PM Modi's big win signals strong Indian GDP growth will continue.

PM Modi's big win signals strong Indian GDP growth will continue. 
Performance of Prime Minister Modi's BJP with another vast parliamentary majority will see a continuity of economic policy in the next five years, but the fundamental financial challenge now is to continue reforms, brokerages, and economists. 
The Modi's still does not have a majority in Parliament, the Rajya Sabha, and this will pose a problem to the BJP's agenda.
Despite issues, the economy looks positive for the second term of the Modi's government, with GDP increase around 7 percent per year over the 2019-2023 period. 
"India is become the world's fifth-largest economy, reaching a total GDP size exceeding $3 trillion, Indian GDP also helps to surpass Japan, which allows making India the second-largest economy in the Asia-Pacific region. 
Arun Singh, the chief economist, said the new government at the Centre would have to face the problems that are inhibiting the current growth momentum and brace the economy from some external issues. 
"Uplifting the domestic demand and resolving the problems in the strategic sectors like power, aviation, and banking, and non-banking financial companies turns imperative as risks from slowing global economic activity.
The decrease in demand become broad-based with softer momentum in growth visible in some of the high-frequency indicators of rural and urban areas. With a decrease in both demand and investment, the government might have to evaluate the implementation of its agenda and adjust its policy priorities to accelerate growth.
Potential structural reforms focusing on four themes: Land – transparent auctions, and digitization; Labour – creating an enabling regulatory environment; Privatisation – in agriculture and banking sector; and export promotion.
The BJP has 102 seats in the Upper House of parliament and would need an additional 21 seats to gain a majority. 
GST  get more expansive and include real estate, fuel products, liquor items, and tobacco while Make in India should be aligned with a revamped Foreign Trade Policy.  A two-year pause in the path of budgetary consolidation owing to the GST implementation. The upcoming Budget 2019 by the new government should attempt to reinforce fiscal credibility.