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Investment plans are also known as Life Insurance plans. Investment plans give options to an individual for investing in different options and saving for the future. There are two types of investment plans. One is unit linked investment plans (ulip) and other is known as endowment plan. They cover different options for saving and investment.

Benefits of Investment Plans:

  1. Build a secure and safe future
  2. Save as per your needs
  3. Get Tax benefits under Section 80 C
  4. Give financial protection to your family

Unit linked investment plans are the type of investment plans. In this option, a policyholder will pay a certain premium and that premium will be invested into the share market. This type of investment will be volatile and depend upon the fluctuations of the stock market.

By investing in unit link investment plans, a policyholder will get higher returns but it will be a risky investment. If the stock market is performing well, there will be a good return. If the market is down, there will be low return or loss.

Endowment plans are fixed return type investment plans. They will offer lower but a fixed return amount of money. If a customer wants to investment in an easy option with a fixed return, endowment plans are the better options.

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