Citibank Loan Against Property is known as ‘Citibank Property Power’. Citibank allows loan for different business, personal or professional purposes at an attractive rate of interest. Citibank Loan Against Property can be used for many purposes like Education, Marriage, Working Capital Requirement, Medical emergencies etc. Citibank Loan Against Property is an exclusive common purpose loan from the most chosen new age group bank.

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Why Citibank Loan Against Property?

People usually take this loan for following reasons.

  • Loan against property is not expensive like a personal loan
  • Loan against property usually has a longer tenure which makes it reasonable for people
  • The documents and approval procedure is much faster

Citibank Loan Against Property reviews tells the story that the competitive Citibank Loan Against Property rate of Interest is the major reason for a lot of businesses going for Citibank Loan Against Property.


Citibank Loan Against Property Interest Rates:

Citibank Loan Against Property rate of interest is a matter to change and rate at the time of the appliance will be applicable. Any changes are particular from time to time and applicable. More details regarding Citibank Loan Against Property Interest rates can be found from the near branch.


Citibank Loan Against Property Eligibility:

  • Any person who is an employee, self-employed, professional, Partnership/Private limited companies, HUF etc. with regular income can apply for Citibank Loan Against Property.
  • A consumer availing Citibank Loan Against Property should be in the age series 23 to 65 yrs at the time of application form submission.

Whosoever is capable to meet the Citibank Loan Against Property eligibility criteria is qualified for Citibank Loan Against Property.


Citibank Loan Against Property Documentation:

General Documents Required Are:

  • An Application form
  • An Identity proof
  • An address proof
  • Two passport size photographs


Other Documents Required Are:

  • Financial Statements Profit and Loss Account, Income Tax Return, Balance Sheet and Bank Statements for last 3 yrs, documents of the property (Tax Receipts, Title Deed, Possession Certificate) etc.


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