KFC Fooled by a Fake Food Inspector, Student Eats Food for Free

Almost everyone one of us loves to eat food from KFC. This student is no less when it comes to love for KFC’s food, and he chooses a unique way to eat free food for one year. It was quite shocking for people to believe that how a student managed for whole one year to eat food for free instead of going to KFC outlet and buying the food.

This news got vial on Twitter and was reported by a journalist named Teddy Eugene from Kenya. However, the student’s name has not yet been disclosed but is said to be a student of KwaZulu-Natal University in South Africa. The student fooled KFC outlets by saying that he has been sent by the head office of KFC to check whether the food that was sold at the restaurants were of good quality or not.

In recent reports by Metro, the incident was elaborated by saying that the man often arrived at the KFC store in a Limo, confidently claiming that he is from the headquarters of KFC to check the standard of the food sold. Also, he paid a visit to the kitchen and asked for a free meal. In this way, the man continued to go to different outlets of KFC across South Africa and had free meals for the rest of the year. The news went viral on social media. Despite being arrested, some natives called him a ‘genius.’