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All about ICICI Loan Against Property

ICICI Loan Against Property

ICICI Loan Against Property is the best option to choose if a person wishes to avail a personal finance to fund their needs and has a property in their name. There are many people who need to pay the some sudden unforeseen expenses, pay for marriage expenses of the daughter, pay for medical bills or other causes.

ICICI Bank is a leading bank in India that stands at currently the second position among the private sector banks. The bank became public in the year 1998, with the ownership of the actual owner, ICICI Limited, reduced to an ownership of about 46%.

ICICI Loan Against Property is the best option in comparison to a personal loan. There are many reasons for which a person can apply for a loan on their property by providing the property as collateral to the bank. The property can be residential or commercial on which the mortgage is to be taken.

There are many reasons for which one can take finance on their property. It may be due to payment of outstanding credit, for marriage of the child, for paying bills, for the education expenses of the child and many more. These loans are also cheaper than personal loans.

Different products offered by ICICI Loan Against Property:

Property Overdraft

ICICI Bank offers Property Overdraft facility that enables you to acquire an amount against the property you are occupying. You will be charged for the amount that he withdraws from the account. Whenever you will deposit the money in the account, the outstanding amount will be reduced.

Following are some benefits that ICICI Loan Against Property facility offers:

  • Generating funds for Residential or Commercial property for personal as well as business use.
  • Convenience of Pre sanctioned limit and draw as you need.
  • The customer has to pay the interest on the amount withdrawn and for the days utilized.
  • ICICI Loan Against Property offers the convenience of depositing & withdrawing from any Current Account.

Home Equity Loan

A Home Equity Loan is a loan in which a residential plot having a distinct plot number is provided as collateral to the bank, instead of some residential or commercial property. The one condition is that the property should be within the Municipal Limits or some Development Authority.

The loan amount can be availed for any purpose, whether it may be for paying off medical bills, expenses of marriage, purchase of property or other requirements of the applicant. It can also be availed by a person who is self-employed or salaried.

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*Special Note: We do not provide Home Loan or Loan against Property to B Khata Property.

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ICICI Loan Against PropertyICICI Loan Against PropertyICICI Loan Against Property

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