IIFL Gold Loan

Gold Rate: ₹ 5,121 Per Gram

⍟ Interest Rate 7.0% p.a. ⍟

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Unlock the Real Value of your Gold
Lowest Rate of Interest
Get Money in 30 Mins
Loan Amount Up to 1 Crore
Loan Tenure Up to 48 Months
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IIFL Gold Loan Key Features

Loan Amount
Up to Rs. 1 Crore (With Income Proof)
IIFL Gold Loan Interest Rate
7.0% per annum
IIFL Gold Loan Rate Per Gram
Gold Required Minimum 18 Carat
Processing Fee 1.50% of the Principal Loan Amount
Repayment Tenure
3 Months to 36 Months
Repayment Scheme
Bullet Payment Scheme, Overdraft Scheme, EMI options

Each Feature Explained in Detail Below

About IIFL 

IIFL Gold Loan

India Infoline Finance Limited (IIFL) is a financial company headquartered in Mumbai. It was founded in 1995 as a private limited company under the provision of the companies act. Next, The company was shifted to a public limited company in the year 2007. Interestingly, IIFL ranks among the top 7 financial conglomerates in India. Furthermore, the company provides a wide range of financial products namely, Personal Loan, Gold Loan and many more. Finally, IIFL has an excellent reputation when it comes to the gold loan service.

Gold Loan is a secured service. In which the applicant has to put gold ornaments as security in the bank, to avail a loan against them. Also, after the repayment of the loan amount, the ornaments are returned to the customer in the same shape. If the loan seeker is unable to repay the loan amount, then gold ornaments are confiscated by the bank. Therefore, it is essential to choose the loan amount sensibly. Besides, people with weak CIBIL Score are also eligible for this service.

  • IIFL Gold Loan Interest Rate is 7.0% per annum.
  • IIFL Gold Loan Rate Per Gram is Rs.5121.
  • IIFL Gold Loan Tenure is up to 36 Months.
  • Gold Loan IIFL processing fee is 1.50% of the Principal Loan Amount.

Advantages of IIFL Gold Loan

  1. Loan Amount: To begin, An applicant can avail the maximum amount of Rs.1,00,00,000. But, it solely depends upon the quality and quantity of gold.
  2. EMI options: Secondly, Hassle-free payment of EMIs. That is, the people can structure the amount of a gold loan according to their need.
  3. Instant Liquidity: Moreover, Enjoy liquidity of cash at any time. Generate instant cash in time of need, which is possible due to the facility of overdraft.
  4. Security: Furthermore, The bank provides the complete protection of the ornaments. Thus, you do not have to worry about the safety of their jewelry.
  5. Interest Rates: Also, individuals can get the advantage of a lower rate of interest.
  6. An advantage to the farmers: Finally, an applicant can also apply for a Gold loan on Agricultural Land on their name. And get a discount of 1% on the interest rate charged.

How Much Gold Loan Can I Get Through IIFL?

As per the latest gold prices, IIFL Gold Loan Rate Per Gram is Rs.5,121.

IIFL Gold Loan Per Gram

Updated - Gold Loan Per Gram Rate
Gold Weight Gold Purity
24 Carat
Gold Purity
22 Carat
Gold Purity
20 Carat
Gold Purity
18 Carat
1 gram 4680 4290 3900 3510
10 gram 46800 42900 39000 35100
20 gram 93600 85800 78000 70200
30 gram 140400 128700 117000 105300
40 gram 187200 171600 156000 140400
50 gram 234000 214500 195000 175500
100 gram 468000 429000 390000 351000
200 gram 936000 858000 780000 702000
300 gram 1404000 1287000 1170000 1053000
400 gram 1872000 1716000 1560000 1404000
500 gram 2340000 2145000 1950000 1755000

IIFL Gold Loan Eligibility

To get an IIFL Gold loan, one has to fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

Age 18-75 years of age
Nationality Indian
Employment Status Salaried, Self-Employed
Gold Quality Minimum 18 Carats
CIBIL Score 500 and above

IIFL Gold Loan Documents Required 

Applicant Identity Verification Documents can be amongst the below documents (ANY):

Photographs 2 Passport Size
Identity Proof Aadhar Card, Passport, PAN Card, etc. (Only 1 is required)
Residence Proof Aadhar Card, Driving License, Ration Card, etc. (Only 1 is required)

IIFL Gold Loan Interest Rate, Fees and Charges

IIFL Gold Loan Interest Rate 7.0% per annum
Processing Fee 1.50% of the Principal Loan Amount
Prepayment/Foreclosure Charges 2%+GST
Valuation Fee
Rs 250 for a loan up to Rs 1.5 lacs and Rs 500 for a loan over and above Rs 1.5 lacs
Late Repayment Charges
2% p.a. + Applicable rate of interest.
Renewal Processing Fees
Rs 350 + GST

Types of IIFL Gold Loan

  • Loan Against Gold: Anyone can avail a loan against gold by pledging his/her gold jewelry with the bank. The rate of interest offered is relatively low.
  • Loan for Agriculture purposes: is given to the borrowers who need a loan for agriculture purposes. To facilitate their work, IIFL offers the lowest rate of interest on gold loans.

IIFL Gold Loan Apply Online

  • Visit the website Dialabank.
  • Fill up the form of gold loan available on the website.
  • You will be contacted on your provided number by our relationship manager.
  • The relationship manager will help you with choosing the right loan option for yourself.

IIFL Gold Loan EMI Calculator

Rate of Interest 6 months 1 Yr 2 Yrs 3 Yrs
7.00% 17008 8652 4477 3088
8.00% 17058 8699 4523 3134
8.50% 17082 8722 4546 3157
9.00% 17107 8745 4568 3180
9.50% 17131 8678 4591 3203
10.00% 17156 8791 4614 3227
10.50% 17181 8815 4637 3250
11.00% 17205 8838 4661 3274
11.50% 17230 8861 4684 3298
12.00% 17254 8885 4707 3321
12.50% 17279 8908 4731 3345
13.00% 17304 8932 4754 3369
13.50% 17329 8955 4778 3393
14.00% 17354 8979 4801 3418
14.50% 17378 9002 4825 3442
15.00% 17403 9026 4845 3466

How to Pay Your IIFL Gold Loan EMI?

  1. Standing Instruction (SI): If you are a current record holder with IIFL, Standing Instruction is the best method of repayment.
  2. Electronic Clearing Service (ECS): This mode is an option if you have a non-IIFL account and might want your EMIs to be charged for every month from your account.
  3. Post-Dated Checks (PDC): You can also submit EMI cheques from a non-IIFL account at your closest IIFL Loan Center.

IIFL Gold Loan Contact Number

For any sort of assistance regarding the IIFL gold loan, you can contact us on the number 9878981144.

Gold Ornaments accepted by IIFL Gold Loan

Bank provides loans on certain ornaments of gold. Following is the list that shows which ornaments banking institutions consider for a gold loan. And, which they do not.

  1. Gold Jewelry- First of all, Bangles, Necklace, Earrings, and any other type of jewelry.
  2. Gold Coins- Next, Not accepted for loan approval.
  3. Gold Bars- Also, a loan is not given on gold bars.
  4. Gold Biscuits- Furthermore, in this case, also loan is not approved.

Uses of IIFL Gold Loan

  • To finance personal expenses such as medical bills, tuition fees etc.
  • To finance business requirements.
  • IIFL Gold loan can also be used for agricultural purposes.
gold loan at 1%

FAQ’s About IIFL Gold Loan

What is IIFL Gold Loan?

It is the best option if you are looking for a quick way to avail of financing. It provides loans against gold ornaments at attractive interest rates with instant approval and disbursement in approximately 30 to 45 minutes. With IIFL you will be able to say “Hai Bharosa” for all your dreams to come true.

✅ How Can I Get Gold Loan From IIFL Bank?

You can get a gold loan from IIFL with the following steps:

  • Fill in the form available on Dialabank.
  • Our expert relationship manager will get back to you on your number within 30 minutes.
  • We will evaluate your loan repayment capacity eligibility and suggest you the best options.
  • Submit your documents.
  • Enjoy the loan amount instantly in your accounts.

 How much Gold Loan Can I get per gram from IIFL Bank?

IIFL Gold Loan Rate Per Gram is Rs.5,121, depending on the quality of your gold i.e (18-24 carats).

 How Does IIFL Gold Loan work?

Gold Loan is very simple to understand, as well as easy to avail. The IIFL provides you with funds against your gold Jewelry. The amount depends upon the gold weight which can be repaid within the tenure period.

✅ What is the Gold Loan interest rate in IIFL?

IIFL Gold Loan Interest Rate is 7.0% per annum.

✅ How to check gold loan status in IIFL?

You can check your Gold Loan status in IIFL online by visiting the Bank’s online portal/ website and logging in with the credentials required to access your personal application status.

✅ How to calculate gold loan interest in IIFL?

The gold loan interest rate in IIFL can be calculated by subtracting the principal amount from the total loan amount to be paid for the entire tenure. You can also check the EMI Calculator to know about your total payable amount.

What is the maximum gold loan amount I can avail on gold loan from IIFL?

You can avail a maximum of up to 75% of the gold jewelry’s value that you have pledged with the bank on gold loan from IIFL.

✅ What is the loan tenure of gold loan in IIFL?

The loan tenure of your IIFL gold loan is up to 36 months. You may have to renew your loan application after every 1 year.

How much processing fee is applicable on IIFL Gold loan?

A processing fee of up to 1.5%  + GST is charged by IIFL on a gold loan.

What are the charges for pre-payment in IIFL gold loan?

The charges for pre-payment with IIFL gold loan is up to 2% of the outstanding loan amount.

How to renew Gold Loan in IIFL online?

You can renew your gold loan online with IIFL by simply filling the renewal form available on the portal of IIFL, and once everything is processed, your loan will be renewed for a new tenure.

✅ How to pay IIFL Gold loan interest online?

IIFL Gold loan interest can be paid online using various modes like the i-mobile app, m-banking, net banking, debit cards, etc.

What if I can’t pay the interest on Gold loan IIFL for 3 months?

If you don not pay the IIFL Gold loan for 3 consecutive months the bank would warn you against further defaults. In case the defaults continue, the bank may have to sell your pledged gold ornaments.

How can I apply for EMI moratorium on IIFL Gold loan?

You can apply for EMI moratorium on IIFL Gold loan by 2 ways:

  • Fill a form online by logging in with your credentials.
  • Visit the branch near you and apply for the same by filling a form physically.

How to pay IIFL Gold loan through credit card?

You are not eligible to pay Gold loan IIFL through credit card as per RBI Guidelines.