Andhra Bank Car Loan; Propelling the Growth of Automobile Sector in India

The Automobile sector in the country has been hard hit owing to the Pandemic and the subsequent lockdown situations where business activities have come to a standstill. With no cash available in the personal coffers of the consumers, they have stripped down their daily life to bare minimum expenditure which has halted the growth of many other ancillary sectors in the country leading to a temporary absolution of those sectors in the economy.

With travel being restricted and transportation facilities at an all-time low, the Automobile industries have suffered the most with a reduction in 80% of the sales of four-wheeled vehicles in the market. A deeply rooted contraction has been noticed and the only possible way to resolve this is to maintain an adequate credit structure to provision more and more car loans to encourage borrowers.

Andhra Bank Car Loan has been one of the primary car loan provisioning options in the country owing to its large operational base and its presence through several branches in different parts of the country. The biggest advantage of working in its favor is the facility of car loans that it offers on used cars. It is recommended by the bank that only 60% of the salaried professionals are entitled to get the loan and only 70% of the non-salaried professionals can get the loan from these institutions.

On the other hand in the case of used cars, the EMI amount should be no more than 60% of the garage value of the car or 25,000 whichever is less. The option of old cars and the subsequent car loans available on them allows the borrowers to gain access into the affordable used cars market which is more specific to the needs of the middle-income consumers. Andhra Bank Car Loan is also popular for its interbank personal transaction whereby the existing account holders in the bank get additional facilities and benefits when availing for a car loan from the requisite institution.

Andhra Bank Car Loan is thus an immensely popular and attractive option for the middle-income strata of the Indian society.



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