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UCO Bank

UCO Bank is the largest nationalized Bank and has initially been United Commerce Bank, which was founded in Kolkata in 1943. The is owned by Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance. In the period 2020–21, the company’s total activity was € 3.24,000. It is on 80th rank in Fortune India’s 500 lists based on 2020 data. It is one of the twelve public sectors. The Bank had 4,000 plus service units 49 zonal bureaux across India as of 30 March 2017. Its two branches also operate outside India, one in Singapore and the other one in Hongkong. The headquarters of UCO Bank is in BTM Sarani, Kolkata.

UCO Bank Offerings

Internet Banking:-

  • Could open PPF service for RD or FD account
  • Check out declarations
  • Payroll Bills Advantage
  • Virtual Credit Card Capable of buying online insurance
  • Permit consumers to pay online tax
  • Facility E-Locker
  • Shopping quickly
  • Mobilizing Banking
  • Saving Account Credit Card Debit Card
  • Business system of government
  • Fund for Public Prospects (PPF)
  • Recurring Deposit Fixed Deposit Account Scheme
  • Senior citizens’ education loan against property
  • Other Scheme and Loan
  • Gold Credit Business
  • Scheme sponsored by the government
  • Employment Generation Program of the Prime Minister (PMEGP)
  • Linked Scheme for Capital Subsidies (CLCSS)
  • Agricultural sector loan

UCO Bank

UCO Bank Loans Offered

Car loan– The UCO Bank offers low-interest car loans of between 9% and 10%. The Cent Vehicle financing scheme is suitable for employees, businesses with a stable revenue source, etc.

Personal Loan– Personal loans can be obtained from the UCO Bank for loans up to Rs.10 lakh and with interest rates starting at 9.85%, and repayment terms are up to 48 months. The Bank charges a treatment fee of Rs.500 plus relevant service charges for personal loans.

Gold loan– The UCO Bank offers the UCO Bank Scheme for your financial needs. This gold loan system has an easy application process, which requires you to commit gold to a low-interest rate and take up a gold credit.

To meet your costs, including marriage, medicine and education, you can use the gold credit programme, other than in agricultural areas.

Gold Loan

The loan covers short-term personal needs such as medical bills, travel, university fees, and marriages. It is also suited for farming uses. This facility can be obtained through a Demand Loan secured with the Bank’s gold jewellery. At least 22 carats of gold assets should be pure. The maximum amount per borrower is 50 grams when you pledge gold coins. Gold coins from the Bank are only allowed as collateral.

Personal Loan

  • Loan sum: Personal loans can be made available up to Rs 20 lakh. However, depending upon wage, credit score, repayment history, employer, application age and other circumstances, the maximum loan amount can vary.
  • Flexible reimbursement options: The credit may be reimbursed in many ways. Depending on the programme chosen, a personal loan from the UCO Bank can be 12 to 60 months.
  • Fast handling: You can apply for a home or office comfort and ensure speedy handling when the qualifying criteria are fulfilled, and you can submit all the appropriate documentation.
  • Different systems: The Personal Loan Category of  UCO Bank offers a range of programmes that can be tailored to customers.

Car Loan

  • The Bank offers loans for new cars up to Rs75 lakh and Rs.10 lakh for secondhand vehicles. This is enough to buy the bulk of the leading models on the market.
  • Up to 90% of the road cost of insurance, road tax and registration fees is financed by the UCO Bank.
  • The Bank offers flexible credit periods of up to 84 months for new autos. The duration of the loan can be selected based on your payment abilities and your monthly budget.
  • The UCO Bank is also an uncommon lender of automotive loans to consumers who are 18.

Home Loan

One of the most renowned Indian banks, the UCO Bank, offers its customers a wide variety of loan options. The UCO Bank is a credit market with attractive interest rates for loans and credit cards. Moreover, clients can benefit from numerous credit card features suited to their unique needs by UCO Bank.

Credit Card

Types of Credit Cards available in the UCO Bank:-

  • Visa Platinum Credit Card
  • Titanium Credit Card
  • MasterCard World Credit Card
  • RuPay Platinum Credit Card
  • RuPay Select Credit Card

Net Banking

UCO’s main component is its net banking and internet banking services, which provide several accessible services. For example, by using this service, you can move money instantly from one place to another. Users should have a login and a password to utilize the UCO Bank NetBanking. This service may only be offered at few UCO branches, but users can use their mobile phones to create usernames.

Customer Care Number

The customer service number of the UCO Bank given is available 24*7: 1800-22-11.

There are also two other national free numbers available to the UCO Bank, as follows:

1800-110-001, 1800-180-1111

Customer Complaints

The telephone number for UCO Bank customer services is 1800 22 1911 and their email address is digitalsupport@centralbank.co.in. More contact details can also be found on the official website. In addition, you may visit the official website at https://www.centralbankofindia.co.in/.

How to Open a Savings Account in UCO Bank?

Step 1:- Visit the Bank’s online savings account opening portal.

Step 2:- You can easily open a savings account online with the help of an online portal.

Step 3:- Customers can also use this portal to check the status of their savings account opening application form.

Step 4:- After completion of the form, your saving account will be opened.

How to Open a Current Account in UCO Bank?

Step 1:- Visit Vijaya Bank Account Branch

Step 2:- Filling up Account Opening Form (AOF) details, like name, address, contact number, email id, PAN, type of account to be opened, nominee’s name, etc.

Step 3:- Mandatory Documents for Account Opening Form (AOF)

Step 4:- Verification of Documents by the Banker

Step 5:-Minimum deposit into your Savings Account following your Savings Account requirements.

Step 6:-Get your Bank’s cheque book, passport, debit card, and any other necessary documents.

UCO Bank  FAQs

Is there any security required to obtain a personal loan from the UCO Bank?

Except in the case of the Cent Doctor scheme, where the property or building will be hypothecated to the Bank, you do not need to provide any tangible security to obtain a personal loan from UCO Bank. However, in some other cases, you will be required to provide an employer’s commitment to proving your status.

✅ What is the UCO Bank of India’s transaction limit?

Customers can send up to Rs. 2 lakhs per day. There is no limit on the number of transactions, and the maximum limit per transaction is Rs. 50,000.