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Suryoday Small Finance Bank is a new start, including a strong commitment to financial inclusion. Sunrise in Sanskrit As Suryoday Microfinance in the past and Suryoday Small Finance Bank today. It took only 8 years to travel from micro-finance to a small bank. More than 1.4 million “smiling customers” today testify to the conviction that “no matter what, dreams of transforming mankind and making a completely new world around it.” Suryoday Small Finance Bank is among 10 companies that receive a licence from the Reserve Bank of India and the only one from Maharashtra (RBI).

Suryoday Small Finance Bank Offerings

Deposit account

  • Save account: Suryoday Small Finance Bank offers 11 various types of savings accounts to satisfy the financial demands of several clients, among them are students, owners of small businesses, employees and older adults. You can adequately manage money by changing from a standard savings account to a premium savings account. Suryoday Small Finance Bank supplies 18 distinct types of current accounts to its clients to satisfy the various business requirements.
  • Current account: Current accounts dealing primarily with liquid deposits are not limited to daily transactions and allow easy cash retirement.

Loans Offered

  • House Loan:- Suryoday Small Finance Bank offers its customers three different forms of home loans. In addition, customers can use an automated repayment option whereby EMIs are automatically withdrawn from their Suryoday Small Finance Bank bank savings account.
  • Education Loan:- Suryoday Small Finance Bank  Bank provides three types of educational loans for students in top colleges in India and overseas to help them realise their career objectives and ambitions. In addition, customers can benefit from Section 80 (E) of the Income Tax Act of 1961.
  • Business credit:- To aid its customers with their particular corporate demands, Suryoday Small Finance Bank offers corporate loans of up to 50 lakh. It’s easy. To help its customers with their specific corporate requests, Suryoday Small Finance Bank provides corporate loans of up to 50 lakh. It’s easy to apply for, has competitive interest rates, and is available for different terms.
  • Staff Credit: Suryoday Small Finance Bank customers, can receive a personal loan at reasonable rates, with no request fees or complex documents. In 10 seconds and 4 hours, customers can also acquire a pre-registered loan.
  • Property loan:- Suryoday Small Finance Bank customers provide four property loans to fulfil their personal or business aims. As a result, clients with low-interest rates without hatching will get 65 per cent of the property value during the application process.
  • Car Loan:- Suryoday Small Finance Bank customers can get up to 100% financing to buy a new car. A consumer can choose from 3 different auto loans with a 7-year loan duration and rapid payout and processing alternatives.
  • Gold Loan:- Suryoday Small Finance Bank gives clients a gold loan of at least 25,000 rs at a flexible interest, insufficient documentation and safe storage rate. Gold Loan: Clients can obtain money and reimburse at their convenience promptly.
  • Investment

    • Fixed Deposit
    • Recurring Deposit
  • Card

    • Credit Card
    • Debit Card
  • Banking

    • Net Banking
    • Mini Statement
    • Balance Enquiry
    • Customer Care

Suryoday Small Finance Bank Loans Offered

The various loans offered by the bank are mentioned below:

    • Gold Loan
    • Car Loan
    • Personal Loan
    • Home Loan
    • Credit Card
    • Net Banking

Suryoday Small Finance Bank Gold Loan

The features of the gold loan provided by this bank are mentioned below:

  • Interest rate- 11% per annum
  • Eligible age of applicant-  18 to 70 years
  • Minimum loan amount- Rs. 10,000/-
  • Maximum loan amount- Rs. 1 crore
  • Tenure of repayment- 3 months to 12 months
  • Processing fee- 1% of the loan amount
  • Repayment options- Cheque, Cash, DD, etc.

Suryoday Small Finance Bank provides gold loans at affordable interest rates. Suryoday Small Finance Bank, one of the major issuers of gold loans, recognises the needs of its customers and offers a 1-hour loan. Therefore, the safety of the promises of gold, which is carefully secured into the bank of the locker, does not concern you. Furthermore, you are promptly and transparently informed of the gold rate and any other fees before you approve the amount of a loan. In consequence, the hidden costs and prices for the gold loan must not be worried.

Suryoday Small Finance Bank Personal Loan

Banks and NBFIs (Suryoday Small Finance Bank) are supplied with credit as personal loans, without guaranteed credit which does not require collateral. Therefore, the interest rates are above-secured lending since the bank or NBFC have high-risk credits. However, it is essential to be aware that unsecured personal credit is a diverse loan ideal for emergency cash consumption such as medical needs, personal accounts, holidays, etc.

Suryoday Small Finance Bank Car Loan

To buy your new or old dream car, the Suryoday Small Finance  Bank offers its customers affordable rates for motor loans. You can easily acquire a car loan if you have a decent credit/CIBIL score.

Suryoday Small Finance Bank Home Loan

Features of Home Loan

Home Loan: The bank’s home loan can be used to purchase and build an apartment or house and renovate and refurbish an estate in many ways.

Suryoday Small Finance Bank offers housing loans and lending to acquire property and construct a property to other financial institutions and banks.

  • A large amount of loan: Applicant receives a considerable amount of loan if necessary.
  • The terms of refund are different: Up to 30 years is given for a comfortable reimbursement period.

Suryoday Small Finance Bank Credit Cards

Bank gives its users various goods and services, and its credit cards are the most popular. Credit cards of two kinds exist: national and international. Domestic credit cards in India and Nepal are accepted. Customers can use these cards for all reasons and at the same time get different advantages.

Suryoday Small Finance Bank Customer Complaints

You may either write them to their email ID or phone them on 1860 120 6699 if you want to make a complaint concerning any discomfort at this bank.

How to Open a Savings Account in Suryoday Small Finance Bank

In this bank, the following steps to open a savings account are:

  • Visiting the bank
  • Complete the application form.
  • Send the documents requested.
  • The bank verifies the state and documentation.
  • Make an initial deposit as required by the bank’s minimum balance.

How to Open a Current Account in Suryoday Small Finance Bank

The following steps to open a bank’s current account are:

  • Please visit the online banking portal.
  • Choose the option ‘Open Current Account.
  • Fill in the required data.
  • Download the application form and send the printed copy to the bank.

Suryoday Small Finance Bank FAQs

✅ What is the balance to be maintained in this account?

There is no minimum balance requirement for this account as it is a Zero Balance account.

✅ Will the account holder will be able to open the FD/RD through any channel?

No, one cannot create FD/RD through any channel.

Is it necessary to have a PAN Card if I want to open an account?

Yes, it is mandatory.