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      Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Key Features Jan 2021

      Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria
      Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Interest Rate 9.99% per annum
      Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Processing Fee 1%
      Age 23-55 (at loan maturity)
      Lowest EMI per lakh Rs 2275
      Tenure 12 to 60 months
      CIBIL score Minimum 750 or above
      Prepayment Charges 4%
      Part-Prepayment 2%
      Minimum Loan Amount ₹ 50,000
      Maximum Loan Amount ₹25 Lakh

      Each Feature Explained in Detail Below

      Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

      The eligibility criteria for Bajaj Finance Personal Loan is as follows:

      CIBIL Score 750 and Above
      Age 23-55 years
      Min Income Rs 25000/month
      Occupation Salaried/Self-employed

      Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Fees and Other Charges

      The interest rate, fees, and other charges for Personal Loan are:

      Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Interest Rate 9.99% per annum
      Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Processing Charges 1%
      Prepayment Charges 4% + GST
      Part-Prepayment Charges 2% + GST
      Stamp Duty As per state laws
      Bounce Charges Rs. 600 to Rs. 1200
      Penal Interest 2% to 4%

      Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Documents Required

      You will need the following documents when applying for Bajaj Finance Personal Loan:

      Proof of Identity Copy of:
      Driving Licence
      Aadhar Card
      Voter ID Card
      Proof of Address Rent Agreement (Min. 1 year of stay)
      Utility Bills
      Passport (Proof of permanent residence)
      Ration card
      Proof of Income  ITR: Last two Assessment years
      Salary Slip: Last 6 months
      Bank Statement: Last 3 months

      Bajaj Finance Personal Loan EMI Calculator

      You can use the Bajaj Finance Personal Loan EMI Calculator here

      Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Processing Time

      Bajaj Finance offers the fastest approval process for availing a Personal Loan. Once the basic requirements of providing the copies of required documents are fulfilled, the total time to get approval for your loan is only 6 hours. Once the approval has been obtained, all that is required is your signatures on the loan application form and agreement, and the money is credited to your bank account.

      Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Preclosure Charges

      Bajaj Finance has easy and simple processes for all its services, including preclosure of the loan you have taken from them. You can easily pre-close your loan or even make a part payment by contacting their service representative at the nearest branch. The prepayment charges depend on the number of years your loan has been serviced. Depending on the tenor of the loan completed, the prepayment charges are calculated.

      Types of Bajaj Finance Personal Loan

      Bajaj Finance Flexi Personal Loan

      In this facility, you can make prepayments of your loan. In this way, you can save the rates of interest. Like if your EMI is Rs. 5000, then you can pay up to Rs. 15000, if you are capable of doing so. Besides that, you can claim the prepaid amount during the tenure of the loan without any additional documentation.

      Bajaj Finance Durable Personal Loan

      This type of personal loan is given to customers to purchase consumer durables individually. Like if you want to buy an LED, LCD or air conditioner, etc., then you can get this kind of loan. This loan is very readily available with minimal documentation. Besides that, the amount of loan sanctioned can be up to Rs. 5 Lakhs. Moreover, this provides the facility of foreclosure if you have paid one EMI of the loan.

      Bajaj Finance Lifestyle Personal Loan

      This loan is sanctioned to purchase any lifestyle durables or services. It is a kind of on-the-spot loan. You can get up to Rs. 3 Lakhs in this type of loan. The process is easy and hassle-free.

      Types of Bajaj Finance Lifestyle Personal Loan

      Home renovation loan

      Bajaj Finance Bank provides a home improvement loan to individuals who plan to renovate their homes. This personal loan can finance essential repairs or enable the applicant to obtain new home fittings, fixtures and furniture. Some of the main features of Bajaj Finance Bank Home Renovation Loan are:

      • The interest rate for Bajaj Finance Bank’s Home Renovation Loan begins at as low as 11.25%.
      • Individuals may be eligible for a loan of up to Rs. 20 Lakh to renovate their homes.
      • Home renovation loan from Bajaj Finance Bank needs minimal paperwork to free up the entire loan process.
      • Typically, the loan amount will be credited to the account within 72 hours after the bank approves your request.

      Holiday loan

      Bajaj Finance Bank’s Holiday Loan will help you prepare your dream vacation with minimal difficulty. This personal loan from Bajaj Finance will finance a variety of holiday-related expenses, including the booking of flight tickets, hotel accommodation, guided tours, etc. The main features of the Bajaj Finance Holiday Loan are:

      • Holiday Loans Interest Rates start at 11.25 per cent p.a.
      • You can comfortably use up to Rs 20 Lakh so that your dream holiday won’t be ruined due to a financial crunch.
      • Simplified and Minimal paperwork ensures that your vacation funding is quick and convenient.
      • Fast processing and disbursement of the loan directly credited to your account

      Fresher funding

      The majority of unsecured personal loans are intended for individuals with regular income, while Bajaj Finance Bank’s Fresher Funding is different. Bajaj Finance Bank’s loan option is designed to support refreshers, i.e. recent graduates looking for their first job. Some of the main features of Bajaj Finance Bank Fresher Personal Loan Funding are as follows:

      • Loan up to Rs 1.5 lakh
      • Applicant must be at least 21 years of age.
      • The interest rate for Fresher Funding depends on the profile of the applicant, the credit history/score, the age and position of the applicant.

      NRI Personal Loan

      Understanding the needs and aspirations of NRIs, Bajaj Finance Bank is providing a personal loan directly to NRIs. The primary loan applicant must be an Indian citizen, and the NRI co-applicant must be a close relative. Personal Loan for NRIs contains the following features:

      • Bajaj Finance Bank provides NRIs personal loans of up to Rs. 10 lakh with flexible end-use.
      • Interest rates for NRI Personal Loan start at 15.49% p.a.
      • The length of the loan is up to 36 months.

      How to apply for Bajaj Finance Personal Loan with Dialabank

      To apply for a Bajaj Finance Personal Loan, you can either connect with them offline or follow the steps given below:Bajaj-Finance

      1. Visit our website at Dialabank.
      2. Go to the Bajaj Finance Personal Loan
      3. Check Eligibility criteria and loan schemes.
      4. Fill a simple online form with your required details.
      5. Once you’re done with this, our representative will call to assist you.
      6. Your loan will get approved in no time.
      7. For more information, you can contact 9878981166

      Personal Loan verification process

      The following are the main steps of the personal loan verification process following the online submission of your loan application to DialaBank. 

      Stage 1. DialaBank will forward your loan application to your preferred lender, and you will usually receive a call from the lender’s representative within 48 hours. 

      Stage 2. The prospective lender may arrange the compilation of your KYC records, wages, etc. or have an opportunity to upload them online. These records will be used to validate your submission.

      Stage 3. If the lender’s verification has been completed and your loan has been accepted, you will receive another call to validate the loan offer and request your consent for disbursement. 

      Stage 4. Usually, the loan is disbursed within 48 hours after approval of the loan and satisfactory verification. 

      Note: The timeline, as mentioned above for the verification/disbursement of personal loans, can differ based on the lender’s internal requirements as well as other parameters.

      Check your Bajaj Finance Personal Loan application Status

      The procedure for testing the status of your application involves the following steps:

      • Visit Bajaj Finance Bank’s official website, click on ‘Products’ and pick ‘Personal Loans’
      • On the next page that opens hereafter, press ‘More and pick ‘Check Loan Application Status.’
      • First, you can verify your application status by entering information such as your telephone number, date of birth and either entering the OTP that you receive on your mobile number or using your application number.

      How to login in Bajaj Finance portal

      • Visit the Bajaj Finance Bank’s official website.
      • Click on the ‘Login’ button at the top right corner of the screen.
      • Log in using your User ID and Password or registered mobile number.

      How to Check Your Loan Statement

      Customers can download the bank’s loan statement by taking the following steps:

      • Visit the bank’s official website.
      • Tap on ‘Get in Touch’ and pick ‘Support Requests’ from the drop-down list.
      • On the next page that opens, under the ‘Loans’ menu, pick ‘Personal Loan Linked.’
      • First, press the ‘Request for Loan Account Statement’ button.
      • Log in using your User ID and password or using your registered mobile number and OTP to make use of the bank’s loan statement.

      Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Restructuring (COVID-19)

      The national lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected several borrowers, and a six-month moratorium on various term loans has been declared to some degree to reduce its effect. Upon completion of the 6-month moratorium, Bajaj Finance Bank declared a one-time RBI-mandated benefit from the restructuring of Bajaj Finance Bank’s loan. This mechanism is intended to offer continued relief to borrowers who are still unable to repay their daily EMI due to continuing financial distress arising from the pandemic.

      The loan settlement mechanism adopted by Bajaj Finance Bank allows for an extended moratorium of up to 2 years or an extension of the existing repayment period to minimise monthly EMI payments. It is, of course, necessary to bear in mind that the restructuring of your Bajaj Finance personal the loan would result in additional interest rates over and above those applied to the original loan. Thus this relief tool can only be used as a last resort so that you do not end up defaulting to your unpaid loan.

      Bajaj Finance Customer Care

      Customers can contact the Customer Service of Bajaj Finance Bank through any of the following means: 

      By phone: you can call Bajaj Finance Bank on 9878981166 (toll-free) 

      Callback request: You may also request a call back by visiting the website of the bank. 

      Online Chatbot: You can also get your questions answered by an online iPal chatbot. 

      Visit Branch: Visit the nearest Bajaj Finance Bank branch to get your queries.

      Benefits of Applying for Personal Loan on Dialabank

      There are many benefits to applying for a personal loan on the DialaBank website. Some of these are given below:

      • 24 x 7 Accessibility: You can access the DialaBank website at any time and anywhere and also apply for a personal loan from the comfort of your home or office at any time.
      • Multiple lenders on a single platform: com allows you to access personal loan deals from multiple prospective lenders on a single platform, removing the need to visit multiple bank websites or branches.
      • Know EMI instantly: using the personal loan EMI calculator on, and you can verify the EMIs that you will be paying for on a personal loan even before you apply for one. It will help you borrow the required sum that you can quickly repay and provide a flexible payment plan.
      • Free of charge: Besides, you are not expected to pay any fees while applying for a personal loan on

      Important Aspects

      Below are some essential things that you need to remember when applying for a personal loan with Bajaj Finance Bank:

      • When applying for a personal loan, it is always a good idea to check your credit score. A good credit score increases the odds of your loan being accepted and can make it easier for you to make use of a personal loan on more favourable terms.
      • Until finalising on a specific lender, it is advisable to compare the cost of a personal loan (interest cost and all related fees and charges) provided by different lenders on
      • Borrow according to your desires and willingness to repay. Evite borrowing simply because you are entitled to borrow a higher amount. It will just add to your interest rate and will not have any long-term benefits.
      • Avoid applying for individual loans with several lenders at the same time. It shows you to be credit-hungry and also raises the number of demanding requests for your credit report that can adversely affect your credit score.

      Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Comparison with Other Banks

      Bank Interest Rate Tenure Loan Amount & Proc Fee
      Bajaj Finance Starting from 9.99% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 25 lakh / Up to 4.13% of the loan amount.
      HDFC Bank 11.25% to 21.50% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 40 lakh / Up to 2.50% of the loan amount
      Bajaj Finserv Starting from 12.99% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 25 lakh / Up to 3.99% of the loan amount
      Axis Bank 15.75% to 24% 12 to 60 months Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 15 lakh / Up to 2% of the loan amount
      Citibank Starting from 10.99% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 30 lakh / Up to 3% of the loan amount
      ICICI Bank 11.50% to 19.25% 12 to 60 months Up to Rs. 20 lakh / Up to 2.25% of the loan amount

      Other Loan Products from Bajaj Finance

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      FAQs About Bajaj Finance Personal Loan

      ✅ How to apply for Bajaj Finance Personal Loan?

      You can apply for a personal loan with Bajaj Finance through visit the nearest branch of Bajaj Finance, or you can submit a form with Dialabank. You can get the benefit to apply from anywhere.

      ✅ What is the Interest Rate for Bajaj Finance Personal Loan?

      The interest rate charged by Bajaj Finance starts at 9.99% for their loan products.

      ✅ What is the minimum age for getting a Personal Loan from Bajaj Finance?

      You must be 23 years old for getting a personal loan from Bajaj Finance.

      ✅ What is the maximum age for getting a Personal Loan from Bajaj Finance?

      The maximum age for getting a Personal Loan from Bajaj Finance is 55 years.

      ✅ What is the minimum loan amount for Bajaj Finance Personal Loan?

      You can avail of a minimum loan amount of Rs.50,000 for your personal loan from Bajaj Finance.

      ✅ What is the maximum loan amount for Bajaj Finance Personal Loan?

      The maximum loan amount for getting a personal loan from Bajaj Finance is Rs. 25 lakhs.

      ✅ What are the documents required for Bajaj Finance Personal Loan?

      The documents required for a personal loan are aadhaar card, driving license, voter ID card, passport, ration card, bank statement of last 3 months, salary slips of last 6 months, ITR of 2 assessment years from Bajaj Finance.

      ✅ What is the Processing Fee for Bajaj Finance Personal Loan?

      The processing fee for a personal loan charged by  Bajaj Finance is 1% of the loan amount.

      ✅ How to get Bajaj Finance Personal Loan for Self Employed?

      Bajaj Finance provides personal loans for Self Employed to help them financially. You will have to show the ITR files for the last two financial years.

      ✅ What is the Maximum Loan Tenure for Bajaj Finance Personal Loan?

       The maximum loan tenure in Bajaj Finance for a personal loan is up to 60 months.

      ✅ What should be the CIBIL Score for Bajaj Finance Personal Loan?

      You must have 750 and above CIBIL score for getting a personal loan from Bajaj Finance. 

      ✅ Do I have a preapproved offer for  Bajaj Finance Personal Loan?

      You can check out your preapproved offers for a personal loan from Bajaj Finance with Dialabank. You have to fill a form, and we will check out the best offers for you.

      ✅ How to calculate EMI for Bajaj Finance Personal Loan?

      To calculate your personal loan EMI for Bajaj Finance, use the EMI calculator accessible at Dialabank’s website.

      ✅ How to pay Bajaj Finance Personal Loan EMI?

      Your personal loan EMIs are automatically subtracted from your bank account. You can also pay your EMIs from the net-banking facility of Bajaj Finance.

      ✅ How to close Bajaj Finance Personal Loan?

      You must have paid the outstanding loan amount before close your personal loan and then collect no dues certificate from the Bajaj Finance branch.

      ✅ How to check Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Status?

      You have to visit the Bajaj Finance branch for checking your personal loan status. Also, you will contact Dialabank by filling a simple form and Dialabank will do the best for you.

      ✅ How to close Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Online?

      For closing your personal loan from Bajaj Finance, you have to follow the given steps:

      • Visit the net-banking page of Bajaj Finance.
      • Login by filling the details.
      • Pay your personal loan.
      • Save the transaction receipt.

      ✅ How to pay Bajaj Finance Personal Loan EMI Online?

      You can pay your personal loan EMI through the net-banking services of Bajaj Finance. Dialabank allows you to compare offers and deals of different banks to opt the best, low-EMI personal loan. You can also fill a form with Dialabank.

      What relaxation scheme and moratorium Bank of Baroda provides in relation to Personal Loan due to COVID 19?

      A 6 months moratorium is offered by the Bank of Baroda.

      ✅ How to download Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Statement?

      You can download your personal loan statement for Bajaj Finance using the Bajaj Finance banking app. You also visit online with Dialabank and fill a simple form there, and the bank will provide you with the best offers by comparing offers of different banks.

      ✅ How to Top Up Personal Loan in Bajaj Finance?

      If you require a top-up personal loan from Bajaj Finance, you must visit the bank branch and come in contact with the loan officer. You also fill a form with Dialabank at Personal Loan Top Up.

      ✅ What happens if I don’t pay my Bajaj Finance Personal Loan EMIs?

      If you are unable to pay your personal loan EMIs, Bajaj Finance charges a penal interest. With Dialabank, you can apply to get low-interest personal loans for a balance transfer. 

      ✅ How to find Bajaj Finance Personal Loan account number?

      You will contact with Bajaj Finance loan branch to know about your account number. You also fill the form available at Dialabank.

      ✅ What is Bajaj Finance Bank Personal Loan closure procedure?

      • Just go to the bank with the documents.
      • Write a letter for pre-closure of Bajaj Finance Bank Personal loan account.
      • Pay the pre-closure charges as per Bajaj Finance bank Personal Loan.

      ✅ What is Bajaj Finance Bank Personal Loan preclosure charges?

      Bajaj Finance Bank Personal Loan preclosure charges are Nil.

      ✅ What is Bajaj Finance Bank Personal Loan overdraft scheme?

      For simplifying the process and providing you with a hassle-free service while processing an overdraft scheme at Bajaj Finance Bank Personal Loan is provided, it gives you an online way to get your own overdraft, also known as Smartdraft – Overdraft Against Salary. You do not need to visit bank branches and go through a boring process. Just log in to Bajaj Finance Bank online banking portal and from there you can fill out a simple form and get an overdraft under your name.

      ✅ What is Bajaj Finance Bank Personal Loan maximum tenure?

       Bajaj Finance Bank Personal loan maximum tenure is 60 months.

      ✅ What is Bajaj Finance Bank Personal Loan minimum tenure?

      Bajaj Finance Bank Personal Loan minimum tenure is 12 months.

      ✅ What is Bajaj Finance Bank Personal Loan customer care number?

      The customers get in touch with the bank via call on 9878981166.

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