Silver Rate in Rajahmundry

Today’s Silver Rate Per 10 Gram in India
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45,690Per 10g of 22k Gold

Silver Rate in Rajahmundry

Silver Rate in RajahmundryToday Silver Rate in Rajahmundry is ₹ 67.40 per gram and ₹ 67400 per kg.

Silver is one of the precious metals in India as this white precious metal is used in a variety of business, including photography, jewellery, silverware, and coinage. The price of silver was ₹ 67 yesterday price has increased by 0.4 ₹. The Silver Rate in Rajahmundry is affected by various reasons.

The prices of other metals have a significant impact on Silver Rate in Rajahmundry. If the prices of other metals increase Silver Rate in Rajahmundry will increase as well. The most important factor that affects the price is the supply and demand equation. If the demand increases the Silver Rate in Rajahmundry will increase. The government also plays a role in the silver price; if the government increases the import duty, you will see an increase in silver.

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Rajahmundry Silver Rate Today

Silver Price in Rajahmundry

Silver Price Trend in Rajahmundry


✅ When did Rajahmundry’s Silver Rate approach its highest and lowest point?

The highest point in silver value was INR 99,990.00 per kilogram, which was noted on 17-Dec-2020, while the lowest point in silver rate was INR 52,400.00 per kilogram, which was noted on 25-Jun-2020.

✅ Is it a good idea to invest in silver in Rajahmundry?

Precious metals are safe for investments because of their value. The risk is low, and its price is lower than gold; hence Silver can be considered a good Investment.

✅ What is the market value of 1 kg of silver in Rajahmundry?

Today the price of 1 kg silver in Rajahmundry is ₹ 67,400.