State Bank Of India ATM Transaction Limits And Charges

Customers of the SBI bank have been awarded unlimited ATM transactions both of financial and non-financial nature under certain conditions. Individuals with a balance monthly average of Rs. Twenty-five thousand monthly along with a savings bank account are thus allowed unlimited transactions at the bank’s group ATM. This is as per the website of the bank. Customers who had an average balance up to Rs.25000 are allowed ten free transactions in months as per the bank’s website.
Along with this, SBI account holders with an average monthly balance above Rs. 25000 would be allowed unlimited internet or mobile transactions which would be free of cost. 
Also, the savings account holders with an average monthly balance over Rs. One lakh would be allowed unlimited free transaction in a month in any SBI branch or ATMs of the bank as well as other banks. Mobile and internet transactions would also be cost-free for them.
The news regarding the transactions has been updated on the website of the bank.