HDFC bank returns to its old mobile app version by December 4

After the disaffection showed by Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal over the new HDFC mobile app, the bank has decided to revert back to its old mobile banking app in the play store and App store.

The bank said that customers can download old version app by 5 pm on  4 December. The bank also added that customer can continue to use it without any inconvenience. HDFC said ‘One can access Net Banking, Payzapp, phone banking and missed-call banking to access daily banking services’.

The bank also expressed deep regret and offered sincere apologies for the issues faced by the customers.

The bank has about 4.3 Crore customers, of which 6.5 lakh were facing problem in new banking app services due to technical issues. The bank is clarified that there was no breaching of data, loss of customer data and security issues with mobile and net banking applications.

Ever since the bank has launched its updated version about six days ago but malfunctioned.

The issue was triggered possibly when the customer was updating the app when the old version of the app was “overwritten” and a lot of customers could neither the old nor the new app, which was malfunctioned.