Hero Moto Corp. is the game changer in the market with its new two wheelers.

In the initials of this month, Hero Moto Corp. will go to break their own records of sales in comparison to the previous years.  Hero Moto Corp. is ready with new models and is going to deliver more competition in the market

With the record-breaking sales  Hero, Moto Corp. is going to get its lost position again in the market and giving huge competition in the market.