Trump nominated David Malpass to lead World Bank

US President Donald Trump nominated David Malpass, a Treasury official to lead the World Bank. He introduced Malpass by saying that he is the right person to take on this incredibly important job. Malpass is now Trump’s undersecretary for the international affairs at the Treasury Department has been a sharp critic of the World Bank. Malpass argued that the bank has always focused on the emerging countries only but didn’t concern that much for the core mission that is fighting poverty.

He made it clear that his focus will be on the World Bank which will include the Trump administration’s agendas for the developing countries and would focus on improving the status of women and to make sure that women achieve full participation in the developing economies.

On Thursday the U.S nomination of Malpass for this job will be put before the bank’s board of directors. As the World Bank and IMF were formed in the mid-1940s, the World Bank is always led by an American and IMF by European. The United Nation is the largest shareholder of both the organizations.

Climate change has been the main priority of the World Bank which has not been the benchmark of success. But Malpass may honor these existing initiatives.

Trump in 2017 has pulled the United States from the Paris Agreement, an international accord that created a framework for curbing carbon emissions.