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Introduction on Interest Calculator:

In the world of finance, an interest rate calculator is a must-have tool for everyday computations. When taking out a loan, whether a personal loan, vehicle loan or a home loan, you have to figure out how much you’ll have to pay back. EMIs feature both a principal and an interest component, so understand the exact amount you need to pay.

We have one of the most significant interest rate calculators in India at Groww for you to use. A reputable financial institution will inform you of the interest rate payable for the loan duration when you apply for one. As a result of the Rate charged, you’ll need to create your budget.

The calculator is handy for those who take out many loans simultaneously, as they may find it challenging to keep track of each EMI. At the end of each month, you only need a few minutes to figure out your liabilities.                                                                                        interest calculator

An Interest Rate Calculator: How Can It Help You Out?

An interest rate calculator has several essential uses. Here are some of them.

  • Such a platform provides you with a trustworthy resource that allows you to stay on top of your outstanding bills and obligations.
  • In addition, the tool is a very effective bank interest rate calculator. Paying off your credit card debt on schedule is required if you’ve borrowed money from a bank. And your creditworthiness goes down the drain if you don’t.
  • With the help of an interest rate calculator in India, you can determine which EMIs should be paid first and which may wait till later.
  • An interest rate calculator will also save you time, eliminate errors, and help you remain on top of your present finances.

Calculation of Interest Rate


EMI interest rate and total repayment amount can be calculated using a single calculation. It’s a –

The equation is: E = P*r*(1+r)n/((1+r)n-1)


  • E                                                                  EMI repayable
  • P                                                              Principal loan amount
  • R/r                                                        Rate of interest applicable
  • N/n                                                         Tenure in years

Interest Calculator – How to use it correctly?

To make it easier to use, Groww’s interest rate calculator has been redesigned. Take note of these measures.

Input only the loan amount, the interest rate, and the loan term, and the computed value will be shown quickly. For example, a home loan, a personal loan, and a car loan can all be checked for interest.

In what ways might a bank loan calculator be beneficial to the user?

When you use our interest rate calculator, you may take advantage of the following benefits.

  • Forget about the headaches and pitfalls that come with handwritten computations. Instead, to keep track of various loan instalments, you’ll need some help from technology.
  • There are no errors in the calculator.
  • Without worrying about existing loan specifics, you can now look forward to the future with confidence.

Fixed Deposit – Interest Paid Monthly (Discounted Value)

Fixed Deposit (FD) Monthly Income Schemes offer a regular fixed income with guaranteed returns at a specific interest rate per month. The FD monthly income scheme might last up to ten years. For monthly payout fixed deposits, the interest is often paid at a discounted rate. Fixed Deposit Monthly Interest Calculator will calculate your monthly interest depending on the Deposit amount, Rate of interest, and deposit period.

FAQs Interest Rate Calculator

✅ What happens if I avail fixed interest rates instead of floating ones?

Inflation-linked interest rates can rise or fall over time. Inflation rates, the Repo rate decreases, and other factors play a role in determining when interest rates fluctuate. As a result, you may need to recalculate your interest rate if you’ve taken advantage of a floating rate.

✅ What if I’ve paid off a portion of my loan? Do I have to calculate the remaining EMIs from scratch?

Reduces the EMI amount or shortens the loan term. If you decide to shorten the loan term, you’ll need to recalculate the EMI.

What if I take out a loan from an NBFC? Can I use the interest rate calculator?

NBFCs and other financial organisations operate on the same principles and equations as traditional banks. So even if you take out a loan from an NBFC, you can still use our calculator.