Axis Bank Gold Loan

Axis Bank Gold Loan

Axis Bank Gold Loan Key Features – Apply Now

Axis Bank Gold Loan Interest Rate Starting 7% per annum 
Axis Bank Gold Loan Per Gram Axis Bank Gold Loan Per Gram Today is ₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621
Axis Bank Gold Requirement Minimum 18 Carat
Axis Bank Gold Loan Processing Fee 1% of the Principal Loan Amount
Axis Bank Minimum Loan Amount 90% LTV on Your Gold Market Price
Axis Bank Maximum Loan Amount Up to Rs. 1 Crore
Axis Bank Prepayment Charges 2%+GST (Within 3 Months), 0 (After 3 months)
Axis Bank Repayment Tenure 6 Months to 36 Months
Axis Bank Gold Loan Schemes Bullet Payment Scheme, EMI Scheme

Axis Bank issues a Gold Loan per gram rate of ₹ 3,506 to ₹ ₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 in line with the current gold rate. The best Axis Bank Gold loan Rate per gram is ₹ ₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 for 22 Carat gold, measured at a maximum 90% loan to value and the average gold price for the last one month for 22-carat is ₹ 4,469.

Introduction to Axis Bank Gold Loan

Axis Bank is one of the reputable names in the private banking sectors. We have retained the trust of our customers and keep them a priority. Axis Bank Gold Loan provides various schemes. It is not necessary to be an Axis Bank customer for availing a GOLD Loan. We have low interest rates and higher tenure periods. Your Gold Loan can get approved within few hours of application. Document verification and Purity Test of Gold are two important steps in Gold Loan approval. While submitting an online application for Gold Loan, our representative will call you and schedule an appointment for a bank visit. At Axis Bank, Gold Loan can get approved in a single bank visit. 

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Axis Bank Gold Loan Explanation

Axis Bank gold loan can be availed to meet an urgent need for cash by pledging one’s gold ornaments or gold coins as collateral. A Gold loan is one of the quickest and easiest ways of borrowing money and can be availed by any existing customer of the Axis Bank as well as new borrowers. With Axis Bank, you will not only be able to avail the gold loan easily but it will also be at a competitive interest rate.

Axis Bank Gold Loan Details

Loan Purpose – The loan sum can be used to meet immediate financial needs such as higher education, marriage, medical emergencies, or other pressing financial needs.

Quantum of loan– Axis Bank gold loans are available in amounts ranging from Rs. 25,001 to Rs. 25 lakh.

Repayment Period – The repayment period begins at 3 months and will last up to 36 months.

Axis Bank Gold Loan Interest Rate – The interest rate on an Axis Bank gold loan begins at 12.5% per annum. Axis Bank’s gold loan rates are determined by its MCLR.

Axis Bank Gold Loan per Gram – The rate for an Axis Bank gold loan per gram will be communicated at the time of application.

Gold Items – A gold loan will be granted in exchange for gold ornaments and coins. The pledged gold products are stored in a secure location.

Classification  Charges
Processing Fee 1% + GST
Insurance Charges or Valuation fee Rs 500 + GST
Pre-Payment Charges Nil
Foreclosure Charges
    • Deduction of 2% of the loan amount if the loan is terminated within 3 months of the date of sanction.
    • Deduction of 1% if the loan is terminated between 3 months to 6 months from the date of sanction.
    • Deduction of 0.50% of the loan amount if the loan is terminated between 6 months to 11 months from the date of sanction.
    • No charges are deducted if the loan is terminated after 11 months from the date of sanction.
Penalty 2% p.m on the overdue amount 

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Axis Bank Gold Loan Comparison With Other Banks

Particulars Axis Bank SBI HDFC Bank
Interest Rate 7% per annum% per annum 7.50% – 7.50% 9.90% – 17.55%
Processing Fees Up to 1% of the loan amount, minimum Rs. 750 0.50% of the loan amount, minimum Rs. 500 1.50% of the loan amount
Loan Tenure 6 months to 36 months 3 months to 36 months 3 months to 24 months
Loan Amount Up to ₹ 1 crore ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 20 Lakh ₹ 25,000 to ₹ 50 Lakh
Foreclosure Charges Up to 1% of the outstanding amount Nil Nil after 3 months
Repayment Options Y Y Y
Lowest EMI Per Lakh ₹ 8,792 per lakh ₹ 3,111 per lakh ₹ 4,610 per lakh

What type of Gold can use to Secure A Gold Loan?

A Gold loan can be secured by gold valuables which can be in form of jewellery, coins, statues, etc. A Bank accepts gold ornaments weighing more than 50 grammes and weighing 18 to 24 carats. The Gold loan is approved on the market value of gold which you are keeping as a mortgage. 

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Tips To Get Gold Loan From Axis Bank Fast

  • Axis Bank accepts both hallmarked and non-hallmarked jewellery in exchange for money. However, you can get the highest gold loan per gram for any hallmark jewellery, because it reduces the chances of under-valuation by the valuer.
  • Axis Bank can adjust the price of 22-carat gold for the purity of gold. Therefore, one should also try to borrow against jewellery of higher purity because it fetches the highest amount for a gold loan.
  • Axis Bank will calculate the net weight of the jewellery to calculate the amount of loan against the gold you can get. You can always try to choose jewellery that has minimum gems and stones. Most of the banks will reduce the weight of gems and stones from the total weight of the jewellery. But Axis Bank will rely on the report of its gold valuer to calculate the net weight. Higher the weight of gems and stones in jewellery, lower the net weight and value of jewellery which results in a lower amount of jewel loan you can are eligible to get.

Advantages Of Axis Bank Gold Loan

Advantages of Axis Bank Gold Loan via Dialabank

  1. You can use a gold loan to fulfil any of your requirements, whether it is related to your business or home, education, or agricultural activities.
  2. A gold loan is approved very quickly if you are eligible.
  3. If you have all the documents, your loan is disbursed on the same day.
  4. There is no need to worry about your credit score, it’s ok if your credit score is not that good. You will still get a gold loan because the CIBIL score is not a requirement for loan approval.
  5. The Gold Loan Interest Rate is quite low as compared to other loans.
  6. A gold loan is very easy to apply to. One can easily apply for a gold loan online within 5 minutes. Besides that, before applying for a gold loan, you can get all the information about the rate of interest and EMI’s online.
  7. There is one more point that if you have gold that you should make use of your gold to overcome your financial problems.
  8. In a gold loan, your ornaments will be kept in tight security. On the other hand, if you want to put your gold in the locker, you will have to pay the locker charges to the bank. Whereas, the bank won’t charge anything from you as security charges.
  9. As the bank takes care of the security of your gold but still in case any miss-happening bank will be responsible.
  10. Axis Bank charges up to 0.50% of the principal amount as Foreclosure charges.

How Much Loans Can I Get Through Axis Bank Gold Loan?

As per the most advanced gold prices, Axis Bank offers a gold loan per gram today of ₹ ₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621. The highest Axis gold loan rate per gram now is ₹ 7% per annum for 22-carat jewelry calculated at a maximum LTV of 75% and average gold loan rates of the last 30 days in 2021 are ₹ 5121 of 22 carats.

Axis Bank Gold Loan Per Gram

Axis Bank Gold Loan Per Gram Rate Today – Oct 19 2021

Updated - Gold Loan Per Gram Rate w.e.f Oct 19 2021

Gold Weight Gold Purity
24 Carat
Gold Purity
22 Carat
Gold Purity
20 Carat
Gold Purity
18 Carat
1 gram 4621 4290 3900 3510
10 gram 46210 42900 39000 35100
20 gram 93600 85800 78000 70200
30 gram 140400 128700 117000 105300
40 gram 187200 171600 156000 140400
50 gram 234000 214500 195000 175500
100 gram 468000 429000 390000 351000
200 gram 936000 858000 780000 702000
300 gram 1404000 1287000 1170000 1053000
400 gram 1872000 1716000 1560000 1404000
500 gram 2340000 2145000 1950000 1755000

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About Axis Bank Gold Loan

Gold Loan

Axis Bank is one of the largest private-sector banks in India. They provide the entire spectrum of financial products to the customers. The Bank has nearly 1999 branches. Axis Bank began its operations in 1994. It is now one of the first new-generation private sector banks in India.

It provides an Instant Loan against Gold. Gold Loan is basically taken to overcome the short-term requirements of a person. besides, Gold Loan Interest Rates are quite affordable, further making it a good service for the people.

  • Axis Gold Loan Interest Rate is 7% per annum
  • Axis Gold Loan Per Gram Today is ₹ ₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621
  • Axis Gold Loan Tenure: Up to 24 months
  • Axis Gold Loan Processing Fee is Up to 1% of the Loan Amount + GST

Axis Bank Gold Loan Eligibility

  1. First of all, the applicant should not be a minor. The age of the customer should be more than 18 years.
  2. After that, he/she should be a citizen of India.
  3. Besides that he/she should have a minimum of 10 grams of gold.
Age 18-75 years of age
Nationality Indian
Employment Status Salaried, Self-Employed
Gold Quality Minimum 18 Carats
CIBIL Score 500 and above

Axis Bank Gold Loan Documents Required

Gold Loan or Loan Against Gold is a loan product offered to the borrowers by the Axis Bank wherein funds are provided for fulfilling the financial needs of the applicant. The gold ornaments of the applicant are kept as security by the bank in exchange for the funds. The entire Gold Loan process is hassle-free and easy to get with minimal documentation. Axis bank ensures high protection of your gold ornaments till the loan is closed.

Photographs 2 Passport Size
Identity Proof Aadhar Card, Passport, PAN Card, etc. (Only 1 is required)
Residence Proof Aadhar Card, Driving License, Ration Card, etc. In the case of Rented House then the rent agreement or water/electricity bills for the last three months can be considered. (Only 1 is required)

**Any other documents as requested by the bank shall be duly provided.**

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Axis Bank Gold Loan Interest Rate, Fees, and Charges

Axis Bank Gold Loan can fulfil all your urgent short-term and long-term monetary requirements. The Axis Bank Gold Loan rate of interest that you will be charged with depends on the total loan amount as well as the quality/purity of the gold you are to keep as security with the bank. Gold Loan interest rates offered by the bank are lower in comparison to other loans because it is a fully secured loan.

The Gold Loan interest rates in the Axis Bank 7% per annum.

The bank also charges some additional fees along with the rate of interest in some cases, which are :

  • Processing fee – 1% of the loan amount or ₹1000 whichever is higher.
  • Documentation charges.
  • Gold Valuation charges.
  • The bank charges no additional fees for part payment or the foreclosure of the Gold Loan.

Gold Loan Apply Online

This is the best way to avail of a Gold Loan, as the applicant does not have to bother to find the branch; in fact, the branch reaches the customer itself. This means the applicant can avail of the best deal at the comfort of your home. Follow the following steps to do so:

  1. Hit our online website Dialabank.
  2. Fill an application form with all the needed areas.
  3. You will be reverted by our Contact administrator to assist throughout the entire process.
  4. You will have to present documents to the bank.
  5. Your loan will be appreciated in just a few minutes.
  6. Apart from the above process, you can undeviatingly call us at 9878981144.

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Axis Bank Gold Loan EMI Calculator

Rate of Interest 6 months 1 Yr 2 Yrs 3 Yrs
7.00% 17008 8652 4477 3088
8.00% 17058 8699 4523 3134
8.50% 17082 8722 4546 3157
9.00% 17107 8745 4568 3180
9.50% 17131 8678 4591 3203
10.00% 17156 8791 4614 3227
10.50% 17181 8815 4637 3250
11.00% 17205 8838 4661 3274
11.50% 17230 8861 4684 3298
12.00% 17254 8885 4707 3321
12.50% 17279 8908 4731 3345
13.00% 17304 8932 4754 3369
13.50% 17329 8955 4778 3393
14.00% 17354 8979 4801 3418
14.50% 17378 9002 4825 3442
15.00% 17403 9026 4845 3466

How To Pay Your Axis Bank Gold Loan EMI?

Your Axis Bank gold advance can be reimbursed in the following three different ways.

  1. Standing Instruction (SI): If the applicant is a current account tenant with Axis Bank, Standing Instruction is the most trustworthy technique of repayment. Your EMI sum will be credited automatically toward the termination of the month-to-month cycle from the Axis Bank account you intimate.
  2. Electronic Clearing Service (ECS): This method can be used if you have a non-Axis Bank account and might need your EMIs to be charged consequently near the finish of the month-to-month cycle from this record.
  3. Post-Dated Checks (PDC): You can offer post-dated EMI checks from a non-Axis Bank account at your most imminent Axis Bank Loan Center. A new adaptation of PDCs should be performed on time. It will be absolute if you note Post Dated Checks will be associated with non-ECS areas as it were.

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Gold Ornaments Accepted by Axis Bank

Gold jewellery such as Gold Bangles, Gold rings, Gold anklets, and Gold necklaces, all of these are accepted for availing a Gold Loan.

Quality: The quality of gold should lie between 18 Carat to 22 Carat. Aby gold ornament which is 24 Carat, cannot be used for availing a gold loan.

Uses Of Axis Bank Gold Loan

The funds acquired by availing the Axis Bank Gold Loan service can be used for several purposes such as:

  • To support any personal debts such as weddings, journeys, payment of more significant education fees, etc.
  • For all your industry needs, such as purchasing raw matter, expansion of industry, etc.
  • You can likewise avail of a Gold Loan for farming plans. The bank gives lower rates of interest for Gold Loans that are employed for agriculture or related activities.

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Axis Bank Agricultural Jewel Loan Scheme

Scheme Axis Bank Agricultural Jewel Loan Scheme
Interest Rate  Starting at 7% per annum
Least amount of Loan Depends on the value of the jewel
Loan period Adjustment of advance sum inside 2 months from the date of reap of yields

Benefits Of Axis Bank Agricultural Jewel Loan Scheme

  • Axis Bank does not charge a huge processing fee.
  • For 0.30% of the loan amount, a Minimum of ₹ 300 is charged ranging from more than ₹25,000 – less than ₹ 5 lakh.
  • 0.28% of the credit sum, subject to at least Rs.1,500 applicable on more than Rs.5 lakh and less than Rs.1 crore.
  • Best Interest Rate On Jewel Loan is provided by Axis Bank 

Axis Bank Gold Loan Overdraft Scheme

In Axis Bank Gold loan, the loan amount is provided as an overdraft facility. It works as a Credit Card, where the Gold Loan Amount can be spent as per the choice of the borrower. The overall loan amount has a Credit/Loan Limit. In the Axis Bank Gold Loan Overdraft facility, the interest is charged only on the amount that is withdrawn/utilize.

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Axis Bank Gold Loan Highlights

Age 18 – 75 years
Minimum Loan Amount Rs. 10,000
Maximum Loan Amount Up to Rs. 1 Crore
Axis Bank Gold Loan Interest Rate 7% per annum onwards
Loan Tenure From 6 months to 36 months.
Gold Items accepted Jewelry and gold coins sold by banks
Axis Bank Gold Loan Processing Charges 0.85% of the loan amount

How Does Axis Bank Gold Loan, Here’s An Example

The suitability of the gold loan is determined based on the purity of gold, LTV, and its weight. Suppose Mr A and his two friends Mr B and Mr C have different gold values ​​for different purity. Mr A has 50 grams of gold per 22-carat purity. Mr B has 60 grams of gold in 20 carats of purity and Mr C has 70 grams of gold in purity or 22 carats. They approached the Axis Bank to get a gold loan. The price used to calculate the suitability of their gold loan according to the high 85% LTV will vary with the purity of the gold and therefore, will lead to the validity of the gold loan.

Applying Through DialaBank Website?

You can apply for Gold Loan by just visiting the Dialabank website and choosing from several loan options. The online process of applying for a Gold Loan is quite an easy and time-saving process. You are provided with several options for checking various bank’s eligibility and Gold Loan EMI Calculator. It’s always wised to compare and take the best deal and we help you with that. 

You can apply For a Gold loan by following these simple steps-

Step 1- Visit Dialabank official website and fill in your personal details and basic information related to the loan.

Step 2- A representative from Dialabank will call you shortly and guide you through the Gold Loan process and verify the Gold Loan eligibility factors and requirements for the loan. 

Step 3- Our representative will notify you about the eligible lenders for you and about several Gold Loan offers.

Step 4- If you are eligible and willing, our representative will schedule a branch visit with the bank.

Step 5- You should submit the relevant documents and gold jewellery to the branch to be mortgaged. The gold loan lender will determine whether to sanction or deny your loan after the documents are checked and the eligibility conditions are met. If the loan is approved, you will receive a sanction letter outlining the main loan terms, such as the interest rate, processing cost, tenure, and prepayment penalties, etc. 

Step 6- The bank will safeguard your Gold as per the RBI guidelines and the approved loan amount will be credited to your bank account in a short while. 

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Why avail Gold Loan from Dialabank?

  • Fast Processing of Online Application
  • Bank-Unbiased Advice
  • No Unsolicited Phone Calls
  • Complimentary Service and Immediate Response
  • Online application and Quick processing
  • Transparent Terms & Conditions
  • There are no hidden fees.

FAQs About Axis Bank Gold Loan

What is Axis Bank Gold Loan?

Axis Bank Gold Loans provide loans against gold with same-day loan disbursement. You can Apply for Gold Loan and get quick approvals by visiting the nearest Axis Bank Branch. With Axis bank, you can get high-value Gold Loans of up to ₹50 Lakhs. The tenure period is from 6 months to 36 months.

How Can I Get a Gold Loan?

  • Fill in your expected details in the web form on Dialabank Gold Loan Application Form
  • Now all you have to do is, wait. Our relationship managers will get back to you within 30 minutes.
  • We will suggest you the loan which meets your requirements, in your specific region.
  • Submit the required documents with our representative, who will be in touch with you.
  • Accept the loan amount in just 30 minutes.

How much Gold Loan Can I get per gram from Axis Bank?

You can get a loan of Rs ₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621 per gram from Axis Bank, depending on the quality of your gold ornaments.

How Does Axis Gold Loan work?

The Axis Bank gold loan is a very simple scheme in which the bank provides you with funds against your gold ornament. The amount depends upon the gold weight. Once the jewellery is valued the loan amount is disbursed instantly.

What is the Axis Bank Gold Loan interest rate?

The Axis Gold Loan Interest Rate is 7% per annum

How to check gold loan status in Axis Bank?

You can check your Axis Bank Gold Loan status online by visiting the Bank’s online portal and logging in with your personal details.

How to calculate Axis Bank Gold Loan Rate of Interest?

You can calculate your gold loan interest rate in Axis Bank by subtracting the principal amount from the total amount to be paid.

What is the maximum gold loan amount I can avail of on a gold loan from Axis Bank?

The maximum gold loan amount that you can avail of on a gold loan from Axis Bank is Rs 50 lakh. The bank offers a loan amount of up to 75% of the gold jewellery’s value.

What is the loan tenure of the Axis Bank gold loan?

The loan tenure of your Axis Bank gold loan usually ranges from 6 months to 36 months.

How much processing fee applies to the Axis Bank Gold loan?

A processing fee of up to 1% is applicable on the Axis Bank gold loan.

What are the charges for pre-payment in Axis gold loan?

The charges of pre-payment in Axis Bank gold loan is up to 2% of the outstanding loan amount.

How to renew Axis Gold Loan?

You can renew your Axis Bank Gold Loan by visiting the nearest branch with all your loan documents. The gold submitted will be taken out for a revaluation based on current market gold rates. You will then be required to fill in a renewal form, and once everything is processed, a small renewal fee will be charged, and your loan will be renewed for a new tenure.

How to pay Axis Gold loan interest online?

You can pay the Axis Gold loan interest online using online payment options available like net banking, debit cards, mobile apps, etc.

What if I can’t pay the interest on the Axis Bank Gold loan for 3 months?

If you cannot repay the Axis Gold loan interest amount for 3 months, the bank will charge you with penal interest. In case of continuous defaults, the Bank might even sell your gold ornaments kept as a security for the loan.

How can I apply for an EMI moratorium on the Axis Gold loan?

You can apply for EMI Moratorium on Axis Bank Gold loan online by logging in with your credentials or can also visit the bank personally. You have to submit the moratorium request with the bank a minimum of 5 working days before your EMI payment’s due date.

How to pay Axis Bank Gold loan through credit card?

The Axis Bank Gold loan cannot be repaid through credit cards as per RBI Guidelines.

What is the Overdraft Scheme for Axis Bank Gold Loan?

Axis Bank’s Overdraft Scheme has a Credit/Loan Limit. Axis bank charges interest on the amount withdrawn/utilized.

What is the Axis Bank Gold Loan closure procedure?

The Gold loan will automatically close after the payment is done in full.

What is the Axis Bank customer care number?

9878981144 is the customer care number. You can also call this number for any Axis Bank Gold Loan details.

✅ What are Axis Bank Gold Loan Preclosure charges?

The Bank preclosure charges are 2%+GST (Within 3 Months), 0 (After 3 months).

 What is the maximum gold loan tenure?

The maximum gold loan tenure is 36 months.

✅ What are Axis Bank Gold Loan Foreclosure charges?

Axis Bank charges up to 0.50% of the principal amount as Foreclosure charges.

What is the minimum gold loan tenure?

The minimum gold loan tenure is 6 months.

✅ What is Axis Bank Gold Loan Rate Per Gram?

Axis Bank Gold Loan Per Gram Today is ₹ ₹ 3,506 to ₹ 4,621

✅ What are the foreclosure charges of the Axis Bank Gold Loan?

Axis Bank charges a borrower up to .50% on the principal amount in case of a Gold Loan Foreclosure.

News About Axis Bank Gold Loan

10 banks offering the lowest gold loan interest rates starting at 7.35%

Axis Bank provides an interest rate of 7% per annum with a loan tenure of 6 months to 36 months.

Axis Bank offers EMI deferment on loans for 3 months

Axis Bank has informed that the repayment would resume from June 2020, once the deferment period is over. The private lender has also advised borrowers whose cash flows are not impacted to opt out from the moratorium by sending an email.

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