Planning To Invest in a Mutual Fund? Know How Important is Your Fund Manager

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Mutual Fund

Prashant Jain, HDFC Mutual Fund’s is regarded as the best fund manager because of his works. The funds he manages are the most performing schemes from past several years. HDFC Equity, HDFC Prudence and HDFC 200, these three schemes are the best managed funds in India.

Whatever the scheme may be, the main role behind the processing of any schemes is its Fund Manager. The critical performance of the team depends upon him. Identifying the right fund manager is the most crucial part before investing in any scheme. You should know what you expect from your fund manager, his performance, his role regarding the scheme and the style of evaluating the people who manage your precious asset.

Role of a fund manager

For the investor, the fund manager is like a doctor. People believe the he has some magic for their money and their fund manager will come out with good results all the time. With this thinking, sometimes they are disappointed when they bag poor returns. The fund manager is blamed for the loss of money. Investors always confuse the fund manager with that of an advisor.

An investor’s task is looking at the big picture and delivers results with good profit. An investor only guides you the best and tells you the way how to invest in any schemes, and he understands the market more than anyone else.

A fund manager has more focused role as he understands the market and he has to flow with the market. He should be consistent with the market growth. The priority of the fund manager is to generate high alpha means higher returns than that of bench mark. This is done with the selection of proper scheme, stock or bond.


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