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Wrong Perceptions About Why You Do Not Require An Insurance
 India today has an estimated population 1.27 billion where major section of the society is either illiterate, live in grass-root or backward areas. Uneducated people are unaware about various facilities that are available to them for e.g. Insurance Schemes. Due to lack of knowledge and exposure they remain laggards. Moreover, not only the rural sector but some educated and urban residents also believe that the insurance plan is of no use to them.     Following are some... read more

8 Tips to help you make financial decisions effortlessly
Financial decisions are the toughest one. Some People are afraid of making these decisions because it involves different many risks and others do not like using calculators or playing with numbers. Delay in making financial decisions now may land you in a crisis later. Moreover, it is always good to manage the money you have earned after making hard efforts. However making same efforts for budgeting is not a good idea. To relieve you from these worries, we will introduce you with 8 tips to ma... read more

Know Insurance Policies for Senior Citizens
Most important form of insurance for the elder people due to the advancement in their age is known as Health Insurance. With the increase in age, their body becomes more vulnerable to diseases. A severe medical insurance can result into severe financial crisis when they are not covered under an important medical insurance policy. Most of the insurance companies nowadays are not in favor of providing such policies as they contain higher loss ratios.   read more

All About Home Loan Insurance Plan
With the rising penetration of Home Loan, other products like housing loan insurance has also gained momentum. The applicant is offered with a cover that would not put the burden of the repayment of the loan after the applicant’s death. This scheme offers the family with much-required financial cover, emotional security and peace of mind.   read more

Some Money Saving Habits that can cost you more
Saving has become an important part of life. In order to earn a pitcher of pennies, people like you often try to use such techniques that force people like you to overspend. Every person tries to cut every corner of their spending whenever possible. There are tons of techniques that seem to be designed to lure you or are designed for your saving, but actually are going opposite to that.   Here are some saving practices that potentially backfire the people when they are not alert ... read more