The CIBIL score directly reflects the creditworthiness of the lenders you will give the loan to.

Suppose you are not having a good credit CIBIL score for applying for a loan. Cibil score will directly affect the loan condition whether lenders will approve your loan of dismissing it. If you are going to avail of a loan such as a car loan, home loan or credit card, it will be a drawback if you have less cibil score. There are many factors, including the payment history if you are a defaulter or credit mix. The credit inquiries are also the factor that will minimize the CIBIL score in some points.cibil score

What are Hard and soft inquires?

The hard inquiry is when the issuer you have applied for the loan will check your history to check a valid person. A soft inquiry will be when you are going to check them for yourself. Sometimes, the pre-approval of the loan by the lender will also be the reason.

The hard inquiry might drop down the CIBIL score; the minimum drop will be 5-10 points. The hard credit remains for two years. The hard inquiries somehow happen when the lender check when you are applying for a credit card, mortgage or many more. You just need to authorize the lenders to do so. The hard inquiry will lessen the CIBIL score; sometimes, it will not affect the CIBIL score.

The problem will create when there are multiple hard inquiries in the short span that will damage the score. The lender will not give you the amount if you are not having a good cibil. So at the same time, you are a defaulter in many loans or unable to pay the credit card bills. And if you apply for more loans, that will eventually fall in the score. 

Things to remember for the inquires 

  • Don’t try to apply for several credit card at one time. Many cards will affect the CIBIL, and make sure you will have a good check on the CIBIL score.
  • Try to use the credit card required, and you are having benefits as it is useful. 
  • Make sure you are checking up on the CIBIL score and updating the current happening of the account.
  • Check and research properly about the payment procedure before availing the amount from the lender. 

The hard inquiry will affect the whole health of the cibil score you maintained. A significant impact will happen when you go for multiple numbers. So, these all factors will make you shorten the credit score.