Flipkart to start offline grocery stores in India


Globally, around 50-60% of Walmart’s sales come from food. The strategy of opening offline stores falls into Walmart’s overall scheme of things, and we know that Wallmart is being trying to enter in India into retail offline market but was working only in wholesale B2B business due to FDI regulations.


Amazon nown to be wallmart’s global rival has invested $500million in food retail market, both online and offline through its food retail chain Amazon Retail India.


Apart from building separate supply chains for grocery, itFlipkart the Wallmart owned company is ready to open the brick and mortar Stored in India to sell food items.

While foreign investors are not allowed into the retail space, Flipkart is looking to tap the “food retail” business where 100% FDI is allowedand lets the investor open physical stores. The move comes after the company opened its fifth online grocery store, Supermart in Mumbai.  is also in talks to acquire Bengaluru-based grocery chain Namdhari Fresh, which will help it leapfrog into the food retail business. Food currently accounts for two-thirds of India’s overall retail market. Reliance Retail, too, is expected to storm Flipkart and Amazon’s turf, with its much touted e-commerce foray. 

The new rules punched a hole in Walmart’s plans to leverage Flipkart to cross-sell each other’s private brands. In its home market, the US, a large chunk of Walmart’s revenues comes from selling its own private brands.