SBI leaked Personal Details and Bank Balance of Millions of Customers

Do our bank account information are safe with the banks? Not. As on Wednesday, a report was revealed that SBI forgot to secure one of their critical servers which were having sensitive information in one of their Mumbai installations and maybe that server has leaked details of millions of bank accounts. It has been assumed that information related to their bank balance, account number and some other information was also leaked.
According to a Techcrunch report, it says that” the bank did not secure their server with a password, due to which it gave access to anyone to look for the data of millions of customer information.”
It was not clear how long the server was unsecured but long enough for it to be discovered by any security researcher.
According to a report, the unsecured report was the part of SBI Quick, which allows customers to send a message and make a call to get some basic banking functions. It was good for those banking customers who don’t use smartphones or have limited data services. SBI explains that SBI Quick- MISSED CALL BANKING is a free service from the bank where a person can get information regarding their Account Balance, Mini Statement and more by just giving a missed call or sending an SMS but the customer mobile number should be updated in the account in order to register for this service.”But the data was secured overnight.