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About Personal Loan

There is a famous saying, “life is unpredictable”. Indeed it is. Anything can happen at any time; this rule is even applied to the present economic climate. It is so much unstable and hence, any unexpected financial emergency can destroy your standard budget. Sometimes the existing funds are not sufficient enough to overcome the drastic situation. One person cannot expect help from relatives as well.

Availing a personal loan could be a better choice among the different loan options available. It is an unsecured loan in which no collateral or property is required as a security to the bank.

A person applying for the loan must be well aware of all the loan offers available in the market and also the necessary conditions and eligibility criteria. Various banks like HDFC provide HDFC Personal Loan at variable interest rates. Lenders check various things about a person before approving their loan. Lending institutions reviews the credit history, repayment capacity, professional background, existence of any old debt and experience in the related field.

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A borrower with poor credentials is more prone to loan denial. Some other things checked are regular salary slips and latest bank statements. The loan requirements vary from bank to bank. Main thing to get easy loan approval is the salary account that is the reliable and fixed income source of the person.

Personal loan can be secured and unsecured by nature. Lenders provide unsecured debt at comparatively higher Interest Rates. In an unsecured debt, loan is approved without the requirement of collateral. Here, the credit history and regular salary play a vital role. On the other hand, secured loan is approved with the help of collateral. If the borrower is found to be a defaulter, the lender can take possession of the security provided.

Personal Loan

Unsecured debt is provided according to the long-term and short-term needs. The repayment burden in the long term is quite low because of small EMI’s charged.

The unsecured debt is a multipurpose loan that can be used for a variety of purposes. Personal loan can be used to fulfill every short to long term need. Various banks provide unsecured loan at different personal loan interest rates.

This can be used for any requirement, paying overdue bills, wedding expenses, financing trips, medical aid and buying or repairing any consumer durable items. This type of loan is provided by banks at fixed and floating rates. A person can opt for a repayment period according to his /her capability. The consumer should thoroughly check terms and conditions of the bank before finalizing the loan deal.

Personal Loan CalculatorPersonal Loan Interest Rates
Personal Loan CalculatorPersonal Loan Interest Rates

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