Financial Planning

Financial Planning

A Woman’s Guide to Financial Planning

 Being a woman is itself the evidence that you are born as a real financial planner. You carry a sense of control within you to maintain an equilibrium between expenses and savings. But there can be times when you feel that the money you possess is getting wasted. This is the time when you need to pull up your socks and look for better financial plans to have a better and secure future.

The financial planning could be accepted for you if you are a carrier oriented women, a student who’s looking for possibilities to save your pocket money, even if you are a homemaker, or thinking to get married or have children, etc.

If you go into any of the above-listed rules, you want to plan your finances in a strong possible way. Just don’t doubt the facts or give less attention to yourself and your money. You are a future carrier and trendsetter. You require to have better and intended strategies for yourself and your family.

Tips for Better Financial Planning

We always try to stick to conserved and usual saving methods such as having a fixed deposit, recurring deposits, post office schemes, etc. Undoubtedly, these systems save you money but relatively yield low returns. Observe the following tips and learn the art of financial planning.

Don’t leave what you have:

Whether you are a working woman or a homemaker, you need to know what you possess as a saving piece and what all you can make out through it. If you have cash that is kept idle in your lockers, invest it in liquid mutual funds, which would give you more returns than keeping it locked. You can change your funds any time you need.

E-Gold investments:

Most of us take gold in one kind or the other, but it gives a lot more than just being part of our daily associates. Using gold as a part of investment has not produced superior returns in the extended run. So rather of buying physical gold, you can advance in the Electric form of gold, such as Exchange Traded Fund and Gold Mutual Funds keeping in mind not to spend more than 10% of the gold in your collection.

Crystal Clear Clarity of your Financial Goals:

Clarity of what you desire and expect is a must when dealing with sensitive issues like the finances. You can never rely on a third person to have a balanced financial score. So it’s always better to have a word with your partner and discuss your financial whereabouts, thus giving a clear view to each other about the expenses and savings in the coming future. You can also go for a financial advisor and review your plans and carefully perform them.

Diversifying your Investments:

As we know that today a vast financial market is being set up, so we need to widen our horizons and switch out of the standard traditional methods of investments and work in a modern scenario to avail more benefits out of what we have and what we can build out of that.

Don’t keep yourself bounded to traditional goods; instead, save 10%-20% short-term liquid funds for your convenience, and the rest of the investment could be made in high yielding goods such as equities, mutual funds, long-term bonds. Be into action until you desire and opt for methods that would give hikes to your savings.

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