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⍟  Highest Rate Per Gram ₹ 4,680
⍟  No Melting of Your Gold
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⍟  100% Safety of Your Gold (kept in Bank Locker)


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Gold Loan Per Gram

Gold Loan Per Gram Today is ₹ 4,680

Gold Loan Per Gram Today Gold Loan Rate Per Gram Today is ₹ 4,680
Eligible Age 18 to 75 years
Loan Amount Eligibility Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2 Cr
Documents Required Basic KYC documents for address and identity proof. No income documents and no CIBIL score documents are required.
Purity of Gold 18 carat to 22 carat
Type of Gold Gold jewelry and gold coins of 18-24 carats 
Margin in Gold Loan for the Bank 25% of the gold ornament’s market value
  • Gold Loan Rate Per Gram today is ₹ 3,489 for 22-carat gold, ₹ 3,409 for 20-carat gold, and ₹ 3,329 for 18-carat gold.
  • With Dialabank, Compare and check eligibility online to get the best offers on the Gold Loan per gram interest rate.
  • RBI has decided to increase the Gold Loan Per Gram value to ratio from 75% to 90% till 31st March 2021, which will directly impact Gold Loan per gram

About Gold Loan Per Gram Rate

Gold is one of the most celebrated metals in our country. That is, a large number of people own Gold in the form of ornaments. Over the years, ornaments of Gold which were first bought as a tradition in our country are now purchased as security that can be exchanged or pledged in times of need. Therefore, this the reason why the service of Gold Loan has become one of the fastest-growing services in contrast to other financial products.

Are you facing any financial crisis? Or you are finding difficulties in managing your daily needs? If yes! Then, overcome all these problems by using your gold ornaments lying idle at home for availing a gold loan. To avail of a Gold Loan, you have to put ornaments of Gold in the bank as collateral in return for money. As soon as you repay the loan amount, the applicant is given back the jewelry in the same shape. Also, Gold Loan is one of the best financial services available in the market, due to the low Gold Loan Interest Rate.

Gold Loan Rate Per Gram as per Gold Purity

The gold loan per gram is calculated using the total weight of the jewelry provided, the purity level of the object, the past 30 days average price of 22-carat gold, and the loan to value given by your bank. The highest gold loan per gram taken against 22-carat gold amounts to Rs. 4,254 per gram, according to the current or today’s gold prices. The last 30 days’ key variables are needed to calculate the gold loan rate per gram. 

  • The 30-day average price of 22-carat gold, which must be adjusted for purity level before being multiplied by LTV.
  • The average price of 22-carat gold over the last 30 days is shown in the table below as of March 23, 2021.
Gold Purity 30 Days Avg. Gold price Maximum LTV Gold Loan per gram
22 carat 44,630 75% 3,015
20 carat 40,570 75% 2,741
18 carat 36,526 75% 2,469

If you take a loan against 10 grams of 18-carat gold, however, you will be eligible for a lower rate of the gold loan per gram of jewelry. As shown in the table above, if you take a loan against 18-carat gold, you will be eligible for a gold loan of Rs. 2,469 per gram of gold.

A gold loan per gram rate of Rs. 3,015 per gram is available if you take out a loan against 22-carat gold.

What is a Gold Loan?

You want to get a Gold Loan, but you are facing a problem in understanding how much amount of Gold Loan can be availed with the quantity of Gold you are having? If yes, then you can clear this confusion by knowing how much Gold Loan can be availed by a per gram of Gold. The Gold Loan per Gram of different banks is detailed below.

Benefits of Gold Loan

Gold advance is bit by bit getting quite possibly the most well-known credits. A portion of the primary highlights and advantages of Gold credits are as following:

  • Faster Processing: Gold credits are gotten advances, and advance endorsement is subject to gold adornments. Just KYC archives are needed for credit endorsement, and subsequently, the dispensing of the advance is extremely brisk inside a couple of hours. The brisk disbursal of the gold credit makes it an incredible choice if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis.
  • Multipurpose loan: Gold advance is a multipurpose credit and can be used for different purposes like financing a wedding, schooling, travel, buying contraptions, redesigning a home and some other reason gave it is legitimate.
  • Low-interest rate: The interest on the gold advance is similarly lower than other unstable credit alternatives like individual advances. Banks and monetary establishments give gold advances to the needed area like agribusiness at lessen rates. This is called farming gold advance.
  • Low processing and foreclosure charges: Some banks don’t charge any handling and prepayment charges on gold credits and some charge low expenses and consequently make it a reasonable choice.
  • No income proof and credit score: Banks and NBFCs as a rule don’t consider and enquire about the payment confirmation and CIBIL score of a person. Along these lines, if an individual doesn’t have a fixed pay and great FICO assessment, at that point likewise the person can figure out how to get a gold advance.
  • Easily Accessible: Gold advances are effectively open. Any individual who is over 18 years of age and has gold can settle on gold advances independent of CIBIL history and pay.
  • High Amount Eligibility: Gold costs are taking off, and the rising gold cost further assists borrowers with bettering gold advance rate per gram.

Types of Gold Loan Interest Rates

Gold advance loan costs shift across the bank to moneylenders. Notwithstanding, the computation of Gold credit depends on two rate types as a rule, as recorded follows:

Fixed-rate of interests:  The pace of interest charged on the credit sum stays consistent all through the advance residency. Accordingly, the Gold credit EMI additionally stays as before all through the reimbursement plan.

Floating rate of interest: The gold advance rate isn’t fixed and stays variable. The loan cost, for this situation, is connected to the outside benchmarks saw by the bank, for example, Repo Linked Lending Rate (RLLR) or Prime Lending Rate (PLR). Subsequently, loan costs continue to change with economic situations. Likewise, since the rate isn’t fixed, the EMI on Gold credit may increment or lessen unexpectedly.

Reason for Lending: The interest rate on gold credit is likewise founded on the motivation behind loaning. Banks normally offer a lower pace of revenue for horticultural gold credits which are offered to ranchers and individuals occupied with agribusiness for meeting their cultivating costs.

Agricultural Gold Loans: These are advances reached out to ranchers and agriculturists against gold decorations to give them money to edit creation costs and speculation reason in horticulture or unified farming exercises. Key Features of such advances are:

  • Proof of cultivating action is a type of verification land records is required.
  • Composed endeavor by the borrower on the reason for which he plans to utilize the advance is required. Banks may likewise screen the end utilization of such credits.
  • Advances reached out for farming are classified under need area loaning and are qualified for interest grant conspire from government, which decreases the interest cost to the borrower.
  • These advances are permitted by and large for a most extreme time of 3 years.
  • A few banks additionally offer the alternative of overdraft office on such credits.
  • Financing cost on rural gold advances goes from 8.00 to 10.00 %.

Non-Agricultural Gold Loans:
Loans stretched out to any remaining classes of borrowers barring ranchers and agriculturists are known as nonfarming gold advances. These credits are accessible to all people including salaried, independently employed experts, financial specialists, ladies, females, housewives, understudies, resigned authorities who own gold and need to vow the equivalent to get advance. The highlights on nonfarming gold advances have been clarified under the credit plans by reimbursement choices.

HDFC Gold Loan Per Gram

Gold Loan Per GramHDFC Bank is one of the best options to avail the service of Gold Loan. This bank was founded in 1994 and was the first private sector bank to get approval to provide financial services to the people from RBI. HDFC is a bank that is trusted by the people when it comes to financial services. So, you can apply for an HDFC bank gold loan free of any cost.

The amount of loan that is approved to the customers depends upon the quality and the quantity of the gold. This table explains Gold Loan per Gram that can be availed from HDFC Bank.

Updated - Gold Loan Per Gram Rate w.e.f May 06 2021

Gold Weight Gold Purity
24 Carat
Gold Purity
22 Carat
Gold Purity
20 Carat
Gold Purity
18 Carat
1 gram 4680 4290 3900 3510
10 gram 46800 42900 39000 35100
20 gram 93600 85800 78000 70200
30 gram 140400 128700 117000 105300
40 gram 187200 171600 156000 140400
50 gram 234000 214500 195000 175500
100 gram 468000 429000 390000 351000
200 gram 936000 858000 780000 702000
300 gram 1404000 1287000 1170000 1053000
400 gram 1872000 1716000 1560000 1404000
500 gram 2340000 2145000 1950000 1755000

ICICI Bank Gold Loan Per Gram

ICICI Bank was established in the year 1999. Since then, this bank has been providing financial services to the people. Interestingly, this bank was the first bank to be listed in NYSE  from India. Therefore, this is also a trustable bank when it comes to availing a financial service like Gold Loan. Finally, easily apply for a Gold Loan through ICICI Bank, and overcome all your financial troubles.

Note: The applicant has to have a minimum of 10 grams of gold to avail of a Gold Loan.

Know about the amount of ICICI Bank Gold loan that can be availed for a particular quantity. The following table explains Gold Loan per Gram that can be availed from ICICI Bank:

ICICI Gold Loan Per Gram – Updated
Weight Loan on 24 Carat Gold Loan on 22 Carat Gold Loan on 20 Carat Gold Loan on 18 Carat Gold
1 gram 4507 4125 3744 3362
10 gram 45070 41250 37440 33620
20 gram 90140 82500 74880 67240
30 gram 135210 123750 112320 100860
40 gram 180280 165000 149760 134480
50 gram 225350 206250 187200 168100
100 gram 450700 412500 374400 336200
200 gram 901400 825000 748800 672400
300 gram 1352100 1237500 1123200 1008600
400 gram 1802800 1650000 1497600 1344800
500 gram 2253500 2062500 1872000 1681000

Yes Bank Gold Loan Per Gram

Yes, Bank is a financial institution that was founded in 2004. This is a private sector bank that has grown over the past decade. Besides, Yes Bank provides a lot of different financial services like Gold Loan, Personal Loan, Home Loan, and many more. Therefore, you can easily apply for Yes Bank Gold Loan and enjoy The Best Gold Loan Interest Rates.

Following is the table that depicts Gold Loan per Gram that can be availed from Yes Bank:

Yes Bank Gold Loan Per Gram – Updated
Weight Loan on 24 Carat Gold Loan on 22 Carat Gold Loan on 20 Carat Gold Loan on 18 Carat Gold
1 gram 4493 4111 3730 3348
10 gram 44930 41110 37300 33480
20 gram 89860 82220 74600 66960
30 gram 134790 123330 111900 100440
40 gram 179720 164440 149200 133920
50 gram 224650 205550 186500 167400
100 gram 449300 411100 373000 334800
200 gram 898600 822200 746000 669600
300 gram 1347900 1233300 1119000 1004400
400 gram 1797200 1644400 1492000 1339200
500 gram 2246500 2055500 1865000 1674000

Manappuram Gold Loan Per Gram

Manappuram Finance Limited is a non-banking financial service that was established in 1949 in the coastal village of Vallapad. Since then, the company has experienced overall growth. Currently, the company has 4208 branches in 28 states of India with a workforce of around 24,717. Manappuram is one of the most famous NBFC’s in the category of Gold Loan. Thus, you can rely on this company when it comes to this service.

But the first thing which comes to mind is that What will be the amount one will get of their gold ornaments. Manappuram provides the loan amount per gram as stated below:

Manappuram Gold Loan Per Gram – Update
Weight Loan on 24 Carat Gold Loan on 22 Carat Gold Loan on 20 Carat Gold Loan on 18 Carat Gold
1 gram 4485 4103 3722 3340
10 gram 44850 41030 37220 33400
20 gram 89700 82060 74440 66800
30 gram 134550 123090 111660 100200
40 gram 179400 164120 148880 133600
50 gram 224250 205150 186100 167000
100 gram 448500 410300 372200 334000
200 gram 897000 820600 744400 668000
300 gram 1345500 1230900 1116600 1002000
400 gram 1794000 1641200 1488800 1336000
500 gram 2242500 2051500 1861000 1670000

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Muthoot Gold Loan Per Gram

Indian Financial corporation, Muthoot Finance Ltd is India’s largest gold financing company. The company provides a wide range of financial services like money transfers, wealth management, foreign exchange services, and many more. The headquarters of this company is in Kerala, India and it has 4,400 operational branches throughout the country. The service of Muthoot Gold Loan is one of the most availed services of Muthoot Finance. Below is the Gold Loan Per Gram disbursed through Muthoot Finance Ltd.

Muthoot Finance Gold Loan Per Gram – Updated
Weight Loan on 24 Carat Gold Loan on 22 Carat Gold Loan on 20 Carat Gold Loan on 18 Carat Gold
1 gram 4485 4103 3722 3340
10 gram 44850 41030 37220 33400
20 gram 89700 82060 74440 66800
30 gram 134550 123090 111660 100200
40 gram 179400 164120 148880 133600
50 gram 224250 205150 186100 167000
100 gram 448500 410300 372200 334000
200 gram 897000 820600 744400 668000
300 gram 1345500 1230900 1116600 1002000
400 gram 1794000 1641200 1488800 1336000
500 gram 2242500 2051500 1861000 1670000

Note: The loan seeker should at least have 10 grams of Gold to avail of a Gold Loan.

IIFL Gold Loan Per Gram

Indian Infoline Ltd is a financial services provider company that has its headquarters in Mumbai. The company started its operations in the year 1995. The company provides services in India, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mauritius, and UAE. The service of IIFL Gold Loan is famous in India as a lot of people own ornaments of Gold and require funds. Thus, to take a gold loan first, you should know the loan amount that is disbursed per gram of gold.

IIFL Gold Loan Per Gram – Updated
Weight Loan on 24 Carat Gold Loan on 22 Carat Gold Loan on 20 Carat Gold Loan on 18 Carat Gold
1 gram 4471 4089 3708 3326
10 gram 44710 40890 37080 33260
20 gram 89420 81780 74160 66520
30 gram 134130 122670 111240 99780
40 gram 178840 163560 148320 133040
50 gram 223550 204450 185400 166300
100 gram 447100 408900 370800 332600
200 gram 894200 817800 741600 665200
300 gram 1341300 1226700 1112400 997800
400 gram 1788400 1635600 1483200 1330400
500 gram 2235500 2044500 1854000 1663000

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SBI Gold Loan Per Gram

State Bank Of India is a public sector bank that provides financial services to the people. The bank was established in 1955. Also, the bank has its headquarters in Mumbai, India. State Bank of India has the largest number of employees that is around  209,567 as per the census of 2017. The company has a wide network of branches thus it is very easy to avail of the services from SBI. The SBI Gold Loan is also one of the financial services provided by SBI to the customers. Gold Loan Per Gram disbursed by SBI is stated  below:

SBI Gold Loan Per Gram – Updated
Weight Loan on 24 Carat Gold Loan on 22 Carat Gold Loan on 20 Carat Gold Loan on 18 Carat Gold
1 gram 4515 4133 3752 3370
10 gram 45150 41330 37520 33700
20 gram 90300 82660 75040 67400
30 gram 135450 123990 112560 101100
40 gram 180600 165320 150080 134800
50 gram 225750 206650 187600 168500
100 gram 451500 413300 375200 337000
200 gram 903000 826600 750400 674000
300 gram 1354500 1239900 1125600 1011000
400 gram 1806000 1653200 1500800 1348000
500 gram 2257500 2066500 1876000 1685000

Note: The loan seeker should at least have 10 grams of Gold to avail of a Gold Loan.

How to Apply for a Gold Loan?

If you want to apply for a Gold Loan, there are two ways to avail of this service :

Offline Process

To avail of a Gold Loan, you will have to find the nearest branch of the above-stated banks. You can do so by searching on google Gold Loan near me. This search will enlist all the departments available for a Gold Loan. Thus, you can reach the nearby branch and avail of a Gold Loan. This can be quite tiring for a customer.

Online Process

Applying for the Gold Loan service is a hassle-free and straightforward process that can be done from the comfort of your home. You can do it online by visiting the bank’s official website and submitting a form with necessary information regarding yourself and the Gold Loan you wish to avail yourself. You will then need to visit the branch with the required documents and your Gold.

You can also apply with Dialabank by following the below-mentioned steps to get a Gold Loan as per your need.

  • Visit Dialabank’s digital platform, where you will have to fill a form without any registration. 
  • Our Relationship Manager will contact you and assist you throughout the Gold Loan process and guide you in fulfilling your financial needs. 
  • You will get personalized service, giving you the option of comparing and taking the best deal according to your needs without any extra charges.
  • With Dialabank, you can compare the different offers and schemes from various banks based on the funding provided and the rate of interest charged for choosing the best loan deal for yourself. 

Major Banks Providing Gold Loan

Gold Loan Rate
HDFC Bank Gold Loan 9.99%
Yes Bank Gold Loan 10.85%
Axis Bank Gold Loan 10.90%
SBI Gold Loan 11.50%
ICICI Bank Gold lOAN 11.75%
IIFL Gold Loan 11.75%
IDBI Bank Gold Loan 12.25%
PNB Gold Loan 12.25%

These banks are the leading lenders for a loan against gold that offers you the highest LTV for your gold ornament.

Gold Loan Customer Care Number

You can apply for Gold Loan by following the below-mentioned points:

  • Visit Dialabank
  • Fill in your details in the form.
  • Our team will then contact you.
  • Submit your documents and get instant approval.

    Customers can contact the Gold Loan customer care via any of the following means:
  • By Phone: You can call on 9878981166 (toll-free)
  • Callback Request: You can also request a call back by visiting the bank’s website
  • Online Chatbot: You can also get your queries answered by the iPal chatbot online
  • Branch Visit: You can visit the nearby Allahabad Bank branch to get your queries.

FAQs About Gold Loan Per Gram

What is today’s gold loan rate per gram?

The gold loan rate per gram is Rs. 3,570 for 24-carat gold, Rs. 3,489 for 22-carat gold, Rs. 3,409 for 20-carat gold and Rs. 3,329 for 18-carat gold.

Does a gold loan have any specific eligibility requirements?

The eligibility criteria for a gold loan is as follows:

  1. the applicant should be between 18 to 70 years, at the time of loan maturity
  2. the applicant or his/her family member should own gold of 18 to 22 carats
  3. the applicant should be an Indian resident.

Why are gold loans better?

Gold loans are as better as:

  1. They do not depend on the applicant’s credit history
  2. they do not demand a minimum income
  3. they do not require much documentation
  4. they are secure and hence cheaper

What documents do I need for a gold loan? 

 Only the basic KYC documents such as identity proof, address proof, signature proof, and 2 photos of the applicant.

Should I worry about my gold?

Not at all. Your pledged gold is safely kept in the banks’ lockers according to the national standards. Electronic surveillance technologies are also deployed, along with the well-trained staff.

How do I repay my gold loan?

After availing of a gold loan, you will have to make monthly EMI payments to the banks till the completion of the loan tenure, a failure of which would affect your credit score negatively. These payments can be made through cash/ DD/ cheque or even online transactions.

What is LTV in a loan against gold?

LTV is Loan to Value Ratio, it is basically the amount of loan you can get against gold as collateral. In India, LTV for a loan against gold is set at 75% by RBI for all the banking and non-banking financial institutes. For example, if your gold is valued at Rs. 1 Lakh in the market then at 75% LTV you can avail of a maximum loan amount of Rs. 75,000.

How much loan can I get on 10 grams of gold?

Depending upon the purity of gold a person can avail of a loan amount between Rs.18,500 and Rs. 27,000 on 10 grams of gold.

What is the margin in a loan against gold?

Banks maintain a margin of at least 25% in the case of loans against gold. That is, a person can avail a maximum of 75% of their gold’s market value as the loan amount. For example, if your gold is valued at Rs. 1 Lakh in the market then banks will offer you a maximum loan amount of Rs. 75,000.