Indian stock market gets love from Foreign Investors

In the previous month of February 2019, 17,220 Crore were invested by the foreign investors into the Indian equities which in turn braked the record of November 2017 which holds the total of 16,728 Crore. From the latest sources, it is found out that foreign investor pushed around 1,17,899 crore Rs into the Indian stock market and pulled out 1,00,680 crore in February. Thus, making a total investment of 11,183 crores. This change came to know after seeing the green light of government spending plans. Many new net buyers have turned out to be foreign investors. The head of Mutual funds research at FundsIndia in her conversation said this growth of interest from foreign investors shows the positive view on budget and dovish stance taken by the central bank.

With 60 days remaining for elections, this rapid growth may find itself in a slug as investors will make their decision after the formation of new government. There’s a concern about the Modi’s ongoing protectionist tilt towards foreign-controlled companies such as Amazon, Flipkart.

The top sources of FDI are Singapore, Mauritius, Japan, and Britain. On the other hand, India has achieved the 53rd position in the World Bank’s Ease of doing a business survey in 2017. With this increase in FDI, we may see Modi’s promise of making it into top 50 of World Bank’s Ease of doing of the business list to come true.