Google Has Found A New Way Of Reaching To Its Customers

A tech giant recently told that Google will make ads reach to their customers in a whole new way. Now, it will display ads to people who use few applications regularly. This is a new concept revealed to target more customers with ads. Google has all the information about their users, so in order to make ads more visible, they will soon start providing an “open canvas” so that the advertisers can show their ads to consumers on the platforms or applications they have recently used or use regularly.

There are few destinations that include YouTube, Google Images and Gmail’s Inbox, etc. Google is planning to target these platforms to display ads and named this format as “Gallery Ads.” With the help of multimedia files, the promoters will be able to project and elaborate their own products to maximum number of users.

Google is yet to make announcement on this matter and later in the day a lot more detailed information will be revealed by them. Google will make Gallery Ads available for the marketers by the end of this year, and by doing so the profit is expected to be increased by 25%.