How To Pay Prathama Bank Gold Loan EMI Through Net Banking

Prathama Bank Gold Loan

Key features of Prathama Bank Gold Loan are as follows:Prathama Bank Gold Loan EMI Netbanking

  • Seemless Procedure of obtaining Loan: Banks provide customers with loans usually in the period of hours of sanctioning the loan, the reason behind being that the borrower presents Gold at the time of the application and processing.
  • Security of Collateral: After the customer lends their Gold as collateral for the loan to the lender, the Gold is kept safe and secured in the Bank lockers.
  • No Proof of income: Gold loans are sanctioned based on the collateral that the customer gives to the bank as Gold. Which makes income an irrelevant subject to judge a person’s ability to repay the loan as they can get the amount back from the collateral itself if the borrower isn’t able to repay.
  • No Foreclosure Charges:  Lenders providing Gold Loans have no prepayment charges.

You can also apply for a Prathama Bank Gold Loan through Dialabank.

Prathama Bank EMI Calculator

Gold Loan per gram
₹ 2,776 to ₹ 3,393
Eligible Age 18 to 75 years
Loan Amount Eligibility
₹ 1,000 to ₹ 2,00,00,000
Lowest Gold Loan Interest Rates 0.095

How To Apply For Gold Loan Using Prathama Bank Net Banking

How To Pay Prathama Bank Gold Loan EMI Through Net Banking

Users can order their loan EMIs online by going to Prathama Bank’s official website. You must first log in and afterwards, enter your login details. After logging in successfully, you can choose the affordable loan card and pay the EMI using the Bank balances. Contact number the bank’s customer service team here between the working hours, on workdays, with questions, concerns, or concerns about loan repayments.

FAQs on Prathama Bank Gold Loan EMI Through Net Banking

What is the period of Loan repayment at Prathama Bank?

The loan tenure at Prathama Bank gold loan ranges from 6 to 60 months.

What is the Processing Fee at Prathama Bank?

The Processing fee at Prathama Bank is about 0.85%.

What are the Pre-Payment Charges at Prathama Bank?

The range of Pre-Payment Charges is 0-2%.